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Windows are essential to your home’s design. They are part of exterior design and buildings. They let in light, provide ventilation, and frame views. So, it can be said that the window is an important part of the building that must exist. Therefore, you have to think carefully when choosing windows for your home. Related to that, there are many types of windows to choose from, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Choosing the right one depends on your personal taste and goals for the house.

Below, we have some window references that can be applied to buildings.

9 types of windows using in buildings1

Clerestory Window

The clerestory windows is a type of window that allows light to enter a building without impacting privacy. They are often found in large buildings such as halls, train stations, and gymnasiums. Unlike transom windows, clerestory windows are typically installed higher than the roof of a house. They are also a great way to add a unique architectural feature to your home. However, you should be careful about selecting the right size of clerestory windows for your space. Choosing the wrong sizes can cause glare and heat to be introduced into your room.


When summer arrives, using a clerestory window is the right choice, why is that? Yes, because this window minimizes the entry of sunlight into the room directly overhead. You can use more than one on the upper wall adjacent to the ceiling with an application distance that isn’t too far away. Minimizing Summer Sun Heat from @canyonestatesps


Natural light can enter the room through the use of more than one clerestory window. You can use this window with the same size and shape, the use of skylights and transparent glass doors supports the entry of sunlight into the room in very large quantities. Natural Light with Clerestory Windows from @beecraft81


The use of clerestory windows is usually applied higher so that they are close to the ceiling of the house that is used. There are quite a lot of them with a rectangular shape that will never fail to be used as a room statement while also being able to include natural light from outside the room. Now you can try it in the modern mid-century style living room decoration section. High Clerestory Windows from @alliedprojects

Lantern Window

The lantern window is a unique architectural feature that can enhance any building. These windows are a great way to add a modern element and improve light levels in flat-roofed rooms. During the Renaissance period, roof lanterns became popular in cathedrals and castles as they allowed natural light into the interior spaces of a building. These windows are usually made of glass and can be opened to allow for extra ventilation when needed. These windows can also be covered, which will allow you to control how much sunlight enters the room. This is particularly useful if you want to have a more private or dark space.


Apart from having a more unique shape, the use of window lanterns on the ceiling of this house can be easily opened and closed again, just adjust to your needs. Apart from that, you can also use it in a larger size so that you can get maximum sunlight into the room and of course make the room brighter too. Unique Shaped Window Lantern from @wiltshire_cottagelife


The use of a changed ceiling with a window lantern makes the room of your house look brighter during the day. That way you don’t need lights anymore, and can only use lights in the afternoon or at night. This window lantern design can be opened to introduce fresh air into the room with more oxygen levels. Ceiling Window Lantern from @wiltshire_cottagelife

Fixed Window

The fixed window is a stationary window that doesn’t open and is designed to allow natural light into the building. They are also known as picture windows and can be used to frame a beautiful view outdoors. The main advantage of these windows is that they offer more security than open and close windows, especially if the home has a first floor with outside access. In addition, they’re much more energy-efficient than standard open and close windows. Fixed windows are often used in living rooms, dining rooms, family rooms, bathrooms, basements, nurseries and tall hallways.


Because the frames used are smaller and thinner, the use of fixed windows is suitable for use in every room of your house, especially in rooms that require more sunlight, such as bathrooms. Why the bathroom? Yes, more sunlight entering the bathroom will help reduce the humidity in the room and minimize odors and the arrival of pests. Less Frame Fixed Window from @tradephotographer


Take a look at the fixed window design which is perfected with this window sill, here you can enjoy outdoor views with a comfortable sitting area. Add throw pillows and blankets if needed, you can use them on weekends for a more comfortable day or you can use them as reading nook decorations. Fixed Window with Windowsill Seating Area from @cs_windows


Its large size and width make the atmosphere in your home room look brighter. The design of this fixed window is more open and of course makes it easier for you to let natural light into the room, just apply it to your reading nook area to complete a pleasant atmosphere that can make your eyes healthier because of the outdoor view. Width Fixed Window from @widelinewindows

Sliding Window

The sliding window is a type of windows that open horizontally from one side to the other. It is a popular choice for modern homes and can be designed with large panels of unobstructed glass to fit spacious horizontal openings on walls. A sliding window is often used as a means of providing natural ventilation for areas that need it. It is also a great way to increase the amount of sunlight that penetrates the home’s interior space. These windows are easy to open and close and require little maintenance.


So that you can adjust how much air or light enters the house through the window, it would be nice if you used a triple sliding window. This triple sliding window can be opened as you wish, the more windows you open, the more air or light will enter. This window selection is also very practical and does not take up much space, so your activities will be easier. Triple Sliding Window from @profiservice_tech


The choice of color for the window frame will affect the appearance of your home, therefore using a window frame with a bright color will be perfect for those of you who want a bright indoor appearance. The white frame on the sliding window will reflect light throughout the room, which at the same time will make the room look wider, and white is a neutral color that you can mix with other colors. Sliding Window with White Framed from @astor_upvc_windows_and_doors


So that the air in the house doesn’t feel damp, apply a sliding window door to get maximum air circulation. This sliding window door is also very suitable for you to install in a bedroom that directly faces the beautiful scenery outside the house. To maintain privacy, you can also cover the sliding window door with thin white curtains, you can open or close the curtains as you wish. Sliding Window Door Design from @martapazera

Gable Window

Gable windows are located at the end of a pitched roof and are designed to let natural light flow through a room. These windows are provided for a sloping roof or protrude from the house, which is why they are so popular in new construction and older homes alike. As well as offering additional space, a gable window can also make a home look larger than it really is. This can be a huge selling point for buyers and can make your home stand out from the rest on the market.


