The kitchen can feel like a complex space to design, as it has to meld both practical and visual elements. To have the best results with your remodeling, it’s ideal to have a vision of the finished design look before you get started, so you can pick appliances, cabinets, and counters that fit the right aesthetic. Unlike other rooms in your house where you can simply swap out a chair to create a new look, kitchen built-ins make changing the design more cumbersome. 

As the home’s central meeting point, the kitchen’s look can set the tone for the rest of the house or add a pop of something different that incorporates similar themes but new elements to the home design. In this article, we will outline 5 interior design styles you may consider using for your kitchen remodel and how to achieve each look. 

Kitchen Styles to Consider 

1. Farmhouse

Farmhouse-style interior design dates back to European architecture built around agriculture, and it came over to the US in the 1700s, holding true as a classic design style ever since. This interior design aesthetic is all about merging practical and natural elements with spacious, welcoming, and social spaces. Think rustic woods, raw metals, and large tables and seating areas to feed a group. When incorporated with a modern spin, farmhouse design often features elements like accent beams, warm lighting, clean lines, and light natural colors. 

So how can you achieve this look in your kitchen? When looking for cabinetry, focus on lighter shades like whites and light beige colors and incorporate accents that use other natural tones like dark greys or greens in the hardware or stoneware. Add wood accents throughout, whether in your kitchen seating, benches, wall paneling, or butcher block countertops. Think warm, welcoming, and inviting, and keep it simple and clean yet practical and functional with useful shelves and vintage touches of detail, whether they be creative jars, repurposed light fixtures, or rustic centerpieces. 


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2. Transitional

For those who deeply appreciate traditional, classic design styles and the new clean look of a contemporary design, a transitional look is ideal. Merging the best of both worlds, transitional kitchens keep the atmosphere warm and inviting while also bringing in ideas of simplicity, sleekness, and minimalism, all on a spectrum to match the taste of the designer and homeowner.

Traditional kitchens may feature ornate wooden cabinetry, crown molding, formal seating areas, and fancy lighting fixtures. In contrast, contemporary styles often opt for a flat-face cabinet, minimal sleek hardware, and casual island seating. Finding a happy middle ground can be fun for homeowners as they select cabinets, countertops, and appliances for their new space. 

How can you achieve a healthy balance to pull off the transitional look? Keep the area light and bright using shades of white or light grey. When picking your cabinetry, shaker cabinets are a favorite for the transitional look, as are tiled backsplash walls, sleek and minimal stainless-steel hardware, and comfortable island seating spaces. Similarly, stick with stainless steel appliances and make sure to build enough storage to keep your surfaces clean and de-cluttered.


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3. French Country

French culture is known for style, food, and a love of life. When trying to achieve a French country kitchen design, so much of it is about combining elements to create the right feel. When we think of the French countryside, we think of home-cooked meals, cute houses, old streets, beautiful flowers, and pastel colors. By bringing these touches and motifs into your kitchen remodel design, you can achieve the French country look in your space.  

What’s the trick? Strike a balance of simplicity, nature, and color to achieve a contemporary yet vintage feel. Use tiling to make a statement, incorporate bright pastel colors, and emphasize natural furnishing materials like wood and metal. Blend distressed materials with new, clean finishes to make the space elegant and clean yet practical and warm. Contrast light cabinets with dark countertops, hang pots and pans, and bring nature into your kitchen with potted plants and vases of flowers.  


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4. Minimalist & Sleek

A minimalist kitchen often seems out of reach since it depends on empty spaces and ultimate cleanliness. But, with the right remodeling choices, a minimalist look can be easier than you think. It’s all about making the most of storage and setting up your space for success by picking the right cabinets, countertops, appliances, and light fixtures that set the tone for simplicity and visual calmness. 

To achieve a minimalist kitchen design, opt for cabinetry without hardware and pick a simple color scheme centered around white, black, and natural tones. Build a kitchen island and style it with backless seating. Keep the counter surfaces clean and empty by building spacious storage and pantry areas to hide the clutter. Avoid busy patterns or textures in your countertop materials, walls, and lighting. Excessive texture combinations will undermine the minimalist look by creating visual chaos. Finally, focus on lighting by opting for overhead fixtures and natural light. 


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5. Industrial 

The industrial look is inspired by the design styles of loft building apartments, including exposed brick and duct work, stainless steel, metals, and piping. Even if you don’t live in a loft, you can achieve an industrial look in your kitchen space. How? The right combination of materials is key to harnessing an industrial vibe. Focus on stainless steel appliances, metal hardware and surfaces, and glass cabinetry accents. 

Use dark colors by adding black accents and keep it simple but functional. It shouldn’t be as empty as a minimalist space but should have more cohesiveness than a French Country style. Add pipe rails, hang metal pots and pans, and use black hardware on the cabinetry to solidify the vintage factory feel. 


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