How to deep clean your bathroom to get a sparkle look2

As a place that is often used, the bathroom is a place that must be cleaned frequently too. This is very important to keep your bathroom stays clean, free of germs, and looks sparkling. Therefore, one of way to make your bathroom look sparkling is to deep clean your bathroom. However, if you’re looking to give your bathroom a brand-new look and feel, you need to know the steps on how to deep clean it. There are a few different tips and tricks you can follow to get the job done right. You can use products you already have in your home and even a few that are more expensive.

In order to deep clean your bathroom, first, you have to clean your bins. Say no to smelly bins. Clean your bin from trash and spray with disinfectant then wipe dry. If the inside of the bin still needs attention, rinse it in the shower after emptying to remove residual product and dirt. Then, you have to get rid of water spots. Water spots are usually found on the walls of your bathroom or a shower door. You have to clean it to make it look shiny. When it comes to getting rid of water spots in your bathroom, there is more to it than just scrubbing it. There are a number of methods that you can use, ranging from distilled water to lemon juice. You can even remove stains with a non-toxic cleaner.

Next, get rid of stains in your bathroom. You can start to do the bathroom cleaning from your bathroom sink, toilet, bathtub, and then the floor. One of the simplest methods is to use a mixture of baking soda and white vinegar or use cleaning with products you already have at home. Then, if your bathroom uses marble, you may need to resand the surface to remove any blemishes. Marble is a porous material, so stains can seep into the surface. For another idea to deep clean your bathroom, here are some ideas for you.

How to deep clean your bathroom to get a sparkle look1

Start by Taking Out the Trash


If you prepare a trash can in the toilet area then you can throw it away to avoid disturbing eyes. This can be done before you carry out regular and routine bathroom maintenance activities. After that, you can thoroughly brush the floor and toilet area using the brush and cleaning fluid provided. Throw Trash in the Bathroom Area from @madelynscleaning

Clean the Bathtub


Cleaning the bathtub area regularly is highly recommended for your bathroom decoration. Start by buying a special brush for the bathtub area that can be combined with a cleaning fluid that can keep the surface of the bathtub white and protected from scale. Not only in the bathtub, but for the wall area and the stainless steel holder you can clean it too so that it has a clean and shiny final appearance, in this way you can soak comfortably and relax all day long. Clean the Bathtub with Brush from @maids_of_honor

Get the Toilet Sparkly Clean


Get a shiny and clean toilet area by doing maintenance and cleaning. One way you can do now is to apply cleaning fluid to the toilet area and leave it longer so that the crust or dirt that sticks to it can be removed more easily when brushed. The toilet is one of the important things in the bathroom, therefore you have to do the cleaning regularly every week, just do it on weekends or when you have free time. Sparkly Clean Toilet from @cielitolimpio

Use Cleaning Liquid


Choose and use a cleaning fluid to help remove stubborn dirt in your bathroom area as a whole, both for the toilet, bathtub and sink area so that the shiny white color is better maintained. This cleaning fluid can be found at the nearest store at a very affordable price, you can choose any brand as long as it is suitable for its use. Usually, after being dripped with this cleaning liquid, the bathroom part requires a brush to scrub it. Use Cleaning Liquid from @azzurra_homesweethome

Spray Glass Window Parts


Not only the interior of the bathroom, pay attention also to the glass windows to avoid dust and insects. Here you can use spray liquid and a clean cloth with a soft material. Do the spraying followed by rubbing it thoroughly, the use of a soft cloth is intended so that the bathroom glass is not easily scratched. Spray Glass Window Parts from @clncleaning_

After Bathroom Cleaning


Look at the appearance of the bathroom decoration after cleaning, doesn’t it look more comfortable to use? Yes, you can do maintenance in the bathroom area starting from the vanity sink area to the shower room section. The marble countertop in the vanity area is easier to clean so you can get a shiny look instantly. You can use a combination of cloth and spray that you have at home. After Bathroom Cleaning from @cleaningwithnikki

Use the Glass Wiper Tool


When you are going to clean the glass area in your bathroom decoration, the use of the right tool is a glass wiper tool which is perfected with a spray of glass cleaning fluid. This wiper tool is combined with a soft cloth so you don’t worry that your glass area will be scratched. Spray the liquid on the glass, but don’t overdo it, then wipe it vertically and evenly. Use the Glass Wiper Tool from @enjo_australia

Shiny Bathroom Walls


When you use tile walls in the bathtub or bathroom area, you can do maintenance by wiping them evenly using a cloth. When it’s crusty, you can scrub it using a brush and you can also give it caustic soda so that all the dirt can be shiny clean. Buy and use cleaning fluids according to the function you need, this way you will get maximum comfort. Shiny Bathroom Walls from @asaaniclean

Selection of Cloth for the Wallpaper Section


Soft cloth wipes are one of the cleaning tools that are widely used in all rooms, including in the bathroom area. Why not use a brush? The selection of cleaning tools needs to be considered according to needs, when you are going to clean the wallpaper part of the wall then using a cloth is the right idea, if cleaning the wallpaper area using a brush then the chances of tearing or scratching will be greater. Selection of Cloth for the Wallpaper Section from @tatiana.marza

Neat Arrangement Bathroom Area


Besides the cleanliness of the bathroom, there are other things that you should pay attention to too. For example, doing the interior layout of the bathroom area neatly and regularly according to the place where it should be placed. For example, hanging towels on the towel holder that has been attached to the wall and placing all toilet needs on the floating shelves area which is applied right above your toilet. Neat Arrangement Bathroom Area from

Sparkle White Sink


In general, sinks are plain white. Therefore you can take extra care by giving it cleaning fluid and brushing it using a softer brush so it doesn’t scratch. Look at the look that is produced after cleaning, isn’t it cleaner and shiny. Yes, here you will feel more maximum comfort. Apart from the sink, you can also clean the stainless steel faucet area at once. Sparkle White Sink from @ojsautodetailing

Clean the Drain Hole Bathroom


Giving baking soda or other cleaning liquid to the bathroom drain is one of the activities that must be done so that the drain is not clogged. Pour it with more and wait about 15 minutes, after that you can flush it with hot water then brush it around the area. Usually this drainage hole is clogged with dust after you clean the floor or wall area. Clean the Drain Hole bathroom from @beehappycleanteesside

Clean and Shiny Floors Bathroom


Apart from the walls, sink and bathroom glass, the floor is no less important to clean. This is done so that the floor is not slippery because of the splash of water that is generated after you use the bathtub. You can mop it regularly every week. The marble floor material will look more shiny after cleaning, you can do it yourself on the weekend. Clean and Shiny Floors Bathroom from @banntasic_cleaningservices

Perform Cleaning Shower Room


Do you have a bathroom decoration that is dominated by white? Cleanliness that is done must be more extra and maximum. Especially on the wet floor in the shower room area, apart from mopping the floor tiles, you also need to clean the shower room divider area which is made of glass using a cloth and cleaning fluid that you have. End this cleaning activity by spraying fragrance on your bathroom. Perform Cleaning Shower Room from @therivierahouse

Prepare a Broom in the Dry Bathroom Area


The dry bathroom floor area in your home is easier to maintain. Because you just sweep it every day to avoid the existing dust. For the sink, as usual you can wipe it using a soft cloth. Occasionally you can also mop this dry floor so that the cleanliness you get is maximized. Broom in the Dry Bathroom Area from @eyefordetailinc

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