21 lawn ideas the designs and maintenance2

The green thing in the yard will always become an interesting thing to see. It can even be said that it is such a must to provide a green look in the yard. Nothing can be more proper for this than the garden lawn. The good maintenance and the beauty of the lawn design will effectively increase your yard value.

21 lawn ideas the designs and maintenance1

Anyway, the function of the lawn itself won’t be only about adding the beauty of the yard or garden, but also many other functions. Let’s say that you can use the lawn as your kids’ playground. They can be there on the lawn while playing with their dolls, and car toys, or even playing football there. Then, for you, you can spend your time there during the summer simply enjoying the sunlight or having a picnic with your family member.

Varied Lawn Designs

Back to the beauty of the lawn, you will deal with the designs that you apply to the lawn. It could be by adding some stuff there, adding other materials, or installing pretty things. Or, you may also have a lawn design that is matched your home decor style. Here are some pretty and interesting designs to inspire you.

1. Adding Stepping Stone

When adding the stepping stone, you will get an extra benefit. The first one, you can use it as a pathway where you can walk through it to reach the spots around the lawn without stepping into it in case the lawn is wet. The other benefit is that the stepping stone can add beauty to the lawn especially if you provide the aesthetic one.

2 snapinsta.app_1080_151792996_1427900797569789_4149535464391728339_n

Complementing the garden lawn with stepping will make your garden lawn look more perfect. Here you can use garden stepping which is made using stone material so that it will present an attractive natural appearance. In addition, this garden stepping will provide comfort for everyone who passes it. Curved Stepping Design from @small_magical_gardens


Look at this small garden lawn! Equipped with a circular stone stepping will present an interesting visual appearance. The advantage that you will get from using this stepping is that it will make it easier for you to reach the area you want and make your garden look more perfect. Therefore, using stone garden stepping is an interesting idea to try. Round Stone Stepping from @lifeinside_no18

2. Lining the Lawn

By applying the lining to the lawn, you can create a border that can divide the parts of your garden except for the lawn. To give an extra fresh impression, then you can line the lawn by using certain plants or flowers. You can arrange the plants so that it looks orderly and aesthetic to add beauty to the lawn.

4 snapinsta.app_1080_328550194_1692851777846977_6927716863248660031_n

Beautiful and managed to steal the show! This garden lawn is equipped with a lining plant so it will make it look more orderly. This garden lining is in the form of white flowers so it will present a beautiful and very refreshing look. This one garden lawn idea is so interesting and inspiring that it managed to steal the show. White Flower Border from @domiogrodadrian

5 snapinsta.app_1080_118410529_311342273617136_4638494648094930905_n

Perfect ! This garden lawn uses plants as garden lining so it will present a different look than usual. Here you can use a variety of plants so that it will present a more festive appearance. In this way your garden lawn will look fresher and very natural. Greenery Border from @jason.morselandscape

3. Striped Lawn

Creating a pattern for the lawn is one of the effective ways to create beauty on it. Well, it could be difficult to create a pattern on the lawn but simply creating a striped pattern, then it will be enough. Although it is only a striped pattern, considering the level of difficulty, then it can be seen as pretty. Take a look at how pretty it could be from the following examples.

7 snapinsta.app_1080_132299067_2803280956576458_8263581528346132432_n

So pretty ! This garden lawn is not too big in size and is located between the wooden fences, making it extraordinary. The striped pattern made by the owner makes it look very beautiful and manages to steal the attention. Therefore, people like this garden lawn and will never fail to apply it to your garden. Small Striped Lawn from @julian_gardener_ish

8 snapinsta.app_1080_293103726_713187759778837_5072224361276399325_n

Having a fairly large size, this garden lawn is very attractive and people like. The striped pattern made using a lawn mower manages to present a prettier and more festive look. A combination of pale green and bright green will emphasize the striped pattern on this garden lawn. Medium Garden Lawn from @chris_rasen_gruen

4. Creating Shape

For the most aesthetic one, you can create the shape for your lawn design. It could be anything such as creating a wave shape, round shape, rectangular, and more. We recommend you add lining to the border of the lawn to make the shape looks firm.

