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When you are working at home, you will need a comfortable workspace. It means your home office should be well decorated and use proper furniture. One of proper furniture that you can use is ergonomic furniture. Most people spend a large portion of their work week sitting down. This can lead to a number of health problems including back, neck and shoulder pains. These problems are not only frustrating, but also detract from employee productivity. This is why you should consider using ergonomic furniture for your home office to increase productivity.

Ergonomic Furniture

In general, ergonomic furniture can be interpreted as a type of furniture that is designed or designed taking into account harmony and harmony between the anatomy of the human body and the type of work in a particular environment. Ergonomic furniture design is actually a solution to overcome health problems that often arise when working too long.

Why you should use ergonomic furniture?

When it comes to home offices, ergonomic furniture is the best way to boost productivity and increase comfort. There are many reasons why this type of furniture is becoming more popular than ever before.

  • Curb your streess level. Ergonomic desks, chairs, tables and computer equipment are designed to promote good posture and reduce the risk of repetitive stress injuries.
  • Better Health. A good ergonomic home office design helps you stay healthy and productive at the same time. Ergonomic furniture makes it easier to achieve these goals by helping you find and maintain an ideal sitting posture, which has a number of benefits that improve your health, work performance, and overall happiness at work.
  • Reduced Sedentary Behaviour. It has been shown that extended periods of sedentary behavior have a significant impact on a number of health parameters, including metabolic dysfunction, increased blood pressure, decreased insulin sensitivity, and an increased risk of premature death. Then, ergonomic furniture can help to reduce these health problems.
  • Improve Efficiency. Using ergonomic furniture will create comfort. Your work will be more efficient so that productivity will increase for sure. And it is a great way to achieve this goal.

Due to the reasons mentioned, below are some examples of ergonomic furniture for the home office that you can choose to be applied to your home office.

Best reasons to use ergonomic furniture for your home office 1

Ergonomic Chair and Footrest


Using an ergonomic chair that also has a footrest provides extra comfort when you are working. Chairs that have curves like this will not make your body sick. Having a table that fits the size of this chair will also make you feel at home while working. Ergonomic Chair and Footrest from @ergorx

Monitor Stand


The standing monitor that is placed on the work table provides comfort when you are working. Adding a stand like this will also make your work more comfortable because it has a front-facing monitor design so you can focus while working. Monitor Stand from @gustavconcept

Standing Desk


if you prefer to work standing, you can use a stand desk like the picture above. Having a different table level between the monitor and keyboard will also make it more comfortable for you to try. This type of table can also be bent so it won’t take a lot of precision. Standing Desk  from @handigdesign

Ergonomic Chair


This selection of ergonomic chairs in the home office is the best choice for you to try. This chair that has curves will not make your back hurt while working. Equipped with wheels on this chair it also makes it easier for you to move it. Ergonomic Chair from @interiormotions

Ergonomic Desk


Selection of the right table with the size of this chair will also create comfort when you are working. Having a size that fits this ergonomic chair will create an interesting home office design for you to try. Using this type of table will not make your body or hands hurt because it has a good appearance for working. Ergonomic Desk from @megscoastallife

Desk Footrest


In this table stand design you can add a footrest so that your feet don’t hurt when working because of the hard floor. You should try this idea because the soft texture will make your feet comfortable while they are there. Desk Footrest from @capraleather



The next idea for creating extra comfort while working is to add a footrest under your desk. Choose to use this footrest so that your feet don’t hurt from hanging. Using strong materials will also not break easily. Footrest from @readersdigestindia

Adjustable Monitor


A monitor that fits the size of this table and chair will also make your work more comfortable. This stand attaches easily to most monitors, and attaches to the back of your desk for easy installation. Adjustable Monitor from @piperfurnitureng

Razer Ergonomic Wrist Rest


This wrist rest is made of cushioned memory foam covered in faux leather, and its ergonomic design puts less pressure on your wrists while typing. The rest are available in several sizes to fit all types of keyboards, including full, mini, and keyless, and have rubber feet that keep them in place while you work. Ergonomic Keyboard from @abovetek

Anti Fatigue Mat


For those with a standing desk, this anti-fatigue floor mat allows you to stand comfortably for longer periods of time. Made of a thick layer of high-density foam that reduces discomfort to your feet and calves when standing for long periods of time, and has a non-slip base that keeps them in place. Anti Fatigue Mat from

Ergonomic Table


Lighting is an often overlooked aspect of workspace ergonomics, but it’s important for reducing eye strain, especially if you often work late into the night. This Electric lamp is a great budget-friendly option for your desk thanks to its adjustable lamp arm and head, which allows you to find the perfect angle to illuminate your work surface. Ergonomic Table from @

Autonomous Chair


The ErgoChair Pro allows you to adjust the height, armrests, headrest, backrest and tilt of the chair, and has a smooth backrest function with several lockable positions. This is perfect for you to try on your home office decoration. Autonomous Chair from @nublson

Double Seat Cushion


Adding double cushions to this chair will help provide greater comfort to your home office. The orthopedic cushion is made of durable foam and wrapped in a washable cover, giving it a comfortable and inviting feel. Double Seat Cushion from @qualicareshop

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