Waterproofing the roof steps to follow2

The concrete roof offers a more durable roof for you. It is also great to have a concrete roof because you can use it for some interesting utilization such as a garden, a pool, a patio, and more. However, the concrete may leak and can cause trouble for your comfort. Here, you can add a layer of a waterproof coating. The waterproof roof not only gives protection from the leak but also can increase the durability of the roof. There are some steps that you can do to waterproof your roof as follow.

Waterproofing the roof steps to follow1

Clean the Roof

This first step is the basic step and really important for the success of your waterproofing process. Why? Because when it doesn’t clean, then the waterproof layer won’t stick well there. You have to clean the surface of the roof from dust, debris, moss, and anything that make the roof dirty. If you are busy and cannot find time on cleaning your roof, the best solution is to find the most reliable residential roof repair in Bristol, PA and by thoroughly checking their credentials you can determine if they can really help you with your roof cleaning.

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The first step to getting the perfect waterproofing is to clean the entire roof surface. Here you can spray water using certain tools to clean all the dirt in the ceiling area. In this way you can you will get the maximum waterproofing Cleaning the Roof with Water from @industryvision2020

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Make sure your concrete is clean! You can do this by cleaning the roof using any tools such as vacuums and others. In this way you will get a very perfect waterproofing. Because waterproofing will stick perfectly on a clean roof. Cleaning the Roof from Dust from @kingswagaf

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Clean your roof from moss or dust. You can do this cleaning process using a special brush or special trowel. In this way, you can ensure that your roof is clean and the waterproofing can stick perfectly to your roof so that no leaks will occur. Cleaning the Roof from Moss from @coastalroofcleaning

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If you are making a waterproof roof the first thing you should do is clean the roof. Use a brush and scoop to clean the roof and dirt in the form of dust, fallen leaves and others. Make sure your roof is in a really clean condition before proceeding to the next step. Roof Cleaning from @xanders24food

Make Small Repairs

Checking the roof surface and making sure that there is no damage is really important. Anyway, even when it is only small damage, you should repair it well. A concrete roof is cracking sometimes and creates a leak. Here, you should fill the cracks and holes. Don’t forget to make it smooth again so that your roof surface can be perfectly flat.

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After cleaning the roof, the next step is to make sure your roof is in good condition and has no damage. Patch a few small leaks in the roof if a leak occurs. When this is done you will get very maximum waterproofing. Patching Leaking Parts from @yetosme

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Look at this roof! This concrete roof has cracks in several parts. Therefore we filled some of these cracks with concrete mixture so there would be no leaks. You can do this one step after cleaning the entire roof surface. Filling Cracks in the Roof from @wilsonpacificroofing

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Holes in the roof will cause leaks and the waterproofing on your roof will not work. Therefore all you have to do is patch the holes using the same material as the roof. After patching, make sure your roof is flat or not wavy so that the waterproofing can stick to the maximum. Fix the hole in the roof from @s.elite_construction

Use Seam Tape

The use of seam tape is important to cover the seam of the concrete roof. When you decide to use it, make sure that the tape sticks well on the roof surface.

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This time you have to put tape on the edges of the concrete to cover seams or gaps in your roof. This is very important to do so that there are no leaks on your concrete roof. Make sure the slotip can stick properly and is flat or not wavy. Black Seam Tape from @m.jordan_and_daughters_inc

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Look at this concrete roof. It has several foot support blocks embedded there. Therefore, you must attach seam tape to each connection so that it is tight and there are no even the slightest gaps for water to enter. Make sure everything is fit and good. After this you can proceed to the next step. Installing Seam Tape from @m.jordan_and_daughters_inc

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Easy and simple but very influential. Installing masking tape on a concrete roof is a step that you shouldn’t miss when you want to install waterproofing. This is because you can use this seam tape to cover the joints on the roof and prevent it from leaking. White Seam Tape from @buckyoverland

Coat with Primer

After you have finished with all of the roof imperfection stuff, then you can start to coat the roof with the primer. You should apply the primer all around the roof surface. Don’t forget to make sure that the primer is already dry before you move to the next step.

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After cleaning, repairing and adding masking tape, now is the time for you to coat the concrete roof with primer. Here you can use a tool like the picture above to apply primer to your roof. Make sure the entire surface is covered with primer and wait for it to dry before moving on to the next step. Coat the roof with primer from @high_caliber_renovations

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Are you doing a waterproof roof installation project? If so, you can try the following idea. Coating the roof with primer is one of the steps you have to go through to get the perfect roof waterproofing. Apply primer on the roof evenly to get maximum results. Add Primer Coating from @ames_labs

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Simple but not to be missed. Coating a concrete roof using a primer is one of the steps that affects the installation of your waterproof roof. Here you can coat the entire roof surface after cleaning, repairing and installing tape. With the following steps you will get the perfect waterproofing installation. Primer coated concrete roof from @wilsonpacificroofing

Waterproof Application

Basically, there are some waterproof system choices that you can take. The first one is that you can have it by using a membrane. Then, you can also use the vapour barrier, or, you can use a certain concrete paint.

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After doing the steps above, now is the time for you to cover the roof with a membrane. Apply the membrane evenly over the entire surface of your concrete roof, make sure all surfaces are covered by the membrane. In this way your concrete roof will avoid seeping when it rains. Apply the Membrane on the Roof from @olssonbuilding

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Apart from covering the roof with a membrane, here you can also use certain concrete paint for this roof area. It doesn’t have to be complicated, here you only need to apply this paint to the entire surface of your roof without exception. Wait for it to dry and after that you can enjoy your business. Leveling the Leaking Surface from @wilsonpacificroofing

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