Expensive interior design is an integral part of modern resort villas in the United Arab Emirates. Decorated with true oriental luxury, they are reminiscent of the tales of One Thousand and One Nights.

If you dream of recreating such an interior at home, then it is best to be inspired by the interior of the best hotels in the UAE. Many tourists want to reconstruct it after traveling to Dubai – to feel the atmosphere of this exciting place. Traveling to Dubai is one of the best types of vacation – when you can feel the luxury of life, stay in comfortable premium hotels and drive cool cars that will take your breath away. Tourists like to rent the best apartments and cars to experience the atmosphere. Renting is convenient and suitable for a company of any size. You can also hire a car for any budget. For a company with children, rented SUV cars are suitable, and for a couple convertible car rental dubai will be preferable. In any case, you will feel the vibe of luxurious Dubai and, upon returning to your home, you will surely want to recreate this atmosphere.

Even if you are not going to buy property in the United Arab Emirates, our article will inspire you. Pay attention to the combination of ultra-modern styles with traditional motifs. Domed ceilings, bright corridors, and elegant chandeliers create a comfortable and peaceful environment where grandeur reigns.


Al Barari

We will start our journey with the Al Barari villa complex, which outstanding architecture amazes us with luxury. Dubai amazes tourists with its astonishing interiors and delicious food. The layout includes 6 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms, a separate kitchen, an office, a maid’s room, and more. Marble flooring and ceiling-high windows look truly luxurious. The ornate stair railing creates a nice contrast with the glossy modern foyer adorned with sparkling marble. And there is a place for cozy classics – a floor lamp with tassels, a crystal chandelier, and marble tables look quite traditional and rich. Outside there is an enchanting swimming pool surrounded by vibrant tropical greenery. 

Grand Dubai villa

Now we are going to another Luxhabitat villa with 9 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms, a private pool, a jacuzzi, a garden, and more! Marble floors and a sauna enhance the feeling of real luxury in an oriental palace. Five parking spaces will easily accommodate the cars of residents and guests.

Step inside – and you might think you are in a luxury hotel’s lobby. The gleaming floor covered in patterned marble, the staircase with oak railings, the domed ceiling decorated with frescoes, and the furniture upholstered in blue fabric with peacock designs are worthy of a sheik’s palace.

Luxury items will help you recreate such a room – decorations in the form of peacock feathers, frescoes on the wall, and a lot of marble on the floor and walls. It is better to choose colors of noble shades – deep blue, soft gold, southern and white. Do not try to clutter up the space with details – it is better to make a few bright accents.


Jumeirah villa

Now we will go to Palm Jumeirah. This palm tree-shaped artificial archipelago is famous for its magnificent architecture. Perhaps the best villas in Dubai are concentrated here, such as this design gem from Luxhabitat.

In the villa’s interior, the designers created a subtle contrast: creamy yellow walls, black window and door frames, and white marble on the floor. You can try this combination of colors in your interior. The beige tile and granite finish on the vanity top give the bathroom a touch of elegance.


Contemporary Arabic Villa

Located on Jumeirah Island, this amazing furnished villa features lake views and contemporary interiors. Marble floors and built-in wardrobes create a majestic yet comfortable environment. The facade of the house is decorated with a balcony, a terrace, and floor-to-ceiling windows.

In the living room, a sizeable cubic chandelier made from capiz shells, a local clam, draws attention. It blends amazingly with stone wall decoration and shiny wooden floor. The square mirror table reflects the chandelier, doubling the radiance. 

White walls, solid comfortable furniture, coffee-colored carpet on the floor – this is the luxury of the 21st century, isn’t it? The nice bright kitchen is decorated with glass and wood. Shiny work surfaces and the latest appliances complete the picture. This option is suitable for those who want to recreate at home a mixture of luxurious oriental motifs with cutting-edge details. There is expensive marble, restrained wood, and contemporary details in the form of modern chandeliers, high-tech furniture, and mirrors.

It is best to see all these places with your own eyes because Dubai is one of the best places to visit in spring. There you can see amazing combinations in the interior and be inspired to create your own unique apartment or house design.

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