Kitchen wall makeover ideas to fill an empty with beauty2

Since people can spend years fantasizing about a new kitchen, you may take the ideas below to make over your own in a  simple way to beautify the empty kitchen wall.

Kitchen wall makeover ideas to fill an empty with beauty1

A Backlit Wall Behind A Display Cabinet

A backlit wall behind a display cabinet Kitchen Wall Makeover Ideas To Fill An Empty With Beauty


Choose simple LED strips or miniature spotlights to illuminate shelf displays to enhance their impact. Moreover, it can also add subtle evening glamor especially to create a softer mood for dining. Your shelves will look prettier to showcase the glassware inside.

Painted Shelving

Painted shelving Kitchen Wall Makeover Ideas To Fill An Empty With Beauty


To maximize the look you can make use of wasted wall space in a tight spot by adding a couple of runs of painted kitchen shelving for contrast and intrigue. In the kitchen here, you can use rich red for the shelves and set them against a backdrop of deep blue walls to allow the items on display to stand out. It will create an extra element of character in a utilitarian space.

Wall Mural

Kitchen wall murals will be the unexpectedness of the up-scaled pattern that adds impact without wasting precious space. You can keep the look livable by balancing out an exotic mural with low-key minimalist kitchen ideas and cabinetry. The sleek handle-free doors in neutrals will work well here. Then, you can place the mural on the same wall as the main entrance for complete beauty.

An Accent Color With Strong Contrast

Adding an accent color idea is a simple way to add strong contrast to a room without overpowering anything. The accent color will draw the eye up for visual surprise every day. It will offer you particularly good results in rooms with taller ceilings or grand cornices that accentuate either feature to great effect. For instant, the cooker hood here has a blocking effect to offer a modern look and help smooth out any awkward architectural junctures.

Wall Of Art

Beautify your kitchen empty wall by hanging a large colorful piece above your dining table to create an uplifting atmosphere. Meanwhile, propping smaller pieces on shelves and countertops will inspire you as you cook every day. Then, when leaning artwork on the countertop, you may choose pieces framed behind glass so splashes can be wiped clean on time.

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