How to deal with water damage for your home2

Water damage is something that we can’t avoid. Not only when the rain falls but also when the snow falls as it can melt and create damage to your house. The critical thing about it is that the damage won’t only affect the building of your house but also threaten your health. Imagine when your house is too humid, there will be mold as the air won’t be healthy and smell bad. Besides, your house will also be seen as dirty and not aesthetic. Even people will see it as an abundant house. There are some kinds of water damage that can affect your house as you can see below but there is a variable area flow meters.

How to deal with water damage for your home1

1. Structural Water Damage

When talking about structural water damage, it will be about the damage that affects your house (building). It can be in some parts but the most damaged are the ceiling and the wall. For the ceiling damage, it comes from the rain or snow that melts. It happens when you have a broken tile problem and when your gutter doesn’t work well. Then, for the wall, you may have it from your plumbing system, flood, snow, and more.

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Water damage is not something to be taken lightly. A leaky roof will cause your ceiling to be exposed to water flow, from rainwater or melting snow, causing your ceiling to be damaged. Minor damage from a leaky roof is that it makes your ceiling look soggy and maybe the paint will peel off. Therefore you must overcome this water damage. Ceiling Paint Peeling from @gloworm_solutions.


Look at this broken wall! This damage is caused by water that creates a wet look on your walls. There are many kinds of damage caused by water on walls, one of which is peeling wall paint like the picture above. When this is left too long, the result will cause too much damage and the most fatal is that there will be a break in the wall. Peeling Paint from @briandetroit.

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This damaged wall is caused by damage to the pipe water in your home. This causes your walls to become mossy and the wall paint starts to break down. With this problem, the result is that your wall will look dirty and may cause more damage. Now is the time for you to overcome the damage caused by water in your home by finding the center of the damage. Mossy and Peeling Paint from @_swiezak.

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The ceiling damage caused by this water looks very serious. Starting from the humidity, the paint peeled off until there was a collapse on the ceiling in this house. With this problem it might cause the whole space to become more humid and result in a lot of mold in other areas. Here you can make repairs starting from finding the source of the damage. Peeling Paint Coating from @mw_plastering.

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This ceiling looks moldy and very damp! This was caused by water damage from a roof leak on this house. With this damage it may affect survival in your home as security in the area is reduced. Therefore repairs must be carried out immediately by looking for damage and replacing it with a new one or patching it back. Moldy Ceiling from @all_types_of_repairs.

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These walls and ceilings look very moldy and may cause discomfort in your home. Because it looks damp, this damage can already be ascertained because of water. This happens because there is a leak at the top and seeps into the ceiling and walls. As a result, it creates considerable damage to the ceiling and wall areas in your home. Mossy Walls and Ceiling from @wkpd1986.

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There are many kinds of damage caused by water, one of which is damage to the wall like the picture above. Water damage caused the walls in this home to become damp and the wall paint to peel off. You can overcome this by repairing the water damage first. Then clean the wall area and paint it again with the same color as the initial color. Wet and Peeling Paint from @stoney_paint.

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This damaged ceiling is caused by the flow of rainwater seeping up to the ceiling. As a result, the ceiling becomes damp and collapses. You can actually overcome this by checking the gutter and roof periodically. But when there is damage like this you have to do repairs and require more extra costs and effort. Broken- Down Ceiling from @precisionlinings.

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A minor effect of water damage on your home is wet walls. Look at the picture above, this wall looks wet and dirty but still doesn’t interfere with activities in your home. However, if this is left unattended, it may result in moldy, damp walls and maybe the wall paint will peel off. Wet Wall from @mwtingley.

2. Electrical Water Damage

It is really risky and can be really crucial when water damage makes your electrical system affected. It will make your whole home to be in the darkness because when one part of the electrical system is affected, the whole system will be affected too. Here, you should protect your electrical system from water damage and make sure that you install the safety one.

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Look at this power point, it looks burnt and damaged. It turned out that this was caused by water hitting this point of electrical damage, causing it to explode and catch fire. You can prevent this by providing protective equipment at this point of electrical strength and which is definitely water resistant. Another way is to keep the power point out of reach of water. Blown Power Point from @eas.electrical.

2 snapinsta.app_1080_160922657_199984541883411_6304209818904336226_nThis wall lamp was exposed to splashes of water for quite a long time and resulted in some of the wires rusting. Not trivial, this can result in power lines being cut off and your lights not turning on. You can avoid this by keeping the lamp away from electricity and providing certain protective equipment so it is safer.  Rusty Cable from @roots_electrical.

