How to make your kitchen sink clean and tidy everyday2

When it comes to a clean kitchen, sinks are a crucial part of the equation. Whether it’s for preparing meals or cleaning up afterward, your kitchen sink is a crucial part of your home’s daily function. Keeping it clean and organized every day is key to helping you avoid buildup and the mess that goes along with it. Not only do they get soiled by dishes and food residue, but they also often collect bacteria.

Fortunately, there are some organizational tips that can help keep your sink area tidy and organized every day. Today, we’re sharing a few of them with you!

How to make your kitchen sink clean and tidy everyday1

Dish Towels

When you’re ready to wash up your dishes, make sure that a fresh kitchen dish towel is on hand. This will help you to dry your utensils quickly so that they’re ready for put away. Unlike paper towels, kitchen dish towels are durable and absorbent so they’re great for repeated washings. They also prevent water spots from forming on your pots and pans. Dish towels also function to dry your hands. Thus, you have to keep the towels close to you. Instead of placing them over the edge of your sink, consider hanging them on the side of a cabinet.


Prepare a dish towel to wipe all kitchen equipment that has been washed. This is done so that kitchen utensils and equipment can be immediately put into the cabinet to minimize the mess that could occur, just place this dish towel right on the side of the basin sink so that it is easier to reach when needed. Dish Towel in Front of Sink from @devolkitchens


There’s nothing wrong with preparing more than one dish towel in the kitchen sink area. Because the towels used to wipe your kitchen utensils get wet easily, therefore prepare two dish towels to keep the kitchen equipment that has been washed dry. At this time, you can use and choose a towel material with good and maximum absorption. Use Double Dish Towel from @shipponbarn

Add Shelves

Adding shelves to your cabinet under the sink gives you more space for storage and prevents spills from going everywhere. This will make it easier to find the items you need while also helping them look more organized. Shelves also allow you to separate and organize your cleaning supplies.


At the bottom of the kitchen sink, of course, there is a closed cabinet that you can use as a storage area. What you can do here is install and use storage shelves that can be applied vertically so that you can load and store more items or kitchen equipment, you can try it right now. Vertical White Shelves Under Sink from @mybudgethome


When you are going to add shelves under the kitchen sink, just adjust the color used with your kitchen cabinet. When the kitchen cabinets are painted white, it’s a good idea to paint the shelves with splashes of the same color, so that the two have a color harmony that can bring a touch of style and a modern look. Modern Style Storage Under Sink from @roseberry.wonderland

Use Container

Having your cleaning supplies easily accessible is essential to maintaining a clean kitchen. Keep these key items in a caddy or container underneath the sink to be able to grab them on the fly.


To make it easier for you when looking for soap stock under the kitchen sink, you can try additional containers right now. Use containers of different sizes and topped off with additional name tags to find a more time-effective supply of soap. Container Storage with Label from @stylecuratorau


Apart from making it easier for you to find soap supplies, several containers placed under the kitchen sink also make it look neater and orderly. This method will reduce clutter in your kitchen room because all items and soap stock are neatly arranged according to what you want. Organization Container Storage from @farmhouseandus


Maximize the cabinet under the kitchen sink as a closed storage area so that it is maximized. For example, you can add several containers so that all the supplies you need for cleaning the kitchen can be better organized. The containers in this cabinet come in a variety of different materials, sizes and colors so that they can be customized according to your needs. Functional Under Sink Storage from @spacebydesignla

Keep Organized Your Cleaning Tools

The kitchen sink is a place where soap and food residue get gunky and messy, so it’s especially important to keep it clean and organized. You can store cleaning tools like sponges, scrubbers, dishwashing liquids and dry cloths on trays to maximize space. Using a tray or utensil jar keeps the items out of the way, prevents water marks, and makes it easy to grab what you need for a quick rinse.


Soap and sink brushes will be neatly arranged on the countertop when you place them right on top of an open tray with a fairly large size. Make this organizational tray with natural wood material more sturdy when used for quite a long time, besides that wooden trays are also easier to get at very affordable prices. DIY Wooden Tray Organization from @insideourlittlestonehome


Select and use storage trays according to layout requirements or open storage of soap and brushes. Now you can use a rectangle tray made of wood which can be repainted using a splash of plain white. This display tray can be placed right next to the use of the faucet. Rectangle Shaped Tray Display from @sinkology

Cleaning Supplies

Besides keeping your counters and sink clean, having the right cleaning supplies also helps prevent germs from spreading around the house. Some of the most important cleaning supplies for the kitchen include disinfecting wipes, sponges, rubber gloves, a good scrub brush and dish soap.


Prepare a supply of all the soap needs used in the kitchen, don’t run out of soap to wash dishes and glasses. Just buy what you need every month and store it in the under sink cabinet along with new brushes and spoons that can be replaced periodically to make it more hygienic. Prepare Stock of Soap and Cleaning Tools from @mdesign

Use Interesting Soap Bottles

One of way to make your kitchen sink clean and tidy is by using interesting soap bottles. Using soap bottles will make your kitchen sink more organized and aesthetic. These bottles make it easier for you to use soap when washing dishes. You can also refill the soap bottle with fresh soap every time you run out.


Adjust the color of the soap bottle with the use of a faucet so that it is ready to be used as a new statement in your kitchen room. This soap bottle has thick glass material so it doesn’t break easily either, you can buy it online to make it more practical and make your kitchen look more modern. Match Color of Soap Bottle with Faucet from @rhimair.home


Do not use soap directly with the packaging. Transfer the hand washing soap to a unique bottle with a splash of gold that has a color harmony with the faucet you are using. This gold color will look more luxurious and unusual, just have it at a fairly affordable price. Gold Touch Color Soap Bottle from @boothparkercpa

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