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Whether you’re living in an apartment or small house, you need furniture that saves space while keeping class. And one way to do this is with multi purpose furniture designs. Luckily, there are many creative ways to incorporate these pieces into your home. They can help you maximize your space and make storage, entertaining, and relaxing much easier. Some of them we mention below.

Multi purpose furniture designs for your home 1

Ottoman as Coffee Table

Ottomans are a great alternative to coffee tables when you want to add a little bit more functionality into your living room. They are comfortable, versatile and can be used for storage as well. Ottomans are a great alternative to coffee tables when you want to add a little bit more functionality into your living room. They are comfortable, versatile and can be used for storage as well.


Choose and use an ottoman in your living room to make it a coffee table that looks elegant and different. When you are going to use it as a coffee table, cover the surface with a wooden tray for a flatter surface and it is ready to be used to place drinks or food for your guests who come to the house. Square Shaped Ottoman as Coffee Table from @freeman_woodworking


Classic, attractive and ready to be made into a focal point is the use of a tufted ottoman which is used as a coffee table in your living room decoration. It’s not enough here, you can also add a shabby chic tray on the top surface to be used as an area to place some decorations such as flower vases and pumpkin ornaments which are ready to be used to welcome fall this year. Tufted Ottoman for Living Room Area from @the.old.barn


Do you have an ottoman at home? If you have it then make it a coffee table design with a different look that will never fail. Adjust the use of ottomans with the theme of your living room, if you want a classic and vintage theme then you can choose and use ottomans made of dark brown leather. Add a series of green plants as a natural decoration. Leather Material Ottoman Coffee Table from @ciaointeriors


Scandinavian style can be obtained when you use the right furniture. For example, you can use a deep button ottoman to be used as a coffee table with bright yellow velvet material. A wooden board that is applied right on the coffee table is intended so that you can place drinks so they don’t spill because they have a flatter surface. Deep Button Ottoman from @ashandblack

Storage Sofa

Multi purpose furniture designs are a great way to optimize space and use your home more efficiently. In this case, you can use a storage sofa. This dual-purpose piece can be used your living rooms to maximize space and functionality. Especially if your living room is limited. You can use the storage to store the throw pillows, blankets, and other things.


A sofa bed that is equipped with storage underneath is one of the pieces of furniture that can be used effectively in decorating your living room. Try to choose it with a fairly durable material such as leather with a darker color choice so it doesn’t look dirty easily. Lift the sofa surface up when you are going to do storage. Sofa Bed with Under Storage from @foldingsofabed


When you have limited living room decorations, there is nothing wrong with using multifunctional furniture. For example, you can use a sofa that is refined with the addition of a pull out drawer that can be used as a closed storage area. Use it to store your important items. L Shaped Sofa with Drawer Storage from @alexandriagouveia


This sofa design that is inserted with storage has an attractive design and is suitable for modern themes. Here you can store your favorite books that you can read in the sofa area comfortably and make it easier for you to reach this book. Choose and use this sofa right now. Custom Sofa with Some Smart Storage from @peruridesigncompany

Shoe Rack Bench

The shoe rack bench is a great multi purpose furniture design idea for your home. This entryway shoe organizer will help keep your shoes organized and clean, while also adding a stylish accent to your home. It’s important to choose a storage piece that is appropriate for your space and lifestyle, so consider how many pairs of shoes you need to store. If your family tends to leave several shoes by the door, you might want a larger storage bench with ample room.


The wooden bench becomes multifunctional furniture when you use it as a shoe rack at the bottom. You can put shoes in a neat and orderly arrangement. The bench surface can be used as a comfortable sitting area because it has a smoother surface. You can use it to save more space. Built-in Bench Shoe Rack from @248uriel


Curved bench enhanced with shoe storage is a multifunctional furniture idea that will save space making it more effective and efficient. Choose and use this bench with iron material to make it more sturdy, then for the bench surface you can use leather material which has a smoother and softer surface. Modern Curved Bench Storage from


Do you have leftover pallet materials at home? If you have it then you can reuse it as a multifunctional bench design. Take advantage of the bottom of the bench as an open shoe rack that fits in your entryway decoration. No need to repaint to save more budget expenses. Pallet Bench Storage from @palletworksnz


Don’t let the bottom of your bench not be used at all, now you can use it as a shoe storage idea that you can have at home to save more floor area. The use of reclaimed wood on this bench gives it a rustic look that never fails. Wood Bench with Underneath Shoe Rack from @_r3imagined_

Murphy Beds

A Murphy bed that’s flanked by bookcases is a great way to add storage and balance, or you can opt for a compact design with a sleek look. Some models even hide away the mattress, while others look like a regular chest of drawers but open up to reveal a bed enclosure. Adding a desk to a murphy bed is another way to make it more functional. It allows your child to have a quiet space where they can study or work, and it can be customized to fit their needs.


