24 home cleaning crucial parts to consider2

Talking about cleaning your home, you may think that vacuuming the places is already enough. You should know that even when you have reached the corner and hidden places are not enough. There are some stuff and places that are rarely cleaned but can give a big effect on your health and your coziness if you don’t clean them. It won’t only be about the indoor area but also the outdoor area. We don’t talk about beauty here. There are some aspects of home cleaning that are more important than that. Here are the crucial parts of your home that should be cleaned. You may don’t think about cleaning them periodically so far. But trust me that you should do this from now on.

24 home cleaning crucial parts to consider1

The Gutter

As something that you won’t see every day, you might forget about cleaning your gutter. The fact is that the gutter is part of your roofing system that should be cleaned periodically to prevent the leak. Also, each season provides different problems for the gutter and different cleaning methods. Here are some advice.

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Gutter is one part of the house that you must clean regularly. Here you can clean your own gutter at home by using wild plants in the gutter area. This way your gutter will stay clean and won’t cause any damage to your home. Uprooting Wild Plants from @essexroofcleaners

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Look at this gutter! In a dirty state, it may cause damage and leakage. Therefore you can clean it regularly. Here you can remove moss using certain tools and keep it clean and won’t damage its performance. Therefore, the gutter is one part that should not be missed to be cleaned. Clean from Moss from @maddisonspropertyservices

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Home cleaning is one of the things that you should pay attention to to get a more comfortable and healthier life. Here you can periodically clean it from standing water. To make your work easier, here you can just spray water on the dirty gutter so that it will make it cleaner in a simple way. Clean from puddles from @completelycleaned

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Gutters full of dry leaves may cause water damage and result in leaks. Therefore, you can clean it periodically so it will keep it cleaner and won’t cause any damage. Here you can pick it up by hand or clean it with a special shovel. Clean from Dry Leaves from @pressurewashertotalcleaner

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Look at this gutter! Very dirty and neglected so that it will cause damage and may become a nest of disease. Here you can clean the gutter regularly so it will keep it clean and in good standing. Use a scope or water hose so that it will make it simpler. Clean from Wet Dirt from @matthewjennings


Mirrors and Glass

There will be many mirrors and glass materials available in your house. For the glass, it could be the window, door, or ornament. For the glass material, the problem won’t only be about the dust but also the mold. When it comes to the dust, then it won’t be that difficult to clean. But, if the mold is already there, then it will be complicated to clean it. You’ll need certain liquid and you should add your budget for the cleaning. So, don’t wait until the mold comes. Do the cleaning periodically!

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Talking about home cleaning, Mirror is one that you have to clean. This time you can use a special sprayer to clean your mirror so that it will remove dust and dirt stuck here. This method is quite simple but very effective so it will never fail to try. Spray Glass Cleaner Liquid from @mrshinchinspiredlists

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If the console table is exposed to dust, it will look very dirty and may cause mold. Therefore you can clean it by using a glass cleaner and wiping it slowly until all the dirt is removed. In this way, your console table will look clean and maybe your home will be healthy so that it is free from mold. Glass Console Table Cleaner from @casabellaclean

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Do you have glass doors? If so, you should clean it regularly. Because glass doors exposed to dust and water will result in a very dirty appearance. Use glass cleaning soap and glass cleaning tools so that it will keep your glass door clean and look well-maintained. Therefore, this idea will never fail to try. Mirror Cleaner from @omarikh

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Keep the glass windows clean in your home. You can do this by cleaning it regularly so it’s easier to clean and saves energy. This time you can use a special glass cloth to clean this glass window so that it will remain clear and will make your home look well-groomed. Glass Window Cleaner from @lovewilko

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One of the home interiors that you have to clean is glass sofa. Exposed to water and dust for too long may make your glass sower look dirty and unkempt. Therefore you can clean it regularly using a special glass cleaner so that it will make it look clean and make the occupants more comfortable there. Shower Glass Cleaning from @debbyoliverbenites

Backsplash and Countertop

As the spot often gets in touch with waste, water splash, and other dirt, you should do the cleaning periodically. Don’t let it until too dirty then you have the will to clean it or the mold will be there and the waste will leave a stain that is difficult to clean.

