Welcome your guests with these 27 foyer decor ideas2

If you want to give an extra welcome to your guests, then applying the best decoration for the foyer is something that you should do. It is true that you will deal only with a small space for the foyer but decorating a small space is not an easy task. You should do the right arrangement and not allowed to make mistakes if you don’t want to make your small space to be seen as crowded and boring. Also, you have to make sure that the foyer can function well. Basically, when talking about foyer decoration, you will deal only with three basic things, those are furniture, ornament, and home accessories. Here is the complete explanation.

Welcome your guests with these 27 foyer decor ideas1


The furniture needs for a foyer won’t be far from the table, seating, storage, and hanger. Even when the foyer space is really narrow, you can provide multifunctional furniture that can function as seating and storage at once. Here are the furniture references that you can have.

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Furniture is one thing that is very influential in any decoration in your home, including foyer decorations. This time, you can use a vintage-style wooden chair and console table so that it will look attractive and also provide comfort. To beautify your foyer decoration, here you can add flower arrangements there. Vintage Foyer Furniture from @aliseobrienphotography

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Bench is one piece of furniture that will never fail for your foyer decoration idea. This time we use a bench that is equipped with a pad so that it will provide comfort. Then you can also add pillows so that it will give an attractive appearance and also increase comfort. Vintage Bench from @flemingpeters

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Look at this foyer! Having white and black shades will present a perfect monochromatic look. The bench pad looks simple but will still be the perfect sitting area in your foyer. Add pillows to add comfort to your foyer. Black Table and Leather Bench from @hw.interiors

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Seating is one of the furnishings that will never fail to decorate the foyer in your home. This time you can use a chair pad to complete your foyer decoration to make it simpler and more attractive. Then you can add a bar cart that can function as a table so your foyer will look extraordinary. Chair Pad from @hamptonsdiaries

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Simple and interesting! This foyer uses low furniture so it looks attractive and different from usual. Low chairs with thick pads will provide comfort for everyone who sits there. A small coffee table and a triangular shape will be the perfect partner for your low chairs. Low Chair from @tamelabowieinteriors

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This foyer uses wallpaper with natural nuances so that it will present an attractive appearance. The owner added furniture in the form of a bench to create a comfortable sitting area. This bench has a thick pad and is quite long in size so it will be the right sitting area in your foyer. Long Bench from @jroman1964

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The white wall will be the main background in this foyer area. Black console table will be the main furniture in this foyer. Not only that, you can pull the foot stool which is placed under the console table and use it as a seat. Therefore, your foyer decoration looks perfect. Black Furniture from @nayokasimone

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Seating is one of the furniture that you can present in the foyer decoration. This time you can use a sofa with a curved design and arrange in a circle. In this way, the sofa can accommodate more guests but still save space. Round Seating Area from @interior.design.galore

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Using a black and silver theme, this foyer looks very attractive and manages to steal the show. This black chair with a thick pad will provide perfect comfort for everyone who sits there. Then you can pair it with a silver console table so that your foyer looks absolutely perfect. Black and Silver Furniture from @getemdunn

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Having a rustic theme, this foyer is equipped with wooden chairs and a wooden console table so it looks matching and perfect. A wooden chair equipped with a pad and throw pillow will be a comfortable place to chat or just stop for a while. Therefore you will never fail to try this foyer decoration idea. Rustic Furniture from @a_flann

Functional Home Accessories

Since there will be space limitations, then make sure that when you put something there, that will be something functional, especially for home accessories. For example, you can provide a mirror that can be functioned to give a wider space impression, a carpet to add comfort while wearing or taking off your shoes during winter, and more.

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Home accessories are one of the things that affect your home decor. This time it’s about the carpet, the carpet that is spread out in the foyer area will provide comfort for everyone sitting in the foyer or just passing through it. In addition, it will also provide an attractive and more elegant appearance in your foyer area. Striped Carpet from @cuff_studio

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Talking about home accessories, pillows are one of the home accessories that you can use to complete your foyer. This time you can use two pillows and place them on the right and left of the sofa. This pillow will provide warmth and also comfort for everyone who sits there, so this pillow is very functional to complement your foyer decoration. Throw Pillows from @heatherdewberry

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Presenting a carpet in the foyer decoration is a very interesting idea. Because the carpet that is spread on the floor will keep your feet warm and also give an attractive appearance. A throw blanket on the table will provide warmth if needed. This decoration idea is quite simple but will never fail to try. Throw blanket and carpet from @katiebowlinghome

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Bringing home accessories to your foyer decoration is one way you can try to increase comfort. Here you can use some patterned pillows to complement your rattan bench. In this way, you can function the pillow as a pad or just hug it to get warmth and comfort. Patterned Pillows from @beach_life_living