This gable window made with wooden shutters looks simple and elegant when repainted in plain white. This elegant appearance is ready to be used in the attic bedroom decoration. Its existence is able to enter sunlight into the room according to your needs, usually this gable window design is dominated by a triangular shape. Shutter Gable Window from @suzymacdesign


The Scandinavian look is usually enhanced by a gable roof and the use of gable windows. This is a set of special features that are often used. The size which is quite large and wide is made of transparent glass material which is able to enter sunlight into the room in quite a lot, carry out routine maintenance to keep it from dust or dirt. Scandinavian Style Gable Window from @gigiandgray

Bay Window

Bay windows are a feature of many houses because they offer an attractive design element, as well as the added benefits of increased light, privacy, and space. These windows can be incorporated in almost any room and there are tons of ideas to decorate them with.



The bay window design, which is perfected with a shutter appearance, gives an instant farmhouse feel. You can repaint the windows in white to make it easier for you to combine them with other interiors around them. In addition, the use of shutter windows can also present a farmhouse view instantly. Shutter Bay Window Design from @silver_stone_house


When you use a bay window design in a living room, it allows you to have an additional sitting area that can be used as well and as much as possible. What you can do now is take advantage of the empty space in the bay window area to make it more useful. The built-in bench complete with seat cushions will be softer when in use. Window Seat Look Design from @daniellevictoriadesignstudio


You don’t need to worry when you have a living room decoration with limited space, because now you can use the right interior. For example, you can use a bay window design made of wood, which saves more on your spending budget and allows you to place additional seating areas such as simple wooden benches. This window design that projects towards the outdoors adds texture and a unique look. Suitable for Small Living Room Decoration from @littlebristolterrace


Whether you’re looking for ideas to brighten up your home or need something more unique than your standard glass installation, skylights are a versatile option that can bring your space to life. In addition to bringing in more natural light, skylights also offer a variety of other benefits that can improve your overall living experience, including energy-efficiency and glare control.


Curved skylights that are applied in this living room decoration give a luxurious and different look. Its presence is suitable for use with a touch of a modern minimalist theme. Besides that, the use of a coffee table made of transparent glass adds a luxurious feel that will never fail to be tried in the same room. Curved Skylight Ideas from @zzarchitects


If you need more natural light in your home then the use of double skylights will never fail to try. Just apply the use of this double skylight in bathroom decoration to help dry out the parts of the bathroom floor that are exposed to splashes of water so they don’t cause excessive humidity in the room. Double Skylight Design from @the_interior_lens


Look at this frameless skylight design, doesn’t it look slimmer and wider? This is one of the best recommendations you can try. In addition, the entry of sunlight into the room can be used as the main lighting during the day. Perform regular maintenance so that the surface of the skylight glass remains clean and free from dust or insects that will enter it. Unframed Skylight from @australian_architecture

Double Hung Windows

The upper and lower sashes of a double hung window can be moved up and down for better air circulation. This creates a recirculating effect that allows cool air to flow in from the bottom and warm air to escape through the top. These windows have an interlocking system that keeps the sashes closed tightly and makes them harder to break into. They are also much more secure than single-hung windows, which have only one lock.

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The dominance of the wood material used in this double hung window design can be repainted in white to emphasize the farmhouse style touch around the sitting area used. What you can do here is combine it with matching style furniture so that it can work well together for a farmhouse theme that can be obtained instantly. Farmhouse Double Hung Window from @rba.windows .sanfrancisco


Shabby chic double hung windows that are applied in this room give a vintage touch. The use of this window design is very appropriate because your home will be more protected from thieves. How come ? Yes, because this window design is difficult to break. Vintage Look Double Hung Window from @ hudsonvalleyhouseparts


The double hung window design, which is perfected by using a jet black iron frame, looks more modern and will never go out of style. You can use it more than once when you are going to apply it to the wet area of the kitchen or sink area, because the sunlight that enters the room can dry out the wet surrounding surfaces. Modern Double Hung Window with Iron Frame from @hillandhurtt

Casement Window

Casement windows are a wonderful option for homeowners who want a window that allows them to enjoy the view without sacrificing privacy or security. Unlike traditional double hung windows that open horizontally, casement windows open vertically using a crank or lever. This feature makes them more secure than traditional windows.


Try to install and use casement windows in a cozy nook area that you usually use to read books or just relax. This window will help bring in fresh air and a gentle breeze so you don’t feel too hot. The use of this casement window is also very easy because it is equipped with hinges on the side of this window. Apply in Cozy Nook Area from @blacksuburbanfarmhouse


This casement window design works using a hinge on the side when it is opened or closed. When you want to open it, you just need to open the key and push it outward. This is very easy to do and of course it will provide a beautiful outdoor view that you and your family can enjoy on the weekend. Working with Hinge from @dandridgesterne

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