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The property business really varies and in case you want to start to do it, the way will be long and you might need a process. The problem here is, most of you might have difficulty with the fund to start the business because talking about the property business, we will talk about a big business with a high-cost fund. However, you don’t need to worry because you can start from a small business with a lower fund.

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It is still possible to do a small property business that covers many aspects. You can choose one aspect of them and then develop it step by step since all the aspects are close one to another so it won’t be difficult for you to develop it when you already have enough funds. The property business itself also covers the interior to the exterior things. The outdoor and the indoor stuff. For example, you can start a home repair business, then you can develop it to have an additional business for the landscaping business and more. For your reference, we have prepared for the small property business that you can do. Check the following ideas!

Home Repair Business

It can be said that doing the home repair business is something that won’t need a high-cost fund. You will get a call from the home owner then you can start to repair it. What you should prepare well is the marketing idea and make sure that you give the best service so that you can develop your business fast. Make your clients satisfied and contact you for more projects. The home repair business can cover ceiling repair, wall repair, roof repair, and other damages that may happen to a home. Also, remember that ‘home repair’ is different from ‘home renovation’. Here are the examples for you.


Bathroom repair is one of the things that you will encounter if you are going to start a home repair business. Here you can repair damaged walls with various types of paint and methods desired by your client. In this way it will provide its own satisfaction to your client. Repairing the Bathroom from @jasonshandymanservices


There are many things you will do for a home repair business, one of which is to replace home furniture in the form of a toilet. This time you can offer a variety of toilet choices that your client might like. Here you can also offer to add other decorations that are usually displayed above the toilet. Toilet Repair from @ricnaughton

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Replacing the ceiling is one of the things you will do for a home repair business. You can offer it to your client to replace it with the various ceiling choices you want. Here you can also add lighting or texture in the ceiling area. Replacing the Ceiling from @chinara_humbatova_design

Landscaping Business

Making a good landscape is quite difficult so people commonly look for professionals. It can be a good chance for you to start your property business. You may need some professional gardeners and a good landscape designer. Make sure to always listen to your clients’ needs to make them satisfied. Also, dealing with the landscaping business will be fun since you will deal with plants, flowers, and other pretty things.

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To start this landscaping business, here you can provide an excavator to level the land in the garden plot. And then you can plant various kinds of plants in the garden including green grass and flowers. In this way it will be easier to get the garden that the customer wants and in a shorter time. Build Gardens from @our.home.made.journey

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Building a garden is the right way for your property business. Offer various types of garden designs to your clients to get a beautiful garden and according to the wishes of the customer. For example, add a variety of beautiful plants and also other accents such as stone gravels and others Planting Plants from @innovativegardens

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Start your landscaping business by providing a variety of plants to clients. Here you can offer fresh plants or an artificial garden so that your client will have many choices. Not only that, here you can also provide other garden tools to build a garden to make it easier. Installing Faux Green Grass from @pekininsurance

Garden Service Business

Starting a garden service business will be quite easier than the landscaping business because here, you just need to do the maintenance of the garden landscape that is already pretty. This kind of business will deal with the lawn, pond, pathway, and trimming the trees. If you have a landscape business, it is great if you have the garden service at once because those two are really closely related. Anyway, to make it more affordable for people, you can offer choices whether they want to ask for a professional to do the garden service or they just want to rent the tool. Renting the tool can be a good alternative to attract people’s interest.

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Garden business is one type of property business that you can try. To start this business, you can provide a lawn mower to cut the garden in your client’s garden area so that it will look tidier. Not only grass, here you can also tidy up other parts such as hedges. Mow the lawn from @greenandhome

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Not only cutting grass, but pruning trees is something you will definitely encounter in the garden service business. Provide a tree pruning tool that has perfect performance so that it is easier to prune trees without requiring a lot of effort. In this way you will serve your customers well and get maximum results. Pruning Trees from @english_gardens_83

Flip Property

You can start to do flip property business if you already have enough money for the initial capital. You may need more money but the profit can be so much higher. Here, you can buy a cheap or damaged house in a good location and high prospect then repair it and sell it at such a high cost. This one can be a profitable business. However, you should be careful and make a good effort to know what people like about a house and the home design trend so that you can sell it fast. Don’t forget to add special touches to make your house looks interesting to buy.