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This time it’s about home accessories! We use home accessories in the form of mirrors to complete the foyer decoration. A floor-to-ceiling mirror will give the impression of a wider and bigger room. Therefore, you will never fail to use home accessories in the form of mirrors for foyer decorating ideas. Floor to ceiling Mirror from @luxxumoderndesignliving

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Simple but still perfect! Home accessories in the form of this carpet will provide perfect comfort in your foyer area. This time you can display the carpet under the bench so that when you sit on the bench, your feet will rest on the carpet and won’t feel the cold. Besides that, the soft rubbery texture can make you more relaxed. Patterned Carpet from @houseonwren

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This foyer decoration is equipped with home accessories to increase comfort there. The owner uses a blanket and pillow on the bench. As a result, the blanket will provide warmth when it’s winter, and the pillow will provide comfort when hugging him. Therefore, pillows and blankets are home accessories that you can use for foyer decorations. Throw Blanket and Pillow from @homemadebycarmona


It is important to add beauty to your home decoration so that the value of your home will be increased such as providing some ornament there. For the foyer, you should be careful in choosing the ornament because the space is quite narrow. You may choose a wall ornament if there is no spot to put the ornament.

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Not only about furniture and home accessories! An ornament is one of the things that you can present in your foyer. This time you can take the urn and place it on the console table so that it is perfectly exposed. Then you can also add a lantern under the console table so that it can become an ornament or lighting idea when needed. Ceramic jar from @southern_waterlillies

13 snapinsta.app_1080_331351142_3430118837211184_2060216767836609117_n

Simple but interesting! Reindeer head ornament, is one of the ornaments that you can use for foyer decoration ideas in your home. This time you can display your foyer wall so that it can be exposed perfectly. Then you can also add wall art there so it will look more festive. Deer head on the wall from @savvysouthernstyle

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This black console table looks beautiful in the foyer area with some ornaments. The black lantern displayed above the console table will present an attractive and inspiring masculine appearance. Then you can add a faux flower arrangement there so it will look very beautiful and stunning. Black Lantern Ornament from @michelledixonpalmer

15 snapinsta.app_1080_280092951_1028409944432156_5448817462689326275_n

Talking about ornaments, jars are one of the ornaments that you can add to your foyer decoration. Here you can use a jar that is large enough for your foyer decoration idea to make it look more prominent. Having a beautiful pattern makes it successful in stealing attention. Because it has a fairly large size, here you can display it under the console table so that it saves more space. Big Urn Ornament from @secretsofahostess

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A large seashell with a moss ball on it will present a special attraction in your foyer. Placing it on the console table, it can be exposed perfectly and managed to steal the show. The table lamp that is between the moss ball ornament will provide a beam of light and as a result will present a stunning appearance. Moss Ball Displays from @alisaberrydesigns


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Completing the foyer decoration with some ornaments is one way to make it look more alive. The wooden block ornament that is displayed below the console table looks ordinary but stands out because it has the color of the original wood. Not only that, a large enough wooden lantern placed next to the console table will give an aesthetic appearance. Wooden block ornament and Lantern from @daniellahofferinteriors

18 snapinsta.app_1080_30930253_2559251900966697_8794063572851228672_n

Having white nuances, this foyer will look fuller and brighter. The white urn ornament that is displayed on the console table level will present its own charm and look beautiful without being overwhelming. Coupled with the chandelier that is right above the console table will make this urn ornament look very prominent. White Urn Ornament from @tracyfitzgeraldaz_

20 snapinsta.app_1080_144665633_3648725275220978_1161462519512187683_n

You will never fail to complete the foyer decoration with ornaments. Wreath is one of the simple ornaments that you can use to decorate the foyer by simply hanging it on the mirror. But this is not enough, here you can also add horse ornaments and wooden ornaments so that it will make your foyer look extraordinary. Leaves Wreath from @thelittlecottagethatcould

21 snapinsta.app_1080_46533766_463770717485946_8032659260444648867_n

Presenting ornaments for foyer decoration ideas in your home is one way to get a festive look. This oversized tree ornament made by DIY project and displayed on a table will be the perfect focal point in your foyer. Not only that, the garland hanging on the door frame will enhance the beauty there. DIY Tree Ornament from @tuskhome


Take a look at this foyer decoration! The owner only uses the console table as his furniture. Adding jar ornaments of various sizes will present an attractive vintage look in your foyer so it doesn’t look empty, although it’s still simple. Then you can also add feather wreaths to hang on the wall so your foyer will look extraordinary. Vintage Urn and Wreath Ornament from @anchor_bend

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