10 snapinsta.app_1080_196953811_820673828829055_7718664833098234212_n

If you like an aesthetic look, here you can use a circle design for your garden lawn. Then you can add layers on the edge of this garden lawn so it will make it look beautiful. Not only that, some trees that are not too far away will make your garden lawn even more perfect. Round Garden Lawn from @watertonhallwines

11 snapinsta.app_1080_328739398_1183085235673420_991157995371581202_n

Having a geometric design, this garden lawn has its own charm and manages to present an aesthetic appearance. This garden lawn is equipped with a lining made using concrete to make it look more orderly. This garden lawn design is quite interesting and different from usual so it will never fail to try. Geometric Garden Lawn from @pavingthewaylandscapers

5. Installing Lighting

Although the lighting can only work well during the night, installing the lighting will always be worth it. Your lawn area will be seen as adorable. So, don’t waste your money installing common lamps. Make sure to choose pretty lamps and install them in a great arrangement.

13 snapinsta.app_1080_325741981_237333445293309_7367904652819936239_n

Lighting is one of the most influential things in any decoration, including your garden lawn decoration. This time you can use an LED lamp for the lighting idea and place it in a higher area of the garden lawn so it will provide a beautiful and attractive spotlight. Therefore you can never fail to use this lighting idea. White LED Lighting from @southernearthlandscaping

14 snapinsta.app_1080_51708417_198182351142153_4960147640481517192_n

Speaking of lighting, this LED lighting with yellow light will provide beautiful lighting at night. You can install it in the garden lawn area and on the wall so it will make your garden lawn look amazing in an easy way. This idea is quite simple but it will never fail for you to try now. Yellow LED Lighting from @pridelandscapeanddesign

15 snapinsta.app_1080_106425788_355606052078687_1363405795856005464_n

You would never crow equip your garden lawn with lights. Here you can use white shooting lights so that it will present a festive appearance. This time you can display this lighting idea behind the plants so it will present a beautiful and very festive look. Hidden Lighting from @michael.bernier.design

6. Providing a Seating Area

It is such a must to provide a seating area so that you can get the function of the lawn which is to enjoy the perfect weather there. With the existence of the seating area, you can sit there comfortably in case seating on the lawn is not something that you like.

16 snapinsta.app_1080_279235355_400760341622054_7671772339938560126_n

Creating a sitting area on a garden lawn is one way to make your garden look more beautiful. Here you can present a black rattan chair there to create a comfortable sitting area that will keep your garden perfect. In this way you can enjoy the beauty of the outdoors very comfortably and safely. Black Chair from @effkowy.ogrod

17 snapinsta.app_1080_225229414_1219015065237244_8986756475221623880_n

Providing a sitting area on a garden lawn is an interesting idea and will never fail. Here you can use folding furniture that is made using wood so that it will present an attractive rustic appearance and succeed in stealing attention. Apart from that, providing a sitting area in the garden area will provide comfort for you while relaxing there. Rustic Seating Area from @francuska_sielanka

Lawn Maintenance

All pretty things won’t be that pretty anymore if you don’t do the proper and routine maintenance including for the lawn. You should make your lawn to be as durable as possible and maintain its beauty. Here we will tell you some advice that you can follow to give the best treatment for your lawn.

1. Watering the Lawn

It can be said that watering the lawn is the most important thing for lawn maintenance, especially during the summer. Well, it can be quite exhausting if you are too busy to do the watering so that you can install the automatic watering system. But, if that is too pricey, then you can simply use a water hose.

