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Your backyard is a breathing ecosystem that acts as a perfect extension of your indoors. Endless memories are made in this space, from birthdays, and pool days, to family barbecues. With good care, your backyard becomes a perfect oasis for your family and friends. However, without proper landscaping, it becomes an eyesore. Below are a few landscaping mistakes to avoid.

1.  Not Hiring Professional Landscapers

Most people think landscaping is a simple DIY activity. You shouldn’t incubate this perception if you want a beautiful lawn unless you are an experienced landscaper. If you dream of a beautiful yard, the best option is to hire professional landscapers. Experts from Malone’s Landscape can help you design and build a beautiful outdoor area, complete with outdoor installations, such as covered patios, fire pits, and fireplaces.

Professional landscapers have the right skills and come in handy in many ways. For instance, they can guide you on how to best use outdoor space, design patio layouts, and plant choices that best suit your climate and soil conditions.

2.  Forgetting the Front Yard

Most homeowners focus much on their backyards, forgetting the front yard. The backyard space is where you spend time, play with dogs, entertain guests, and children play. However, while focusing more on the backyard makes sense, you shouldn’t forget your front yard when landscaping.

The front yard significantly affects your home’s curb appeal. Apart from the roof, it is the first thing neighbors, guests, and potential buyers see when approaching your home. As you dedicate time and budget to create a good backyard, don’t forget your front yard. It contributes to your home’s visual appeal and function.

3.  Not Considering Maintenance Requirements

Contrary to what most people believe, landscaping doesn’t end after planting flowers and wiring outdoor lights. Maintenance begins immediately after you complete installing your landscape features. Your choice of landscape features, especially plants, shrubs, and structures, determine how much time and money you’ll need to maintain your garden.

For instance, picking native plants for your garden means you’ll need less water and spend little time maintaining them. On the other hand, exotic plants require more time, frequent watering, and other costly maintenance practices.

4.  Not Making Your Landscape Design Functional

While you should prioritize the appearance of your garden, you shouldn’t forget its functions. A visually appealing garden is perfect, but not considering how your guests, pets, and potential future buyers will use the garden makes it useless. Skipping design elements include planting flowers in your kids’ play area or shrubs in your dog’s path to their restroom. Start by listing the many ways your family currently uses the garden. Doing this can help you design a visually appealing and functional garden.


Achieving a picture-perfect garden might seem easy, but it isn’t. Ignoring or overlooking simple gardening practices can negate your landscaping efforts. Planting close to your home, not researching plants, and poor tree placement can also affect your landscaping success. Working with a landscape designer can help you design a landscaping plan that accommodates your desired functions and features.

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