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This cable plug looks like it just exploded and caught fire. Yes, that’s right, this was caused by a splash of water and caused a short circuit to explode and catch fire. This often happens to cable plugs that are on the outside wall and exposed to rain. With this damage, you should equip the cable plug with a waterproof protector to make it safer and not easily damaged. Burnt Cable Plug from @makopropertysolutions.

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This time the water damage caused a problem with the electricity in our house. Splashes of water that hit the electrical center in this house resulted in a short circuit and made the electricity flow unstable. When this is left unchecked it will cause too much damage and can result in a total cut off of electricity and maybe you will live without electricity. Short-circuit Current from @joerussellelectrician.

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This burnt plug is caused due to water damage. This often happens due to water leaks running down the wall and hitting the plugs. When this has happened, it will cause the cable to rust and even experience a short circuit. That means you have to fix it before too much damage occurs because it will result in quite a lot of losses. Burnt Cable from @flash_electrical_.

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This inground cable is submerged in water and is damaged, causing the electricity to fail. When this happens, you must do repairs quickly because otherwise it will result in more fatal damage. Actually you can prevent this by choosing an area that is protected from water flow and infiltration. Or you can also add a shade over this cable area. Submerged Cable from @saunderselectricalgroup.


This time the damage occurred to the cable above the ceiling. This happened because the roof leaked and water hit one of the cables that were there. As a result the cable becomes shorted and the flow of electricity becomes cut off. The first thing you should do when an electrical failure occurs is turn off the main switch so that a short circuit does not occur which will further damage everything. Short-circuit Cable from @billk27.

Basically, there will be some ways that you can do to maintain your home from water damage. The first one is that you should make sure that your water system is in good performance. This is a complete water system from the gutter to the plumbing. The leak of those two will make your house affected by water damage. Then, you should also consider protecting your house from the flood. You can provide some tools to prevent the water to enter the house. Additionally, during winter, make sure that your window is firm and tight enough so that the snow won’t enter the house and damage the house when it melts.


One of the efforts you can take to prevent water damage is to periodically check the water pipes. With this you can know the signs of water damage so you can take early prevention. This is very effective to do and can minimize the cost of repairs in your home. Check Water Pipes from @babakemohaghegh.


Finding water leaks is one of the preventive measures you can take to protect your home from water damage. When a water leak has been found, you can also find water damage and can make repairs earlier and there will be no damage to your home. This is quite effective for preventing celebrations in your home. Find the Water Leak from @homesweetvictoria.


You can prevent water damage in your home by finding water holes. When a water leak has been found, it is easier and faster for you to make repairs. This will provide several advantages for you. Besides saving more on repair costs because the damage is not too great, it will also not cause widespread and fatal damage. Locate the Water Damage from @wiggin_handyman_services.


After finding the leak, and finding the location of the leak, all you have to do is repair it. You can make repairs to the damaged part so it won’t cause further damage. This is very effective to do because it will not cause damage to walls, ceilings, floors or other interiors. Perform Repair On Water Damage from


Look at the picture above! Damaged gutters will damage the exterior walls and cause moldy walls, peeling paint and other damage. With this you can take precautions by checking the condition of the gutters within a certain period of time. This will make you more swift to deal with it and not result in more severe damage. Make sure Gutter is in Good Condition from @pittsburghinspector.


Make sure your window is closed and still strong. This will be a very effective and efficient way to prevent water damage. With strong windows, melted snow cannot enter the house and does not cause damage to the walls, ceiling and everything in your house. This idea is very simple but will never fail to try. Make sure the Window is Closed and Firm from @being.designs.


There are many ways you can do to prevent water damage to your home, one of which is painting the walls. By painting the walls using water-resistant watercolors, you will reduce damage to the walls caused by water such as damp, moldy and mossy walls. This prevention idea is quite easy to do and cost-effective, but effective enough to prevent water damage. Painting Walls with Water-Repellent Paint from @ador_washif.


Are you looking for ideas to prevent water damage in your home? If so, you can follow our method. Here you can install flood shielded on your front door. With this effort, you can prevent flood water from entering the house and causing humidity and causing damage to the interior of your home such as walls, floors and so on. This idea is quite simple and will never fail for you to try. Install Flood Shield from @ohsokool.



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