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You can start flip property by buying a house that may be damaged and uninhabitable. Make repairs to damaged exterior parts by replacing them with better ones and covering them with paint to make them look more beautiful. Add some lighting features to this home and your flip property business will be successful. White Painted Exterior from @wings_of_david

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This time you can buy a house in an unfit condition and repair it yourself for the flip property business. Use a variety of better materials to get satisfaction from your clients. Add various features to enhance the exterior appearance of your home. Install Fences from @ibuilddevelopers

Home Staging Service

If you have a rental property, there will be two choices. Whether you want to rent it in a form of a building only or you rent it in a complete version with the furniture provided there. There will also be two kinds of people who do the rental. The ones that have their own furniture and the ones who only bring their clothes. We advise you to do it in a complete package with the furniture added so that you can increase the value of the home, condo, or apartment. If you don’t have enough budget, then you can start to provide the basic furniture needs such as the bed, chairs, table, and cupboards.

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To increase the selling value of the property, here you can procure furniture. Take a look at this living room where we use a sofa, coffee table and bench with a more modern design so that there are more people in demand. Wall paint and carpet with the same color tone will make this living room even more perfect. Living Room Furniture from @ashleytstark

12 snapinsta.app_1080_328290217_112356178330948_2613150855375536270_n

Equipping a room with various kinds of furniture will make this room more comfortable and more in demand. Here you can present bedframes and other furniture with the same decoration theme to make it look perfect. Complete with accessories and lights so that this bedroom is extraordinary. Bedroom Furniture from @roomdesgn

13 snapinsta.app_1080_331539855_1296769940869846_8709965119433568136_n

Completing the dining room with the various kinds of furniture needed is one of the right home stating service steps. Use a dining table and chair set in the same style as the theme of your dining room to make it look more attractive. Add accent lights as needed to make it look more perfect. Set Dining Table from @aaron.colin.interiors

Furniture Removal Business

Home moving becomes a part of the property business. When people want to move to a new place, what worry about is their furniture moving especially if they have some expensive furniture because it will be too risky. Related to that, having a furniture removal business can be a good idea. However, before you start, you can do the furniture reset to know the characters of the furniture and how to treat them well so that the furniture can be moved safely.

15 snapinsta.app_1080_251188514_416095903259844_3143279130710114235_n

The furniture removal business is a business that you can start by providing various kinds and types of furniture guards. In this way you can move your client’s furniture safely and without damage. Therefore it is likely that you will get more celient. Plastic Furniture Moving from @cargocabbie

14 snapinsta.app_1080_328310219_152660200919470_5782325142904171634_n

The most important thing in the furniture removal business is securing the furniture. Here you can offer various furniture safeguards such as plastic, bags, cardboard and others. In this way you can move furniture in an easy and very safe way so that it will give your client satisfaction. Furniture Moving from @cavemen_moving

Solar System Provider

These days, the using of solar systems for homes’ needs is already in such a wide range. People are interested to have it and start to install solar systems in their homes since it can be the best alternative energy source. Here, having a solar system provider can be an interesting business. In this case, you can offer not only to install the solar system but also for maintenance. Also, you may do the rental of solar panels which will be an interesting choice for those who have a low budget.

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Speaking of the business of using solar systems, here you can start by providing various types and forms of solar systems. Then offer various types of solar systems that you have to your clients so that your clients can choose according to their wishes. Here you can also install it in the place your customer wants. Roof Solar Panels from @solgenpower


Not only the provider of goods, installation and maintenance of the solar system is something that you will definitely encounter. Therefore, here you can provide the tools you might need for the smooth repair and maintenance of this solar system. The main thing is that you make various offers to your clients. Installing Solar Panels from @maufooz_mappu


There is a really wide range of property businesses that can be developed step by step based on the budget that you have. Also, you may consider the skill that you should learn before taking the business such as the solar system provider business or landscaping business. It is true that you can pay for the professionals to do the details. But, you should know that starting a business without knowing the things you are doing from the small parts to the biggest ones is such a bad thing to do. You should make sure that you know what you do, know how to handle it, and own the money to develop it. Good luck!

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