28 pretty ideas to add spring touches to your outdoor space2

Winter is almost over and let’s welcome the warm months that are coming soon. Yes that’s right, spring is already around us. This is the season with warm weather and flowers starting to bloom. You will find beauty this spring. And the best way to enjoy this season is outdoors. You don’t have to worry about cold temperatures anymore. So, you can relax and enjoy the spring outside. However, to make it perfect, you can add some spring touches to your outdoors. By adding a spring nuance to your outdoors it can freshen up and add a pop of color to your space. And in order to add spring touches, there are a number of pretty ideas that you can use to add spring touches to your outdoor space.

28 pretty ideas to add spring touches to your outdoor space1

The simple thing to add spring vibes into your outdoor space is by adding wreaths. Adding pretty touches to your outdoor space with wreaths is an easy way to welcome spring. Whether it’s a wreath for your front door or an indoor hanging, you’ll love how it adds a touch of charm to your home. Wreaths can be created with faux flowers or real ones. Painting your stairs, floors, or walls can give your outdoors a fresh look. These are the first things that you see when entering your home. Since the flowers are starting to bloom, you can decorate your outdoors with some flowers. Potted flowers can be your option. Then, change your pillowcases that are synonymous with spring patterns and colors. Furthermore, here are some ideas for you.

Fresh Patio Spring


Patio Spring Fresh has a white color scheme for a fresh room design. This wooden seating set complete with greenery wreath is able to produce a comfortable patio spring design. Patio Spring from @rosewoodln

White and Pink Flower


These pink and white blooms give a fresh and natural spring terrace. Leaving it wherever you like can also be the center of attention of everyone who comes. White and Pink Flower from @biglots

Blooming Flower Wreath


Choosing a bouquet of these orange blooms can make this springtime patio decoration fresh and attractive. Hanging right in front of the door will also welcome guests feeling refreshed. Blooming Flower Wreath from @luksbazaar

White Flower Wreath


This white blooming wreath will catch the attention of everyone who walks into the room. Hanging this entryway against a yellow backdrop will also create a fresh and airy patio. White Flower Wreath  from @luksbazaar

Spring Outdoor Dining Room


On the back terrace of this house is equipped with a comfortable outdoor dining table set to spend time with family. Complementing it with blooming flowers in this glass vase will make your dining room fresher. Spring Outdoor Dining Room from @dressitupdarling

Bright Color Rug


Spring is synonymous with bright colors. Therefore, you can complement this spring outdoor with a brightly colored intricately patterned carpet to enliven this year’s spring patio decoration. Bright Color Rug from @designersbrew

Colorful Sitting Area


A seating area with colorful accents is able to steal the eyes of everyone who comes. You can apply this color to carpets, pillows, and flower arrangements for a festive atmosphere. Colorful Sitting Area from @weatheredwhimsy

Natural Spring Outdoor


The touch of wood and rattan in this piece of furniture gives a natural feel to your entire spring terrace. This rattan side table, tray and wooden seating set will complete your patio’s spring look. Natural Spring Outdoor from @fy.shop

Colorful Pillow


The floral blooming pattern on the pillows atop this swing chair gives a comfort and a touch of spring to your whole home. You can also add yellow blooms and fireworks for maximum results. Colorful Pillow from @bridgewaydesigns

Spring Porch


A spring foyer decorated with wreath accents and blooming flower accents in pots can give the impression of a living home. A welcome sign made of wooden planks welcomes your guests with a cheerful feeling. Spring Porch from @bits.of.decor

Spring Flower Arrangement


This flower arrangement in a woven basket is able to spoil the eye and give a fresh impression. Plus, Srea’s loveseat provides extra comfort along the patio this spring. Spring Flower Arrangement from @dressitupdarling

Corner Sitting Area


This springs patio area is furnished with a white corner seating set for a comfortable feel. Don’t forget to complement it with floral patterned pillows for extra comfort. Corner Sitting Area from @tiasboutique

White Color Scheme


This white color scheme is able to give a spacious and airy room. This metal chair complete with white cushions will also balance out the springy look of your patio. White Color Scheme from @debidavisinteriordesign

Rattan Chair


A rattan chair complete with pillows on the spring terrace is able to make the room decoration comfortable and warm. Don’t forget to complete it with blooming flowers and green plants in vases for a fresh terrace. Rattan Chair from @thewillowwindow

Watering Can Vases


On the terrace of this spring you can complete it with a flower arrangement from a watering can. Placed on this table will also make the terrace look fresh and cool. Watering Can Flower Arrangement from @gramsfarmhouse

Add Large Umbrela


Adding a large umbrella on the spring terrace will protect you from direct sunlight. Equipped with a wooden seating set complete with several pillows, this will provide extra comfort. Add Large Umbrela from @abba_patio

Flower Rug


Using a blooming flower patterned carpet that is applied to the terrace can provide bright colors. This pink color will also look striking on your terrace. Flower Rug from @ashmarieanderson

Bright Pad Sofa


This rattan sofa is furnished with cushions in a bright color that will balance the springiness on your terrace. Choosing a thick base will also produce a comfortable terrace design. Bright Pad Sofa from @hannahleighkern

Add Swing Chair


Give your patio spring extra comfort for a cozy décor. Complete the look with the soft cushions on this swing chair for a comfortable design. Add Swing Chair from @sharystudio

Bright Coffee Table


This coffee table looks striking because it has a bright lemon yellow color. Besides the table, you can also complete it with blooming yellow flowers in a glass vase. Bright Coffee Table from @spottedcowvintage

Spring Porch Lighting


To create a comfortable terrace spring, don’t forget to add lighting from chandeliers and lanterns. Having dim yellow lighting will make your home look dramatic. Spring Porch Lighting from @pkfloorsplus

Porch Spring Vibe


This peach spring vibe is complemented by a touch of bright colors in the décor. Using seat cushions and flower arrangements can produce a beautiful and stylish terrace. Porch Spring Vibe from @sosweetlystyled

Spring Porch


The spring terrace decoration which is equipped with some ferns also gives a touch of fresh and natural decoration. Pillows with blooming flower motifs will also make your terrace more attractive for you to try. Spring Porch from @theblessedbarnyard

Spring Sign


Complementing the spring patio with this handmade wooden sign looks cute and welcomes guests with a festive feeling. Apart from signs, you can also complete it with green plants in galvanized pots for maximum home design. Spring Sign from @teacherista_

Lounge Chair Spring Terrace


The addition of a lounge chair on the terrace of this house will give a comfortable impression when you are relaxing on the spring’s lawn. Large umbrellas and some blooming flowers in pots create a comfortable and fresh terrace. Lounge Chair Spring Terrace from @mycozyhomeandcoffee

Spring Porch Fireplace


Having a large stone fireplace equipped with spring decorations is able to steal the eyes of everyone who comes. A floral arrangement of trees and a seating set complete with orange cushions complete this springtime décor. Spring Porch Fireplace from @southernsurroundings

Pink Front Door


This front door takes on a festive patio spring look for an eye-catching design. You can complement this door with a wreath of eod beads and blooms for maximum results. Pink Front Door from @lollyjaneblog

Yellow Flower Wreath


Finally, yellow flowers are arranged to be a series of spring celebrations on your terrace. Apart from the floral arrangement, you can complement it with a wooden spring sign for a different design. Yellow Flower Wreath from @endless_hacienda

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