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Whether you live in a studio apartment or have limited space, a Murphy bed is an effective way to maximize your space. This bed idea is very useful. It can save space and also offers some benefits. You can fold the bed when not in use and on the other hand you can do more with your murphy bed. In addition to sleeping, these versatile furniture pieces offer additional storage, desks, and seating options. Many modern designs integrate shelving, desks, and seating into a single wall unit. Rather than simply folding down from the wall, contemporary Murphy beds feature sleek lines and built-in shelving. And in this article, we want to talk about what you can do more from your Murphy bed.

Actually, there are a few things that you can do with your Murphy bed. One of them, you can install some coat hooks. Coat hooks are a simple but effective way to add a layer of functionality to a Murphy bed. They are especially useful if you need extra storage in your space.

A built-in bookshelf is a great way to get more from your Murphy bed. It can be used as a home office or add storage to your home. Adding built-in shelves besides the Murphy bed can add extra storage to your space. They’re an easy way to keep books, photos, and other things organized. If your Murphy bed doesn’t have an overhead light, consider adding one to the framing of the bed. This can be a great way to add ambiance and lighting to your space, especially in a small room that has high ceilings. Furthermore, here are some ways that you can do more from your Murphy bed.

White Queen Chest with Charging Station and Coolsoft Mattress

Nantucket murphy bed white queen chest with charging station and coolsoft mattress

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A comfortable queen-sized bed tucked away in an elegant space saving chest. Our Nantucket Murphy Bed Chest provides guest sleeping space without sacrificing style. The compact chest includes a built in-charging station and a CoolSoft queen size folding premium memory foam mattress for a cool night’s sleep. The Nantucket Murphy Bed Chest is the perfect solution for small living spaces or guest rooms.

Built-in Farmhouse Mirror


Murphy bed design will be more useful with the appropriate design. When this murphy bed is folded into the wall, take advantage of the bottom surface as a mirror design that is quite large. Now you can use reclaimed wood frames to add that instant farmhouse touch. Farmhouse Built-in Mirror from @kjghcoastal2017

Hanging Hook Storage


Another option you can make when this Murphy bed is folded is to use it as a storage idea. You can install several hooks that are not too far apart to hang any items which of course will help to get organized in the surrounding area. Repaint with white for a more elegant look. Installation of Storage Hook from @rockler_woodworking

Painting Display Ideas


The headboard of the Murphy Bed can be used to place two paintings of the same size to make a room statement. The painting that is installed has a touch of abstract color that is able to blend with the nuances of the dominating white room. In this way, you can maximize the Murphy bed design to make it more attractive. Painting Wall Display from @inspiredclosetsaustin

Multifunction Headboard Storage


Maximize the design of this murphy bed as an open storage area that is easy to reach. For example, you can use the rest of the headboard space as an open shelf made of natural wood, don’t forget that on this shelf you can also add room lighting so you can see it clearly when the atmosphere in the room looks darker. Vertical Headboard Shelves from @lenart_meble

Cabinet Kitchen Design


Because this Murphy bed design is applied close to kitchen decoration, you can try to change its function as a storage cabinet. Its size which is quite wide, large and tall is ready to store all of your kitchen utensils or equipment in quite a lot. Use the dominant wood material so that it is more durable to use and not easily porous. Cabinet Kitchen Design from @wesleymooninc

Open Cubbies Storage Ideas


Take advantage of the empty space around the walls of the murphy bed as an open storage area that you can use to the fullest. Just install and use the cubbies design which can be used to store several ornaments as well as the books or magazines you have. This unique velvet headboard provides a soft and comfortable surface texture. Built-in Cubbies Storage from @helenanutshell

Symmetrical Shelves


This teak wood murphy bed that can be converted into a wardrobe can be perfected with symmetrical open storage shelves that can be used optimally. Both of these shelves have the same size and material so they look more aligned and matching. Open or pull out the cupboard when you are going to use the murphy bed. Teak Wood Cabinets with Symmetrical Shelves from @wallbedfactory

Murphy Bed with Sectional Sofa


The Murphy bed design that blends in with this sofa can be used as a sitting area as well as an area to lie down all day long. This is one of the choices of furniture that is suitable for use by home decor with limited space because it can have multiple functions and can be used simultaneously. Murphy Bed with Seating Area from @ladenstein_

Bookshelves Design Ideas


The walls of the murphy bed which are perfected by this bookshelves decoration make it easy for you to reach and pick up your favorite collection of books or magazines. You can arrange them by theme to make them easier to find with a more efficient time. Adding a few frames of paintings and ornaments is a smart idea that you can try to apply to this floating shelf section. Built-in Bookshelves from @lynnbyrnenyc

DIY Wooden Floating Shelves


When this Murphy bed is not in use, it is converted into an open shelving design that can be utilized as much as possible. This vertical shelf made of wood can be used to place ornaments or some of the collection books that you have. No need to repaint this part of the shelf, just let it look natural and environmentally friendly. Made as Floating Shelves from @denoutdoors

Murphy Bed with Home Office Room


When the Murphy Bed is not used, the floor space will be wider and more open, so you can use it as a home office decoration that can be used more comfortably. Here you can add the right lighting like gold wall sconces that are installed symmetrically, just try it with a more elegant look. Murphy Bed and Office Combined from @lisaandleroy

Additional Nighstand


Murphy bed which is equipped with nightstands on both sides will work well as a storage area as well as an area to put some ornaments such as a vase of green plants. Floating nightstands free up more floor area which is certainly suitable for a room with a limited size. You can try it right now. Additional Nightstands from @housethome

Modern Kitchen with Murphy Bed


Look at the Murphy bed design that blends in with the kitchen area, doesn’t it look more luxurious and open? Yes you can apply it with a touch of bright blue and of course the one with the perfect texture. Push or fold this murphy bed when not in use to save more floor space. Integrate with Modern Kitchen from @designmilk

Standing Wardrobe


Adjust the use of murphy beds to your needs. For example, you can use it at night so you don’t use up too much floor space. It’s not enough to get here, you can also turn it all day long into a standing wardrobe that can be used to the fullest. Standing Wardrobe from @edselscustomwoodworking

Multifunctional Desk


The built-in minimalist desk in the Murphy bed area can be used comfortably because it has a standard height. After your work is done, then convert it into a Murphy bed design that can be used as a comfortable resting area. It is very suitable for modern home decoration. Multifunction Desk from @lancasterhandcraft

Statement Arched Murphy Bed


Besides being able to function more optimally, the presence of a murphy bed in this room also adds to the wall texture which is ready to be used as a room statement because it has an arched shape that looks cute. Just cover the outer surface with natural wood so you can add a natural touch that is ready to collaborate with some colorful interiors. Arched Murphy Bed Design from @beddys

Folding Wooden Desk


Folding back the wooden desk after use is a smart idea to save floor area in this room. The desk design that blends in with the Murphy bed is dominated by the use of natural materials with a smoother and softer surface. In addition, the material used is also not easily porous when used for a long time. Folding Wooden Desk from @knickerbockergroup

Built-in Open Rack for Murphy Bed Area


On both sides of this Murphy bed is equipped with two symmetrical open shelves that you can use as much as possible. Repaint this shelf according to the color of the heaboard used to make it look more harmonious. The use of velvet material in the headboard area adds a comfortable soft texture. Open Rack Storage Ideas from @casavilora

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