How to improve your pool area for the perfect backyard oasis2

Having a pool in your backyard will give a plesant outdoor space. Pool can bring a relaxe feel to your outdoor space. Whether you love to swim or just enjoy the view, a pool area is worthy of attention. It means, your pool area should be attractive and welcoming. It should also be safe and convenient to use. To achieve it, you need some improving ideas for your pool area.

A great landscape can add aesthetic appeal to a backyard pool area. They can transform a concrete wasteland into a gorgeous back yard paradise. In addition, a well-executed pool landscaping design can increase the value of your home. This can be a significant factor when it comes time to sell the home. Whether your pool is old or new, there are a number of ways you can improve it to make it look more inviting. These pool landscaping ideas will help you create the perfect backyard oasis.

How to improve your pool area for the perfect backyard oasis1

Water Features

Water features are a great way to enhance the look and feel of your pool area. It will add movement, texture, color and a unique aesthetic that will draw the eye to your backyard oasis. The most popular water features include cascading waterfalls, grottos, and free fall water features that can flow into the pool from a small ledge or a hidden entrance. Others include laminar jets, raised fountain walls, and sheetfall waterfalls.


The decoration of the backyard pool without a water feature is not optimal. Currently you can try to build a grottos complete with waterfalls and laminar jets around it, the design of these grottos is made of stone so it is not easily damaged even though it is used for quite a long time. Add a Grottos Accent from @goca_pools_and_spa


Apply laminar jets on the sides of your pool as a water feature that will present a more modern backyard look. Just install these laminar jets in a balanced way to produce beautiful illusions and splashes of water and ready to serve as a sight for the eyes. Laminar Jets Feature from @vangsonconsulting


Customize the water feature with the pool decoration that you have in this backyard area, when you have a pool with a modern style then the water feature that you can try is a stainless steel sheetfall waterfall with a large enough size . This water feature can be moved easily when needed, the material used is also not easy to rust. Sheetfall Waterfalls from @protechpoolsltd


Fountains are one of the most used water features in backyard ponds. Its impressive appearance can be combined directly with the spotlights around it. This fountain is able to present a relaxing splash of water. Fountain Accents from @timmk_m


Or if you want a louder sound of rushing water then just install a fairly large waterfall. The installation of this waterfall certainly requires experts to have the final result that suits your wishes. Its use is also very popular in use by the community. Pool Fountain from @pools_for_africa

Shade Structures

Whether your pool is an outdoor space or an indoor space, shade structures can improve the look and functionality of the area. They can protect people, equipment and furnishings from the sun’s harmful rays while also reducing damage to outdoor furniture. Aside from providing a cool place to relax, a shade structure can transform your pool area into a focal point that can attract people attention. It can be a good way to raise the overall value of your property and increase your return on investment.


If you need a shady area by the pond then installing and using shade structures is the best idea and choice you can do. Use a size that is large enough to be used by several people, right under these shade structures you can place outdoor furniture to make it more comfortable when relaxing. Shade Structures Pool in the Backyard from @makmaxaus


Choose and use a structural shade with sail fabric so it can absorb more sunlight so that the area directly underneath feels shady all day long. Now you can apply it right in the pool area to maximize the sitting area you use, you can also use white to make it look more elegant. Shade Sail Fabric Structural Design from @madwork. happyecolife

Fire Pits

Fire pits are an easy way to create an inviting and cozy pool area. They’re also a great place for friends and family to gather together. Many people opt to add a fire pit as part of their pool area design. It can be a great place to relax and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate or warm your hands after a swim. Therefore, there are a lot of factors to consider when selecting a fire pit, including fuel source, shape and materials. These factors can help you narrow down your choices and find a fire pit that’s right for your space.


One of the ways you can warm up when you are outside is to set up a fire pit surrounded by a sitting area such as a chair or sofa. Just choose a multifunctional fire pit design to save more outdoor area, now you can choose it with a firepit table design that can be used to place your drinks. Firepit Table Design from @jcannonhomes


This electric fire pit that is placed outdoors is easier to turn on without using fuel so it minimizes smoke pollution. Its streamlined look also adds a modern vibe to your backyard, try it large so it can serve as the focal point of the room. Electric Firepit Pool Ideas from @couragepools


Adding greenery around your pool creates a relaxing atmosphere and enhances the aesthetics of the space. Often, this is done by planting trees or bushes to frame the pool and add privacy. It’s important to choose plants that can thrive in your area and grow without being hampered by harsh weather conditions. Trees and bushes that are low-maintenance are ideal for landscaping by the pool. They don’t shed leaves and twigs all year long so they don’t require constant sweeping and cleaning up.


