Resin in the context of this article is epoxy resin, an adhesive used to join objects together or repair items of furniture. After application, the substance hardens. Compared to other adhesives it is very effective and also safe to work with. Fumes while dangerous are not that much of a concern, unlike other commercial adhesives. Safe handling can prevent poisoning from occurring.

As it is a malleable and durable adhesive, it is great for work around the house, i.e., building new furniture or attaching decorative objects to your walls. This post will tell you nine ideas for working with it to improve the appearance of your house. 

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Making Furniture

In your house, like in most other people’s houses, the furniture found is mass-produced and created using machines. Why not make a change and start building your own furniture? Creating furniture for yourself will add charm and character to your home, not to mention teach you a valuable hobby, carpentry. Online you can find countless videos featuring individuals with no prior craft experience creating river tables using epoxy, or even replacing their kitchen counters with the material. Whatever item of furniture you think your home needs, epoxy can be used.

Epoxy Countertops

Kitchens are the most expensive rooms in people’s houses to upgrade and repair. Mainly this is because of the appliances found in kitchens, though cabinets and counters can all be costly as well. Investing in some new kitchen counters could cost you thousands of dollars, depending on the material. A material that’s very popular but also highly expensive is marble. Rather than using marble to decorate your kitchen, use resin. White epoxy resin can be cast to look just like marble, giving your kitchen an elegant and luxurious appearance.

Improving Flooring

What kind of floors do you have in your house? If it is a modern house then the chances are that they are laminate. Laminate flooring does look good but it can be improved by adding epoxy resin. You will, of course, need a huge amount of epoxy resin in order to make changes to your home’s floors. Using epoxy to design the floor in your house can give it a unique, one-of-a-kind appearance. Most people use epoxy to imitate marble, creating faux-marble floors.

Wall Art

Epoxy can also be used to create wall art. If you are a fan of modern art then you are bound to have a good time using epoxy. You should try to create a frame or canvas that has gaps for the resin to fill in, otherwise, it’ll spill all over the frame’s surface and mix with itself. Some people like the way resin looks when it mixes, and others don’t. Determine exactly what you want and look through online guides before you start making your own resin art. Resin is cheap but that doesn’t mean that you should waste it.

Flower Weights

Resin weights are very popular. You can find them online, in gift shops, and for sale at weekend markets and swap meets. Some of them sell for a lot of money, depending on the flower used inside. Creating your own flower weights can be more than a way of decorating your house, it can be a way of making money. As long as you know what you are doing and have all of the necessary equipment then you can make unique flower weights, casting flowers like roses, daisies, and violets. People will pay a lot of money for flower weights if they are expertly done.

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Resin Clocks

Casting resin clocks can also be a lot of fun. Unless you have an engineering degree, however, it is unlikely you will be able to make the motor for your clocks yourself, however. Instead, you will probably end up using a clock you already own and casting resin on its surface, giving it a unique look. When making resin clocks make sure you fill in any gaps so the resin does not soak through into the clock’s motor. Resin solidifies very quickly, so if it does get into your clock’s motor it could damage it beyond repair.

Making Coasters

If you have bedside and dining tables in your house then it is a good idea to invest in some coasts, so you can protect their surfaces. Wood stains very easily. Once the wood has stained it will never look the same again, unless you sand it down and re-finish it. Making coasters out of resin can be an effective way of protecting the surfaces of your tables whilst simultaneously adding charm and character to your house. Resin coasters are perhaps the easiest of this list’s suggestions to make. You do not need a lot of resin or much experience to make them.

Small Accessories

Coasters are not the only small accessories that you can make using resin, you can also make things like ashtrays and chopstick holders. Small resin accessories can sell for just as much online as flower paperweights can provided they are made to a high standard and have aesthetically pleasing designs. Making small accessories for your house can be a fun way to occupy your time. Many people are spending a lot more time indoors post-COVID, so occupying yourself with resin art will keep you entertained. You can even gift the accessories you make to loved ones. 

Glass Art

In your house, if there are any windows that you think look tired or distressed, revitalize them with glass art. You can use resin to create drawings of flowers and other things on your windows. Alternatively, you can cast a very thin layer of resin over windows so that they look as though they have been made out of stained glass. However, if you put too much epoxy on your windows then it will solidify and become too thick for light to penetrate, meaning the rooms these windows are in will end up being completed blacked out and won’t get any sunlight. Broken windows can also be repurposed and hung as wall art.

Epoxy resin is widely available, affordable, and easy for beginners to work with. Making small changes to your home with it can raise its value. You should always be thinking of ways to raise your home’s value.

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