17 plumbing maintenance tips you should know2

A plumbing system is something that can’t be far from our home and should be concerned well so that it won’t give you any trouble. Imagine when there is a problem with your plumbing system. You won’t be able to do some of your daily life routines such as washing the dishes, having your shower, and any other activities that need the water system. So, giving your effort to maintain your plumbing system is such a must, right?!

17 plumbing maintenance tips you should know1

Well, you might think that maintaining your plumbing system is a difficult thing since you can’t do it yourself and you will need a professional. Anyway, you can surely do it yourself with some tips that we will share below. You should know that dealing with plumbing systems is not about repairing but maintaining them. It means that you have to do something before it leaks, clogs, and any other possible problems come.

Don’t Flush the Waste

No matter in what system the plumbing is, you should make sure that you don’t flush the waste just that way. Let’s say that for your kitchen sink, there might be some waste such as leftovers. For that, make sure that you don’t flush them and choose to clean them. Then, in the bathroom, there might be some hair loss that is surely not allowed to be flushed. You should know that flushing the waste will make the plumbing gagged and damage it.


A simple way that you can do plumbing maintenance is to free your sink area from dirt. If this happens, it will cause the sewer pipe to be clogged with food spices. Therefore you must avoid dumping and flushing waste in your sink area to keep it clean and not cause blockages. Clogged Pipes from @impetuspandh.

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Avoid dumping trash and waste in your sink area to maintain your plumbing. With this method of maintenance, your plumbing will stay clean and not cause clogs. Apart from that, this method will also make your plumbing last longer and not look shabby. Do this method to maintain the plumbing in your home now. Clogged Sink from @the__impetus.

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Look at the picture above! This plumbing damage occurs due to waste disposal in the sink area. With this, the waste will clog the pipe and damage the pipe connection area or others. Therefore, you can carry out plumbing maintenance by not dumping waste in the plumbing channels. This method is very effective for plumbing maintenance ideas in your home. Clogged Pipes from @allegiancehomeinspection.


Do you often get plumbing damage caused by clogged drains? If so, you can try the following idea. Very easy! Here you just need to avoid throwing waste in the sewer. You can prepare a trash can near the sink or add a waste basket in the sink area so that it will keep your plumbing clean and free of blockages. Resulting in Clogged Connections from @impetuspandh.

Don’t Pour Oil

You might think that oil is a kind of liquid that will be ok to be poured into your plumbing system. However, you should know that pouring the oil will make your plumbing gagged. How? Well, oil can be sticky and fatty. When it is trapped in the plumbing, it will arrest the waste and damage your plumbing system.

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Carry out certain maintenance to keep your plumbing safe and working properly. The easy thing to do is not to throw anything into the sewers including oil. Because oil is one of the liquids that can cause crusty pipes and might clog your plumbing. Clogged Sink Bottom from @impetuspandh.

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Make several efforts to protect your plumbing so that it is maintained. Now all you have to do is not throw the liquid oil in the drain. With this, your pipe will be free from scale and the drain can function perfectly and very smoothly without any problems. You can apply this idea to kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks and toilets. Crust Pipe from @plumbersstandard.

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Plumbing maintenance is one of the things you have to do to keep your plumbing working properly. Avoiding oil drains in plumbing is one of the easiest maintenance methods. By avoiding this, your pipes will stay clean without grease and scale caused by precipitating oil. So that it will make your plumbing more well-maintained and not clogged. Clogged Plumbing from @plumbing46.

Check the Leak

The common problem that mostly damages your plumbing is the leak. That is why doing the checking periodically is really needed. As we have said before that it is better to maintain than repair. The leak can be small and becomes bigger when you don’t check it. The benefit of checking the plumbing system periodically although it may doesn’t leak is that you can prevent the damage before it happens.

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The pipe connection area is one of the areas where damage often occurs. Here you can check regularly to keep your pipes working properly and avoid damage. With the idea of checking regularly, it will provide benefits for you, namely, saving on repair costs. Pipe Connection Leak from @chulavistarooter.

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Do a check in the area under the sink to keep your plumbing better maintained and avoid damage. You can check all the drains and start from the area under the sink. With this checking idea you can prevent breakdowns, thus saving maintenance costs and your plumping will be working perfectly. Under Sink Plumbing Leak from @impetuspandh.

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To avoid serious damage, here you have to check regularly. The first thing you can do is check the plumbing at the bottom of the sink. By doing this check you will know the signs of damage and can prevent it earlier. This one maintenance idea is very easy and can be done alone without having to call in professionals. Pipe Leak Due to Rupture from @impetuspandh.

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You can check the pipe in the Letter L area, because damage often occurs. Checking like this will minimize plumbing damage in your home. In addition, if you notice signs of damage, you can prepare equipment very carefully to fix the damage. You will never fail to try this step to maintain the plumbing in your home. Letter L Plumbing Leak from @impetuspandh.

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Checking pipes is one of the plumbing maintenance that you have to do regularly. With this, pipe damage can be identified earlier and can be repaired quickly. In addition, with this check, you can also find out the cause of this pipe damage. This plumbing maintenance idea is quite simple but has a perfect positive impact. Copper Plumbing Leak from @impetuspandh.

Instal Sink Waste Basket

Filtering the sink drainage can be a solution to minimize the waste to gag the plumbing system. You can take the basket and clean it periodically. This one is really simple and surely effective to prevent plumbing damage.

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One way to maintain plumbing is to take care of the sink area first. Here you can install a waste basket so that it can accommodate some leftover food or dirt on your plate. With this, your plumbing will avoid damage caused by clogging. You can use a waste basket which is made of stainless material so it is more durable and resistant to rust. Stainless Waste Basket from @sorentomalaysia.

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You can start plumbing maintenance in the kitchen area by installing a waste basket in your sink. Choose a waste basket that has a concave shape so that it can accommodate more food scraps. Here you can install one waste basket in each sink so that it is more effective and efficient. With this waste basket installation idea, your plumbing will avoid clogging. Sink Waste Basket from @plumbersh2o.

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Look at these sinks! The owner used a waste basket for the idea of maintaining a sink in the kitchen area. There are two waste baskets in this sink, so they work well for storing leftover spices. Here you can use a waste basket that matches the faucet so that apart from keeping your plumbing safe, it will also present a beautiful and harmonious appearance. Gold Sink Waste Basket from @tradelinkshowrooms.

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By installing a waste basket in your kitchen sink, it will make your plumping safer from damage caused by clogging leftovers. Nowadays you can install three waste baskets in each sink so they will work perfectly to filter out leftovers. This idea will never fail to maintain a sink in the kitchen or bathroom area. Three Sink Waste Basket from @plumbersh2o.

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A tip for maintaining plumbing that is simple and that you can do yourself at home is to install a waste basket. Here you can use a waste basket which is made using a material that is resistant to water so it is not easily damaged. Having a circular and concave shape, this wastebasket can work well to filter leftover spices from washing dishes. Installing a wastebasket in the middle of the sink is a very appropriate position. Waste Basket In the middle from @argent_australia.

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