Hydrangeas and hedges that are planted along the pond are very suitable plants because they are low maintenance and you don’t need to do sweeping every day because they don’t have leaves that fall easily. Hydrangeas flowers add outdoor color all year round and are ready to make your backyard oasis look prettier and more elegant. Hydrangeas and Hedges from @andreascharfflandscape


If you are someone who is busy, then just use shrubs as a green plant idea that will be a natural decoration along the pond that you have. This bush plant can be cut using garden shears so that it has a neater and more beautiful shape. Adjust the shape and size of each bush plant so that it has the same appearance so that it is neater and orderly too. Elegant Look Shrub from @puroform


The perennials that frame this part of the backyard pond make a natural decoration that blends in with nature more perfectly. There are many advantages that can be obtained from using this plant, one of which is that it does not need to do excessive maintenance and when it grows taller it becomes a shade for the pool area during the day. Perennials that Frame the Pool from @sydneypoolscapes

Outdoor Furniture

Whether you’re relaxing near a pool or enjoying a beverage after a long day, outdoor furniture can provide a comfortable place to rest. They’re also a great conversation area. These landscape features are easy to add to your pool area and can improve the overall appearance of your yard. These outdoor furniture options come in a variety of styles and materials. Wood, metal and recycled plastic are all available for outdoor use. Each material offers durability, comfort and aesthetics.


Furniture with selected plastic materials is the best idea and is very appropriate to be placed in the outdoor pool area. Why can you say right? Because this lounge is sturdier and stronger against changes in outdoor weather so it is not easily porous when used for a long time, don’t forget to repaint it with white for an elegant look. Plastic Material Lounge from @my_homesweden


The next outdoor furniture that you can try in the pool area is those made of iron. So that this iron outdoor furniture does not rust easily, you can repaint it with the color of your choice that can be adjusted to the outdoor theme. This painting is done so that it does not rust easily when exposed to splashes of water. Black Iron Chairs Set from @blackbird_five


The area around the pool can be used for relaxing when it is equipped with some outdoor furniture that can be used as needed. For example, you can use chairs and sofas made of woven rattan that have been re-polished so that they will look more shiny when exposed to the reflection of the sun around them. Rattan Wicker Outdoor Furniture from @christinestarfish

Outdoor Kitchen

Adding an outdoor kitchen into your pool area, you’ll have everything you need to entertain friends and family. They’ll be able to enjoy all of the benefits that an outdoor kitchen brings, such as cooking and dining in the great outdoors, and also relaxing in your pool area. You can choose to build a simple, open-air grilling island with some counter space, or you can go all out with top-of-the-line cooking appliances like smokers and pizza ovens. The placement of the outdoor kitchen can make a big impact on the overall aesthetic of your pool landscape design, and it can be difficult to get right without an experienced designer. Choosing the right outdoor kitchen for your pool landscape is an investment, so it’s important to have a well-thought-out plan in place from the beginning.


Take advantage of your large backyard as a pool decoration that blends in with the outdoor kitchen and living room. Both of these rooms will work well together to be used as a relaxing area as well as a cooking area with a new atmosphere and beautiful views of greenery and ponds. You can try it to maximize the backyard. Open Space Kitchen with Living Room from @kwchomes


The outdoor kitchen which is placed right next to the pool can be used optimally for cooking activities with your friends on weekends. Not only an outdoor kitchen, you can also set up an outdoor dining room to serve cooked food, both of which can be placed close together. Outdoor Kitchen beside Pool from @betzpools

Decking Area

When it comes to pool landscape designs, the decking area plays a huge role. It provides the ideal place to relax or entertain, plus it can be a great way to highlight the beauty of your pool. It gives your more surface for adding living element in your pool area. You can use your pool space for more that just being in the pool. It means by adding deck area, you can be more enjoyed for sunbathing, grilling, or just relaxing on your pool lounge chair.


The deck that is applied to the pool area can be used to relax while enjoying the beautiful scenery outside. Try to use decks made of natural wood so that they have a more sturdy surface and of course have a smoother surface too, a set of outdoor furniture can be added right now. Wooden Deck Pool from @villanordrevik


The relaxing area that is applied next to the pool is made of wooden decks which can be perfected with the use of a lounge. The green plants that are applied around it make this pool area look fresher and do regular maintenance so that these plants can develop properly and optimally. Relaxing Area Pool Deck from @vic0606

Interesting Lighting

Outdoor lighting for your pool area can make a big difference in the way you enjoy it after dark. Not only can it extend your time in the water into evening hours, but it can also increase functionality and safety around the pool. Path lighting can guide tired swimmers along the walkway back into your home, while underwater lights in your pool keep you and your guests aware of where the water boundaries are so that no one slips into the water accidentally. Stringing string lights around trees adjacent to your pool can make a great addition to the landscape, too. They’re available in various lengths and can be woven to the shape of trees or other features.


String lights are a very cheap and easy-to-find lighting option. Its use is simply stretched right above the pool that you have. Usually, string light lighting comes in orange or yellow to make the area around it feel warmer and more dramatic at night. Festive String Light Accent from @makingthemorrows


Romantic and dramatic can be obtained simultaneously when you swim at night using dim lights such as spotlights that are applied to certain areas. This spotlight can be applied to several trees around the pond so that it can reflect its light on the pond water which makes it look more beautiful. Pool Spotlights from

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