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Playing around with furniture to give your home a brand-new look and feel can be overwhelming. This undertaking requires time and effort, and not everyone knows how and where to start. Some might get stuck and lose the motivation to continue.

If the above perfectly describes your dilemma, you’re in luck — this article will give easy-to-follow tips on how you can refresh your home with new furniture. Follow the strategies below and impress your guests with a home that looks like a product of an interior designer!

  • Start With Investment Pieces

High-quality furniture pieces are expensive, but buying them is a smart investment as they last longer. So, if you have a sufficient budget, spend more on these staple pieces for your home:

  • Dining sets: When choosing a dining set, pay attention to the space available in your home, the number of people who will use it, and its design and style. The best dining sets are sturdy, stylish, and comfortable.
  • Sofa: Sofas are used day in, and day out, so choose one that’s comfortable and durable. Take the time to try out the sofa (by sitting on it) before you decide which to buy. 
  • Storage: Don’t know which storage furniture to buy first? Start with the essentials — like mirrored wardrobes from Meble Furniture or ottomans from your favorite local furniture store. These multifunctional pieces are a must if you have limited space. 
  • Pick Your Palette

Avoid mixing pieces with too many colors. This makes your home feel disorganized, which can eventually promote stress. No one wants to stay in a home with this kind of ambiance!

Ideally, you should pick no more than three shades of colors when redecorating your home. This way, you’ll avoid introducing too many colors and creating a chaotic look. As a result, you’ll end up with a cleaner, more polished interior. 

After deciding on your primary color palette, choose pieces that either complement or match those shades. For example, if you chose yellow, look for pieces in mustard, amber, or goldenrod. The variation will add more depth, character, and personality to your home. 

  • Experiment with Style

Furniture pieces in your home should be cohesive, but that doesn’t mean that you should stick to one style only. Doing so will make your home look boring and predictable. 

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles for your home. For instance, you can try a rustic-industrial theme and mix wooden tables with metal chairs. 

There are many different yet complementary styles to choose from, so consider choosing a combination that fits your preferences. Don’t know which pieces match which theme? Use the internet — you’ll find everything you need to know about furniture here. 

  • Learn to Let Go

It’s impossible to refresh your home if you continue to use outdated and damaged pieces. Sure, these might be your best pieces from years ago but keep in mind that the quality and appearance of furniture dwindles over time. 

Some of your well-loved furniture may not fit the theme or look you’re going for in your home, so discard them. This usually means throwing away that filthy beanbag or leather couch with a giant hole in it. Or, if your old furniture is still in good condition, consider selling them in a garage sale or donating them to communities and organizations. 

Letting go of your old furniture might be challenging but absolutely necessary to make room for newer, better-looking pieces. Trust us, you’ll thank yourself after making this decision. 

  • Think About Your Focal Point

In interior design, the focal point is the first thing you want viewers to see when they enter a room. Focal points are areas of interest where viewers rest their eyes, like a comma in the visual narrative.  

Due to its size, furniture is commonly used as a focal point in different areas of the home. For example, in the bedroom. Dress your bed with a nice covering, add thick pillows, and hang artwork above your mattress. This will draw your eyes to the bed. 

As for the living room, placing a large piece of furniture, like a sectional or sofa, is enough to create a focal point. For your dining room, place your dining table in the center of the room and put a chandelier directly over the table to create an intimate and cozy ambiance

Start Now 

As you can see, refreshing your home with new furniture isn’t as challenging as you think. With this guide, you won’t have any problems breathing brand new life into your home!   

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