10 is it possible to have a cheap air filtration here are the ideas for you2

It can be doubted that the air quality around your home environment gives a big impact on your health. Especially for you who are prone to environmental allergies that commonly come from the smog, fumes, debris, and impurities in the air that you breathe, bad air quality might affect you more. In this case, you should make sure that your home filtration system works well and is able to provide clean and healthy air with good circulation.

10 is it possible to have a cheap air filtration here are the ideas for you1

There might be a question about why you should concern with your home environment’s air quality while the air out there is way more dangerous. The answer is that ‘home’ is the place where you spend your time there to rest, to sleep, to enjoy the moment with your family member. Also, it becomes a place that should be the safest and most secure. If you can’t make sure that your home is proper enough to fulfill your needs including your air quality, then you can’t call it home.

Anyway, it is true that giving an effort for the filtration system needs a budget, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t make it has a low budget. How? By doing some DIY projects for your air filtration. It might sound impossible but it is really possible to do with a low budget and easy technique to adjust your capability. Here are some ideas that you can copy.

DIY Fan Air Purifier

The fan can be a source of allergy for those who are prone to dust. We all know that the fan catches dust and it sticks to the fan. The problem is that when the dust is already thick, it will fly back together with the air that the fan blows. The dirty fan is one of the bad filtration systems that you should pay attention to.

It is astonishing how the fan can be installed with an air purifier which is made by a DIY project. Well, it might be difficult for you to find the fan air purifier at the store but it is really easy to make and cheap at once. Look at the ideas below.

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Speaking of purifier air fans, here you can make a DIY filter to make it cleaner and healthier. This time you can create a filter and paint it white to make it look the same. By making this DIY air purifier fan, the air produced will be cleaner and won’t carry dirt. White DIY Fan Air Purifier from @13clicks

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A fan without a filter will allow it to blow away the dirt that is in the fan and make the air that is produced dirty. Therefore, you can do a DIY project of making a fan filter and attaching it to the front. In this way, this fan will deliver healthier and cleaner air. Cork DIY Box Fan Air Filter from @bristleconewoodshop

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Look at this fan! The owner completes it with a filter so that it will provide healthier air. This time the filter is made with a DIY project so it will be cheaper and can be adjusted according to needs. Install a filter on the front of the fan so that it will work properly. DIY Fan Filter from @shamrockwoodworks

DIY Box Fan Air Filter

When the air purifier is only installed on one side of the fan, then the box fan air filter is installed around the fan. It can be said that this kind of filtration is way more effective in controlling the air quality that the fan blows. However, the air provided might not feel as strong as when it doesn’t being covered with the box. So, which one will you choose? Will you consider the air quality more or the air power provided by the fan?

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Doing a DIY project to make an air filter fan is the perfect idea. This time you can make it using cardboard material so it’s cheaper and easier. In this way your fan will be protected from dust and can still provide air even though it is not loud. Black DIY Fan Air Purifier from @ability_tools

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This time you can equip a water fan with a filter box so that it will work effectively and efficiently. You can make it yourself at home using cardboard and an old car filter so it will look creative and inspiring. Having a large enough size, will make it perfectly exposed. White Air Filter from @birdbearmoon

DIY Cardboard Air Purifier

Another idea for creating the air purifier is by using cardboard. It will be cheap and easy to find. You just have to choose a sturdy enough cardboard so that it can be durable and stand strong. You can use the cardboard that is added with a car filter to install on the fan. Or, you may also create your own fan by using the car fan that is covered with cardboard.

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There are many choices of materials that you can use to make air purifiers. This time you can use cardboard to make an air purifier so it’s simpler. Here you only need to cover the fan with cardboard and glue it using insulation and it will make it more perfect. Curved Cardboard Air Purifier from @familyhealthcenterssd

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Simple and creative! This air purifier was made with a DIY project using cardboard material. Not only cardboard, here you can also use old car filters to attach to your fan. This way your fan will stay clean and healthy. Cardboard Air Purifier from @glohbalrob

DIY Air Filter

For the DIY air filter, it will be about making the filter that you will add to the fan or other air filtration system. For example, you can use certain fabric materials, cotton, foam, old car filter, and more. Those materials can be added and combined with different fans. Anyway, the thing that you should consider when choosing the material for the filter is the character. Each material will have its own capability in filtering the dust and different power in letting the air when it has passed the filter.

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To make your fan produce healthier air, here you can add a filter. This time you can make a DIY filter using an old car filter. With this search your fan will stay clean and tidy in a low cost and easy way. Therefore this one idea will never fail to try. Used Car Filters for Air Filter from @mark_lind

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Adding a filter or air filter to a fan is one of the right ways to get clean and quality air. Instead of buying it at the store, you can make it yourself using filter cloth. Then you can attach it to the front of the fan so that it will work properly. Fabric Air Filter from @caton_guitars

DIY Water Air Purifier

The water air purifier works by trapping the dust in the water. It can be said as the most effective one is not to let the dust fly here and there. Even when you want to clean the dust from the filter, it won’t make you sneeze because the dust will stay in the water. To make the water air purifier, you can use a computer fan, jar, and some hose. It may not provide cold air to the room but it can trap dust for your health need. So, decide on your priority. whether you need the air to blow and cool the room, or, you just simply need something not to let the dust fly here and there around the room.

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Look at this air purifier! Using a water filter, makes it look different from the others and still works well. This Water Air Purifier is made using used jars, hoses and several cables arranged in such a way. This tool works by sucking up dirt and dust so that your fan can produce cleaner and better quality air. DIY Water Air Purifier from @reapbenefit

Which one to Choose?

If you were not interested in having the air filter before, then, after knowing some ideas for the DIY air filter that can be cheap and easy, I do believe that there won’t be any reason for you not to have the air filter to clean your home from the dust.

Furthermore, with so many choices of air filter projects that you choose, you might a little bit confused. Here we will tell you the excess of each choice.

  1. The Fan Air Purifier is the simple one but it won’t fit if you have a toddler at home because it doesn’t have a cover and is quite risky if the toddler plays with it and is in touch with the dust that is trapped there.
  2. The Box Fan Air Filter is a little bit bothering but since it covers the whole risky part of the fan, it can be the right choice if you have toddlers at home.
  3. The Cardboard Air Purifier is not the one that is combined with the fan but it is about how you really make new stuff. For those who love creating something and doing creative projects, this one is the best choice for you.
  4. The Air Filter is only about applying certain materials as the filter to the fan or other air system tool. It is easy but quite tricky.
  5. The Water Air Purifier has a risk to spill but can be really effective to trap dust without having the worries if the dust will fly here and there when you are going to clean it.

So, which one will you choose?

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