No home is complete without a radiator to create that cosy atmosphere we all crave – but as times change, you can also use them to enhance the look and style of your home with the help of designer modern radiators. Boasting a range of colours and materials, these radiators are some of the best when it comes to the way they look, as well as heating ability. Read on as we take a closer look at some of the styles and materials you can choose from to create a stylish home. 

Stylish designer radiators 

Designer radiators allow you to enhance the look of your space whilst maintaining that warm, cosy feeling that we all know and love. These radiators of some of the most exciting on the market – gone are the days of plain, white radiators that fade into the background! With a huge range of designs, colours, and finishes, you can choose a radiator that suits your style, and fits your home’s aesthetic. If you need a centrepiece to add to your room, whether that’s your kitchen, bedroom or bathroom, a designer radiator can act as a stunning decorative addition. Here are a few of the most popular styles of designer radiators on the market. 

Horizontal column radiators 

Column radiators are incredibly stylish and can be used in both modern and traditional homes. The column design allows air to circulate them, making it efficient when it comes to heating a room. These radiators give homeowners the option of a horizontal or vertical style, depending on the space they have. If you’re looking for a column radiator to stand out in your modern home, you can choose a vibrant colour that suits your aesthetic. If you’re looking for a more traditional but sleek look, you could choose a black, grey, or metallic option to suit you. 

Vertical radiators 

Perfect if you’re short on space, these designer radiators can fit in small gaps, and corners, meaning you can make the most of your space with a modern, sleek radiator. Vertical radiators come in various heights and widths, so you can choose a product to suit your home and your style. Just because they’re functional, that doesn’t mean they’re boring! These radiators are designer – meaning you can choose from the most vibrant colours or some stunning metallic finishes. Vertical radiators work perfectly in kitchens and bathrooms and are incredibly popular in modern homes. 

Types of material 

It’s not just sleek styles that make designer radiators some of the most popular on the market, but the materials that are used to create them, which can enhance the way they heat your home. Choosing a radiator that is efficient and effective is essential, and with designer radiators, you can take advantage of both modern-looking and reliable heating. 


Chrome radiators feature in modern homes all around the country, and for good reason! These designer radiators have a smooth, metallic finish, allowing you to create a modern, sleek look, that bounces light around the room. Chrome radiators are most commonly used in towel rails and vertical radiators, as the ladder designs allow you to hang towels when you’re not using them so they’re soft and fluffy. They are perfect for fitting into small spaces, making them a great option for cosy bathrooms, and chilly kitchens.  

Cast Iron 

Some of the highest quality when it comes to heat output, cast iron radiators have heating abilities that are second to none. Cast iron is usually the material featured in column radiators, so the heating abilities paired with the tubular columns make for incredibly effective heating. This material can be styled well within a more traditional home but can also look great in modern homes as the rustic aesthetic works well with both. You can enhance your home in terms of design, and heating with cast iron designer radiators. 

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