Many people dream of running an independent homestead. The thought of home-cooked meals made from the food you grew on your land is alluring. It’s easy to imagine yourself picking apples from your orchard on a sunny day and then baking an apple pie in the evening, but there is a lot more to homesteading than that.

Running a homestead requires a lot of work, and if you want to be successful in transitioning from city life to living off the land, you must have the right equipment. Here are the top six machines you’ll need for an independent homestead.


A tractor is one of the most useful machines you can get for your homestead. A tractor will help you keep up with the work of a homestead.

Bigger isn’t always better when it comes to a tractor, and deciding what type and size to get can be overwhelming. Make a list of everything you will use it for, then research tractors that are made for those jobs.

It’s a good idea to purchase a used tractor when you’re starting because tractors are built to last, and people usually sell them when upgrading, not because the tractor is no longer working. So a used tractor will last you many years and save you a lot of money.

You can purchase a tractor sun shade for a used or new tractor if it doesn’t come with a canopy. Exposure to the sun and rain is hard on you and your equipment, and using a sunshade to protect you and your tractor from the elements will make big jobs more bearable. You can purchase a tractor sun shade for a used or new tractor if it doesn’t come with a canopy. Tractor sun shades come in various colors to match your tractor, are easy to install, and are made from durable materials.

Pickup Truck

Pickup trucks are more than just a symbol of ranchers and farmers. They are versatile homesteading tools, and it’s almost impossible to operate a homestead without one. A pickup truck can perform various tasks, such as hauling hay, grain, manure, and firewood, and if you’re living off the grid, you might need one to get in and out during the winter.

You can choose from several types of pickup trucks, including 2-wheel or 4-wheel drive trucks and pickups with a dump bed or flatbed. You must consider your location’s needs and the tasks your pickup truck will perform.

Consider getting an older pickup truck. You’re looking for a workhorse, not a status symbol, and it will take a beating in the course of the work you ask it to do. So make sure it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance and become a money pit.


When you’re homesteading, you can save a lot of money by heating your home with firewood that you cut yourself. Even if you’re not homesteading on a piece of land with wooded acres, you can gather firewood from the national forests in your area.

When choosing a chainsaw for your homestead, get one that’s big enough for the task but not so big that it’s difficult to use. You should purchase a gas-powered chainsaw because you will need to use it in areas without electricity, and gas-powered chainsaws have more power.

Be sure to read the documentation that comes with your chainsaw because they require specific fuel types, and it is easy to ruin them by using the wrong fuel. They are also dangerous tools, so use proper safety equipment when operating a chainsaw.


You will need a rototiller when you’re trying to grow a garden large enough to feed your family.

On most homesteads, the garden is separate from the farmland where you grow animal feed, and because gardens often have to be fenced to keep pests out, they cannot be plowed with a tractor.

Rototillers come in various sizes, and you should choose a size that works well, not just for the size of your garden but for the size of your body. A small rototiller is easier to use and adequate for many jobs while maneuvering a large rototiller is only possible for some people.

Garden Cart

Daily chores on the homestead require moving around feed, hay, tools, and supplies. You’ll want a large garden cart to simplify these daily tasks.

There are several brands of excellent garden carts available. The Gorilla Cart is easy to use by hand. It has a 1200-pound carrying capacity and an attachment that you can use with your tractor or ATV when you need to haul bigger loads. It also comes in a smaller 600-pound capacity model.

You can choose from several garden carts, including dump, flatbed, and foldable carts. Choose one that fits both your needs and your body strength.

Pressure Canner

Homestead machines aren’t just for the big jobs outdoors. Some of the most important work in homesteading happens in the kitchen, and you’ll need a lot of equipment in your homestead kitchen. An essential piece of equipment in a homestead kitchen is a pressure canner.

With a pressure canner, you can preserve all the perishable food you worked so hard to grow and raise. Once food has been canned, it can last for years, and it doesn’t require any more money or resources to keep it.

Choose a pressure canner that is large enough for a family. You’ll want to be able to can both pint and quart-size jars.

Sustainable Homesteading

Homesteading is hard work, and if you wear yourself and your family out because you don’t have the proper equipment for homesteading, it won’t be sustainable for an extended period. Instead, invest in your homestead by purchasing the necessary equipment, and you’ll have more success because you’ll be able to get more done. Then, you can have more time to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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