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Keep your kitchen clean and healthy. You can do this by cleaning the backsplash area. When you have a textured backsplash, here you can use special tools to clean up the backsplash area so that it will make it look beautiful and attractive. In this way, your kitchen will look cleaner and healthier. Textured Backsplash Cleaning from @byjillee

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The backsplash is one part of the kitchen that is often dirty with splashes of oil and water. Here you can clean it with special marble cleaning fluid and use a rag. This way your backsplash will look clean, healthy and make every occupant more comfortable. Marble Countertop Cleaning from @purhomeclean

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The countertop area is one of the areas that you have to keep clean, because it is the main area for cooking or serving food. You can clean it in various ways by spraying ceramic cleaner and wiping it clean. This way your countertop will stay clean and look attractive and manage to steal the attention of everyone who sees it. Ceramic Countertop Cleaning from @byjillee

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Talking about home cleaning, there are several parts of the house that you should clean, one of which is the backsplash area. This is because the backsplash is an area that is often used but also gets dirty easily due to splashes of water and cooking oil. It doesn’t have to be complicated, here you can wipe it with a damp cloth periodically so that your backsplash will be protected from oil, water, mold and other dirt. Backsplash Cleaner from @casabellaclean



The sink is always related to water. It can’t be doubted that water can create damage. It could be stains, mold, mossy, and more. The cleanliness of your sink especially your kitchen sink will affect the hygiene of the sink. What you should consider is that you should control the hygiene of any parts of your kitchen to make sure that you can provide healthy foods. Don’t ever let your sink dirty!

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Look at these sinks! There is a crust caused by too long a deposit of dirty water. To overcome this you can do regular cleaning. Here you can use a wire brush and sink cleaning soap to clean it so that it will make it cleaner and more well maintained. Clean Dirt On Sink from @charliescrystalclean2019

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Doing regular cleaning of your kitchen sink is one way to create a healthy life. Here you can use sink cleaning soap to clean it so it will look clean and thorough. The advantage you get from cleaning this sink is that your kitchen is healthier and makes the occupants more comfortable. All Sink Surface Soap from @readymaid_wirral

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The sink area is one of the areas that you have to clean in a home cleaning project. Dirty and crusty sinks will make your kitchen very unhealthy. To avoid this you can do regular cleaning using soap and sponge so that it is more effective and efficient. Sponge for Cleaning sinks from @lazyhincher

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Sink is an area that you should pay attention to cleanliness. To make your work easier, here you can clean it regularly. Use a special cleaning brush and soap to clean it so that it will keep it healthy and clean. You will never do this idea for home cleaning. Brush sink from @livs_cleaning_line

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If you are doing home cleaning, cleaning the sink area is a perfect idea. Here you can use soap to clean it and use a special cloth to scrub it so you will get maximum results. This way your sink will be kept clean and will not cause mold or damage. Use Sink Special Soap from @mycouncilhouse


People always said that the cleanliness of your home can be seen by the cleanliness of the toilet. The cleanliness of the toilet itself is not only about the look impression but also the health. It will be risky for your health if you use your toilet in a not hygienic condition. Use certain liquid to clean the toilet that has antibacterial ingredient.

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Not only sinks and gutters! The toilet is the most important thing to clean. Because dirty toilets are very unhealthy. Use toilet cleaning liquid that contains anti-septic to clean it so that not only is it cleaner, your toilet is also healthier. Clean the Toilet Using Liquid from @joy_in_cleaning

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This time it is the toilet that you have to clean to complete the home cleaning. It doesn’t have to be complicated, here you only need to pour the toilet cleaning liquid and let it sit for a while. After that you can brush it and flush it with clean water. As a result you will get a clean and healthy toilet. Pour Antibacterial Liquid in the Toilet from @diamond.clean.51

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Look, this toilet is dirty and unkempt so it will become a nesting place for disease. Therefore you can clean it regularly to keep it clean and avoid stubborn dirt. Use a special liquid that contains anti-bacterial to clean your toilet and will make it very healthy and comfortable to use. Clean the dirt on the Toilet from @cendrillon_et_cie

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Home cleaning is one of the activities to clean the area of the house, one of which is the toilet. A very easy way to clean the toilet is to use a special cleaning fluid so that it will be more effective and efficient. Also add anti-bacterial liquid to kill germs and bacteria that are there so that your toilet is safer to use and will not spread disease. Descaling Toilet from @romora.hydrojetwash

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You can never fail to clean the toilet area regularly. You can do this method using toilet cleaning liquid so you will get maximum results. Also add anti-bacterial liquid to get a healthier toilet. In this way home cleaning is perfect. Use Special Toilet Cleaner from @lifewith_mummy_c

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