It can seem like an overwhelming challenge to become more eco-friendly, but it doesn’t have to be. By making small changes here and there, you can live a more sustainable and efficient lifestyle that takes care of your needs and the well-being of people in other parts of the world. A huge barrier to even attempting a more sustainable lifestyle is the notion that little differences don’t matter, but when everyone does their part, it can make a real and positive impact. Here are some simple changes you can make that are more sustainable.

Find New Ways to Get Around

Cars are incredibly convenient, and planes allow people to travel thousands of miles. Unfortunately, these modes of transport are harmful to the environment. Whenever possible, look for different ways to travel to your destination. For example, if you can cycle to work instead of driving, you will not only reduce your carbon emissions but will also notice health benefits from the exercise. Sometimes the sustainable choice is not the most convenient but has the preferred long-term effect.

Reduce Your Plastic Use

You have probably heard this tip many times before, but reducing your consumption of single-use plastic is one of the best ways you can cut back on pollution. Plastic is made from oil which is also used to generate energy, and although it can sometimes be recycled, the conditions need to be perfect, and most of the time recyclable plastic ends up in the landfill. Microscopic plastic particles make their way into the water cycle, meaning that drinking plastic is becoming a health concern. By swapping to plastic alternatives such as glass or bamboo, you can make a more sustainable choice.

Try Alternative Energy Sources

Swapping to a more sustainable energy source will not only help you live more sustainably but will also make your energy bills less steep. Solar panels installed on your property are a fantastic energy solution that can take a lot of the pressure off other ways that you may not feel able to compromise for sustainability. Look for a solar company in Tucson and learn more about how it works. You could also try wind power or research energy suppliers that only use renewable energy. Taking long hot showers and using electricity contributes greatly to an individual’s energy consumption, so finding better ways to power your home can be a massive improvement.

Buy Secondhand

Instead of perpetuating wasteful industries by always buying new items, consider shopping for vintage and preloved clothing and furniture. You will find unique and interesting pieces without the guilt of funding unethical business practices. An additional method of being more sustainable is to learn how to mend your possessions so that they don’t need replacing as often.

Even if your lifestyle doesn’t have room for every possible sustainability change, taking small steps in the right direction is an achievement in itself. Don’t be put off by the idea that you need to be perfect and do everything possible to reduce your carbon footprint – let yourself make mistakes and keep trying.

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