In pursuit of the quintessential suburban lifestyle, this article will stroll through several lovely communities. We will look at different styles, explore house-building techniques, and appreciate timeless models that populate the suburban landscape.

From traditional ranches to sprawling estates, there is something inescapably alluring about suburban architecture. It appears space and design have blended creatively to make captivating properties accessible only outside of city limits.

We’ll provide a short list of stunning models to inspire you to look outside the box. These five types of houses will make you fall in love with suburban neighborhoods and living outside of crowded metros.

Colonial-style homes

The colonial era brought pragmatism to the forefront of residential priorities. These models are among the past’s most desirable and iconic architectural achievements, and it is not uncommon to see them populating the suburbs. They feature symmetrical patterns, often with a spacious front porch, pillars, and archways. While the concept relies on rudimentary design, its recognizable form signals wealth and style, especially in the American South.

These homes provide a sense of classic elegance and feature the same architectural beauty brought over from Europe centuries ago. Many have wooden exteriors coupled with skylights and stained-glass windows. Similarly, their interiors are designed to maximize natural light while allowing for abundant space.

Farmhouse-style homes

Unlike Colonial-style properties, most farmhouse models are predicated upon modern architecture. They borrow heavily from the past yet employ contemporary layouts and aesthetics. Families in the San Antonio area looking for a new luxury home in the suburbs will likely stumble upon these models. They captivate right away with stunning color palettes and much attention to detail.

Lately, home builders in the south have been adding brick exteriors to complement the rustic farmhouse appeal, especially in certain suburbs around Texan metros. Such practice makes for various designs which draw attention amidst a sea of sameness.

Modern-style homes

Modern suburban properties are filled with cutting-edge designs and practical amenities. They feature clean lines, sharp angles, and grand entrances. Many of them come with high-end materials and custom accents inside the house and on its façade. Homeowners looking to add a contemporary appeal to their suburban dwellings often go for these architectural directions. Usually, it isn’t easy to find a modern-style home unless you are looking in a high-end community or perhaps a set of acreage lots with custom-built properties.

Although custom projects are much more expensive than the average move-in-ready home, it is worthwhile to note that urban housing is going through a steep price increase. At the current rate, such price movement dwarfs the growth rate of rural and suburban areas alike. Therefore, it may be less expensive to custom-build a contemporary model in the suburbs than buy an outdated property downtown. However, suppose you are looking for the best price-to-value option. In that case, move-in-ready luxury estates offer favorable purchase conditions.

Victorian-style homes

Victorian-style homes bring a touch of historical nostalgia to the suburbs. These models are known for their intricate accents, vivid colors, and grand porches. Even today, these homes are building blocks of many communities that have been around since the 19th century. One example would be the closest suburbs to the city of Portland. 

In recent years, the popularity of Victorian-style homes has increased. Nevertheless, these properties often come with a hefty price tag, requiring more intricate designs and details than their modern-style counterparts. Needless to say, home builders are reluctant to develop such design architecture. Therefore, the best way to purchase a Victorian-era model would be to consult a real estate agent or work with a custom builder specializing in luxury designs.

Craftsman-style homes

Finally, craftsman-style models are characterized by their historic charm and detailed accents. They are usually small to medium-sized, yet captivating with their attention to detail. Home builders would often use wood and stone to create a classic design that will last for years. 

Such models have become more prevalent in recent years and can often appear close to the city limits. Overall, craftsman-style homes are perfect for families who yearn for a charming living space. Similarly, they are especially eye-catching when they feature a custom front porch. 

When you are ready to give up life in a crowded metropolis, the suburb can offer endless benefits, from spacious backyards and access to nature to a sense of community and unmatched aesthetics. With winter yet to begin and spring around the corner, now may be the best time to explore your options and invest in your new home.

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