8 ways to transform your dining room into french bistro2

Dining room is a place where your family comes together to enjoy a quality meal and get a memorable meal time. You can make many memories in the dining rooms. Therefore, your dining room should be decorated as stylish and comfortable as you can. And there are hundreds of styles you can choose from. But, if you want a classy, simplicity, and elegance dining room design, you can choose a French Bistro dining room style.

French Bistro

Bistros are an essential part of French culture, and have a cult following among foodies. These relaxed eateries serve a simple menu and have an inviting atmosphere that emphasizes comfort. This was a low class restaurant where working French could gather, eat and drink cheaply. Inside the French Bistro design you will find a zinc bar and a menu written on a chalkboard. If you’re a fan of French cuisine and want to make your dining room feel more like an authentic bistro, try a few of these tips. They’ll help transform your space into a cozy bistro that’s perfect for casual meals with friends or family.

How to Transform

When designing a French Bistro dining room, you can pay attention to the lighting. A great lighting solution for a French bistro-style dining room is to add a pendant above the table. This will provide the perfect amount of light for everyone at the table. Then, think about the color scheme ideas. You can use black and white color scheme. It comes from the flooring designs and furniiture. Black and white checkered tiles can be your options. And to strengthen the French bistro style, bistro-style chairs are a classic way to bring French bistro design to your home. They offer a comfortable seat that can be placed in any room of the house, and they’re often light and portable for outdoor dining.

Many bistros have exciting walls filled with antique art. If you are looking for a way to transform your dining room into a French bistro, consider collecting vintage food related art. You can also collect posters that feature the classic French bistro. These will give your room a vintage, retro look and make it more appealing to guests. Adding a chalkboard to your dining room is a classic way to bring the French bistro vibe home. It can be used as a menu or just to write reminders for yourself or your guests. A bistro table has a classic, French look and can help bring this style to your dining room. And if you opt for adding other furniture, just make sure it’s in one color scheme of French bistro dining room designs. Here, we have some ways to transform your dining room into French bistro.

8 ways to transform your dining room into french bistro1

Using Pendant Light


Using a black pendant lamp that is placed right above the bistro dining table is able to provide dramatic lighting. Having yellow lighting will also make the room look charming. This French Bistro dining table set made of wood and a large fig plant is able to produce an attractive decoration and a fresh impression on the whole room.  Black Pendant Light from @jamievannoord


The pendant lights that are placed on the French Bistro dining table are able to provide a dramatic design and attract the eye. Choosing a pendat in the form of a large lantern that has yellow lighting can produce a romantic and warm dining room decoration. On this dining table you can complete it with glass accents and bistro style chairs for maximum results. Pendant Light from @laurelandwolf


Using several glass pendant lights is able to produce an attractive appearance. This picture on the table will also make for a dramatic home look and the lighting is spot on. This wooden french bistro dining table set completes this dining room.  Glass Pendant Light from @gabbydecor


Four pendant lamps above the dining table provide the perfect lighting for your bistro dining room. Combined with a gray wall color scheme and an accent French bistro style dining table, this manages to give the perfect home look.  Pendant Lighting from @chezhugobistro



The selection of black and white checkered floors in the French Bistro dining room succeeded in giving pattern and texture to this dining room. Black and white colors succeed in giving an attractive appearance and can be the perfect center of attention in a room. Don’t forget to complete it with a French Bistro dining table set to balance the look. White and Black Checkered Tiles from @esqevents

Vintage Artwork


This large painting in an antique gold frame provides an eye-catching look and can be the center of attention for everyone. Hanging on the dining room wall successfully gives a beautiful design and has a different look. Apart from art, you can add wall lights to make the perfect decoration. Large Vintage Art from @pennydessins

Table designs


This rectangular shape french bistro dining table design looks big and natural. Choosing raw wood materials will also give a natural touch to this French bistro dining table design. Don’t forget to complete it with rattan chairs for a comfortable and soft impression in this outdoor french bistro dining room. Rectangular Wood Table from @no44furniture


In the French bistro dining room, a black silk dining table is used. This silk table gives off a sleek and minimalist look. Combined with this bistro chair it will also produce a perfect dining room. Black Silk Dining Table from @the_fox_group_

Bistro Chair


This French bistro home style is attached to a small dining area. Choosing a black bistro chair is also able to produce a comfortable decoration and a comfortable appearance with your home interior. Adding a yellow sofa will also give a beautiful appearance and a comfortable impression. Black Bistro Chair from @ds2studios


The black and white colors on this bistro chair provide an interesting French bistro dining room decoration for you to try. Choosing a rattan chair will also last a long time and will give a natural touch. Adding a pendant lamp above this dining table will also provide a dramatic light. Chair Bistro from @thehavenly


This bistro black rattan chair is able to provide a comfortable and soft room for you to try. Teamed with a rectangular silk wood table this will also produce an attractive deck space and a sleek look. Black Rattan Bistro Chair from @dlagunalighting

Wall Color


The light gray color scheme on the walls of the french bistro dining room adds a calm and warm look. Apart from light gray, you can also combine it with white on one of the walls of your home for the perfect home decoration results. This French bistro style dining table set provides comfort when you are there. Light Gray and White from @marianarotel

Snapinsta.app_1080_26156916_142022269813626_1257484218594754560_nThe black color that dominates the French Bistro dining room creates a beautiful and stylish appearance. Pairing with white window frames this will provide the perfect space contrast. This crystal chandelier and french bistro dining set gives the room a dramatic and luxurious feel. Black Color Scheme from @chocolatbistro


The combination of dark gray and white in this french bistro dining room scheme produces an attractive and warm decoration. Combined with this blue and white bistro chair, it will also produce a comfortable room. The wooden floor in this dining room will also dampen the cold in this dining room. Dark Grey and White Color Scheme from @safavieh


The white color scheme in this french bistro dining room creates the illusion of a spacious and bright space. In addition, this white color scheme gives a comfortable impression to this dining room design. adding a large painting on one of the walls can also be the perfect center of attention for the room. White Color Scheme from @matthewsandparker

Additional Furniture


In the French Bistro dining room, you can add a wooden buffet for additional furniture. Choosing an antique wooden buffet cupboard and placing it in the corner of the dining room can be used to store your antique collection. So that this buffet can be the center of everyone’s attention. Wooden Buffet from @ aphrochic


The addition of a side table from an old wooden box will add an antique impression to your French bistro dining room. You can place this side table next to the sofa and use it to place large green plants in pots to give a natural impression and a fresh touch. Apart from that, you can also add wooden crates to complete the design of this dining room. Add Side Table from @iamhayleystuart

Chalkboard Accents


You can try the large chalkboard that is placed on the wall of the french bistro dining room. Used to write French food menus, this can be a wall decoration as well as being the perfect centerpiece. Complementing the decor with some of these antique items can be an interesting room decoration for you to try. Large Chalkboard French Bistro from @open_to_what_the_future_holds


The use of a large blackboard to write the food menu in the French Bistro dining room has succeeded in giving a beautiful appearance. Putting on one of these walls can be the center of attention and will steal everyone’s eyes. Don’t forget to complete the look with some furniture for a beautiful look. Chalkboard Wall French Bistro from @samanthapynn

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