19 pet friendly interior tips for your home design2

If you’re planning on having a dog or cat, you should make it a point to incorporate pet friendly interior into your decorating scheme. Not only will this help keep your pet happy, it will help ensure that your home remains a pleasant place for you and your pet to enjoy. Luckily, there are a number of options out there. In order to create pet-friendly interior design, you should pay attention to several aspects. There are some pet-friendly interior tips that you can apply. To help you get started, we’ve put together some pet-friendly interior tips that you can implement in your home.

When you have a dog or cat, first, you need to find fabrics that won’t trap pet hair. This will help keep your furniture clean and looking great. There are many fabrics to choose from and a few of them will work better than others. You can buy a blanket made from pet-proof materials. Another type of fabric to look for is velvet. Velvet is super soft and luxurious, and won’t trap pet hair. However, it’s also more expensive than other fabrics. Also, the important thing is by providing a bed, a bowl, and a place to dispose of waste for your pet.

For other tips, if you’re a pet owner, it’s important to find flooring that’s easy to clean. Even if your pet is a well-behaved dog, you may still have to clean up accidents on your floors. It’s best to take care of them right away to prevent damage. You’ll want to choose a flooring material that’s durable, scratch resistant, and waterproof. In this case, you can use vinyl flooring ideas. Next, make sure your furniture are pet-friendly. And, if you want to place some plants in your home, make sure the plants you choose are safe for your pets. This means that the plants are non-toxic and do not have thorns or sharp surfaces that could hurt your pet. Need to know more tips? Take a look at these ideas below.

19 pet friendly interior tips for your home design1

House Pet


Adding a pet house made of wood and iron will provide extra comfort to your pet. You can make your home decoration with a pet friendly interior, just place it next to the stairs of your house for a neat home design.  House Pet  from @modern.architect

Side Table Pet Friendly


Don’t forget the side table which is equipped with a pet bed to design a pet friendly room. Adding a hole in the shape of a cat’s head can make it easier for your pet to enter your side table. This side table makes it easy for you to place some ornaments such as vases and books easily.  Side Table Pet Friendly  from @modern.architect

Rug Pet Friendly


You can apply this selection of animal-friendly carpets to your living room. Choosing to use this soft hairless carpet will also make your pet more comfortable. Using these two layered rugs will also make your room warmer and more comfortable at night.    Rug Pet Friendly from @jdap_architects

Velvet Chair


Selection of chairs from this velvet material will be animal-friendly and make the perfect room design. This chair will also be animal friendly and will give off a comfortable look. Velvet Chair from @ultrasuede_r

Wooden Bed Pet


Then you can add a pet bed made of wood because it is animal friendly and gives an attractive appearance. on this pet bed you can add soft cushions that will make your pet more comfortable. This pet bed is also equipped with wheels which will make it easier for you to move it wherever you like. Wooden Bed Pet from @lordd_products

Bed Pet Under Table


You can also turn the space under the kitchen table into a comfortable pet bed. do it yourself by removing the door cabinet and adding faux fur bedding this will make your pet bed even better. besides that this idea will maximize space and be animal friendly . Bed Pet Under Table from @masterclasskitchens

Wicker Basket Pet


You need to apply this pet-friendly home interior design if you are an animal lover. As shown above, using a woven basket interior that is converted into a bed pet can be an attractive home decoration. Just add soft padding to this basket so that your animal will like the bed. Placing next to the living room sofa will also maximize the space. Wicker Basket Pet from @templeandwebster

Vinyl Floor


You need to try vinyl flooring for pet friendly home decor in your home interior. This choice of vinyl is not easily brittle and will not be damaged if your animal scratches it. Having a heringbone pattern on this vinyl wood floor will also make your home look more beautiful and stylish. Vinyl Floor from @karndean_anz

Place Eat Animal


Using the empty space on the side of the kitchen island to become a place for this animal to eat. This will make it easier for your pet to find their food. Choosing on this side will also maximize space. Here you can also use kitchen island materials that are animal-friendly so they won’t hurt your animals.  Place Eat Animal from @cityscaperealestate_

Round Wood Shelf


Turning a wall shelf into a pet house will make your pet comfortable. just add a soft pillow to provide moisture for your animal. This is an interesting idea so you won’t have to spend a lot of money to design a pet friendly house. Round Wood Shelf from @livforinteriors

Blanket Pet-Proof Material


You also need to try this pet friendly bedroom selection in your home decor. choosing an interior made of wood will also not harm your animal. You can also have a thick blanket that won’t make your animal’s hair fall out so it’s safe for you while in this bedroom. Bedroom Pet Friendly from @decolivingmanila

Sofa Pet Friendly


Choosing a pet friendly sofa can also be done in the interior of the house if you are an animal lover. using a sofa that will not cause hair loss is also safe for you to apply to your living room design. Besides that, a soft sofa will also not harm your animal and will make your animal like to play in this living room. Sofa Pet Friendly from @craftedfurnituresydney

Stair Runner Pet Friendly


To keep your animal from getting injured while in the house there are a number of things you should pay attention to. like the picture above adding a carpet runner on each step you should also try because every corner of the stairs has a sharp texture that will injure your animal. choosing a carpet with sufficient thickness is already able to protect the stairs of your house. Stair Runner Pet Friendly from @kanterscarpet

Pet Friendly Plant


Animals will also love some greenery. for that you can apply pet-friendly green plants that will not hurt your animal. like the picture above choosing aglonema greenery can also be a good idea for you to try. Green plants in pots that are placed in this room also make your home fresher and more natural. Plants Pet Friendly from @lapindeco

Pet Frindly Fabric


You also need to pay attention to the selection of fabrics if you have animals in your home. For example, you can choose a pillow made from polster. Animal hair will not stick and will be pet friendly. This pillow can also function as a pet bed because of its soft and soft texture.  Pet Frindly Fabric from @woodnotesdesign

Functional Furniture


Identical console table with a long and slightly wide shape. Therefore you can change the bottom of your console table by adding animal cages. Using materials from iron this cage will be resistant to animal bites. Equipping the cage with this thick pad will also make your animal feel comfortable there. Animal Cage Under Console Table from @eligo_decor

Wire Cage Coffee Table


This coffee table also doubles as your pet’s cage. using material from this wire will also be able to accommodate your wooden countertop. Don’t forget to add soft padding to the cage so that your animal will feel comfortable in this coffee table cage. Wire Cage Coffee Table  from @eligo_decor

Animal Bath


In your home laundry room can be equipped with an animal bath. this idea will maximize the place and of course you will have an attractive appearance of the room. equipped with a low faucet, it will not bother you when bathing your pet. Animal Bath from @spreading_roomers

Bed Pet Friendly


Making a comfortable pet bed in this laundry room cabinet will maximize the space. Changing the cabinet by removing the door and adding a pet bed is an easy DIY project for you to do. choosing a soft bed will also make your animal feel at home there. Bed Pet Friendly from @everythinghomedesigns

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