When this murphy bed is folded, it has an empty wall surface and can be used to hang a TV which you can make the most of. Here you can lie down as well as an entertainment area with TV shows being broadcast. Built-in cabinets add to closed storage. TV Display Ideas from @kbhtexas


This Murphy bed design can also be used as a wardrobe so it is more multifunctional and suitable for use in home decor with limited space. Store all your clothes in this wardrobe area to avoid dirt and dust. Repaint with a dark color so that it looks dramatic when exposed to the reflection of the lights around it. Murphy Bed as Wardrobe from @clauzier


Who would have thought that this Murphy bed design could be used as a storage cabinet? Yes, you can use them together so that it is more effective and efficient for decorating a limited-sized bedroom. This storage cabinet can be used to place several important items to make it safer because it is closed. Murphy Bed as Cabinet Storage from @pen_design_studio


When this murphy bed is not used as a laying area, you can install a floating box to be used as open storage that can be used optimally. Just install and hang this storage box vertically so that it can be fully used, you can use wood that has been repainted for a more shiny and modern look. Install Box as OpenStorage from @anabrancoarquitetura

Chairs and Ladder

For other multi purpose furniture ideas, you can use a chair and a ladder. Maybe you are confused with this concept. This is one piece of furniture but can be used for two functions, as a ladder and a chair at the same time. This fold-up stepladder will save space for sure. If you want to reach the top of your bookcase or your kitchen cabinet, use this piece of furniture as a ladder. When not in use, you can fold it back and use it as an extra chair in your kitchen.


This multifunctional wooden chair can be used as a ladder design and can be used as needed. The folding chair can be easily converted into a ladder, try to use teak material so that it is not easily damaged and does not become porous when used for a long time. Folding Ladder Chair from @artizan_crafts


The iron material that is applied to the use of this chair is very sturdy when used as a ladder design too. This chair has three levels that you can use in the library area to make it easier for you to reach the books on the shelf at the very top. Repaint it in sage green for a more modern and eye-catching look. Repaint Iron Ladder Chair from @shop_makers

Extendable Kitchen Trolley

If your home has limited countertop space, a mobile cart could be just what you need to store your favorite utensils and appliances. Plus, these pieces can double as islands for food prep, enabling you to prepare dinner while also having a handy place to serve it. Keeping your kitchen clutter-free isn’t easy, but these carts are a great way to keep it all organized. They’re available in all shapes and sizes, so you can find one that fits your needs (and space) perfectly.


The kitchen trolley which is used as a coffee bar can be placed in the kitchen area and can be brought to any room easily because it is equipped with wheels. Choose and use a kitchen trolley made of iron that has been repainted in dark black for a more modern look, besides that the iron material is also very sturdy and does not rust easily. Kitchen Trolley Coffee Bar from @janki.home


The kitchen trolley that is placed in the kitchen area can be used to store all your equipment so that the kitchen will look tidier and avoid clutter. Use teak wood for this kitchen trolley, this material will be more sturdy and not easily porous when used for a long time. Repaint when necessary for a more modern look. Tableware Storage on the Kitchen Trolley from @ourhome_insideandout


Wood and iron are a combination of materials that can work well together to make a kitchen trolley design. These two materials will give you an industrial touch instantly, just use them as open storage to put some of the food stock equipment you have. This food or drink stock can be taken easily because of the low reach. Industrial Style Kitchen Trolley from @number7treeview

Folding Sofa Bed

A sofa bed can be a valuable space-saver in a living room, guest room, home office or studio apartment. Unlike a regular bed that takes up floor space, sofa beds can be folded into smaller pieces of furniture when not in use and then refolded when needed. Most fold down sofa beds are a simple mechanism that can be opened and closed using a push button or lever. This type of mechanism is usually called a click-clack convertible sofa bed or pull-out couch bed, although there are some newer models that unfold electronically.


Try to choose the best choice of folding sofa bed fabric to produce a more comfortable surface. Now you can choose it with fabric upholstery which can provide a place to lie down as well as a comfortable, soft and smooth sitting area. Finish with additional throw pillows as accessories that make this sofa bed softer. Fabric Upholstery Folding Sofa Bed from @foldingsofabed


Choosing a sofa bed with leather material is a sitting surface that you can use as a lying down area. It can be placed in your living room decor and can be folded easily to make a sofa. Throw pillows are additional accessories that make the surface of the sofa bed softer. Light Gray Leather Sofa Bed Design from @foldingsofabed


Make your living room decoration more effective by using a sofa bed that can be used simultaneously as a lying down area as well as a sitting area with a softer and softer surface. The back sofa can also be used as a headboard accent to relax your head comfortably. Multifunction Sofa and Queen Bed from @auxfordfurniture

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