18 snapinsta.app_1080_65484713_150909806014878_2102858435689657389_n

A simple way that will never fail for garden lawn care ideas is to water the garden lawn. You can use an in ground pipe for this opponent’s garden watering idea so it’s simple. This idea will never fail for you to try and apply in your garden lawn. In ground Pipe for Watering Lawn from @donslawns1

19 snapinsta.app_1080_127574752_853291622137011_4984489658442777418_n

If you want to do a garden lawn Maintenance, here you can do it by watering it with water. To make your work easier, you can use a standing pipe with a fountain so that it will water the entire garden lawn in an easy way. This idea is very effective and efficient to do. Standing Pipe for Watering Lawn from @mrsbailz_xx

20 snapinsta.app_1080_11930863_1683809835230080_1335675027_n

An idea that will never fail for garden lawn care ideas is to water it regularly. Here you can use a water hose so that it will spray water perfectly. This way, your garden lawn will stay fresh and lush so this idea will never fail to try. Watering Lawn with Water Hose from @psanfac

2. Trimming the Lawn

By trimming the lawn, you are not only sprucing it but also maintaining the beauty of your lawn. Well, a too high lawn growth will be seen as abandoned and not pretty at all. With that fact, you should have a schedule for trimming your lawn periodically. If you have the trimmer machine, then you can do it yourself, but if you don’t have it, then you can simply ask for a professional to do it.

21 snapinsta.app_1080_24274423_149939395731767_2190393940404862976_n

Do you have a lawn garden? If so, here you can do maintenance by trimming the grass regularly. Here you can use a grass trimmer to make your work easier. In this way, you can be sure that the garden lawn will look beautiful. Mow the lawn from @anderton.maintenance.cheshire

21 snapinsta.app_1080_332867319_1297444167499586_1926683555797749985_n

One simple way to care for garden lawns is to trim them regularly. Here you can trim it yourself using a lawn mower so it will look neater and more beautiful. In this way your garden will look beautiful, neat and at a low cost. Trimming the Lawn from @curtis_cj_garden_services

3. Clean the Stepping Stone from the Moss

After the wet spring is gone, usually it leaves the moss that grows here and there including on your stepping stone. Well, it can be seen as aesthetic and looks natural but the moss can be slippery. Also, for you who love something clean, sleek, and minimalist, the existence of the moss on your stepping stone will be really annoying. With all of those facts, we recommend you clean it away from your stepping stone.


Moss covering these stepping stones will make your garden lawn look unkempt and might make some people slip. Therefore you can clean it regularly. Here you can use certain tools to clean this stepping stone so that it will be clean and look beautiful. Garden Stepping Cleaning from @nomad_ist

22 snapinsta.app_1080_258761007_882809245582853_7531755190530299929_n

One of the ways to care for a garden lawn is to clean the stapping stone from various impurities including moss. Here you can clean using a brush or other tools so that your stone will look thoroughly clean. In this way your stepping garden is prettier and safer. Stepping Stone With Mossy from @lin.witte.pix

4. Maintain the Growth of the lining plants

Just like the lawn, the plants that you use as the lining can grow uncontrolled and leaves a bad appearance. Especially when you create a certain shape for the lining plants, you should manage to trim it periodically because sometimes, the plants grow at different heights. Besides, you need to check on the withered leaves and flowers to get rid of them because they can damage the beauty of your plants. Also, the withered leaves can disturb the growth of your plants.


Layered plants that are not trimmed will present an unattractive and untidy appearance that will make your lawn garden very bad. Therefore, you can trim it periodically so that it will make it tidier and more attractive. In addition, your garden will look very beautiful and well-maintained. Maintain lining plants from @effkowy.ogrod


To give a balanced effort in designing the lawn and doing the maintenance is a must. Without proper maintenance, then your effort in creating beauty for the lawn is useless. Remember that different lawn designs will need different maintenance as we have given you the information for some different maintenance. However, whatever it is, maintaining the watering and trimming plans for your lawn is an important thing that you should do no matter what design you choose.

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