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Whether it’s a guest powder room or a master bath, nothing changes the look and feel of a bathroom like a new vanity. This also applies to those of you who want to renovate your bathroom or plan to add an entirely new one, you need the right bathroom vanity. The vanity will liven up your bathroom instantly.

A bathroom vanity is an essential part of your home, a key focal point and functional storage space. You need it for washing your hands, applying makeup and shaving your face, and for storing all of your toiletries and cleaning supplies. Well, often this area is well designed and decorated. But as we know, the bathroom is not a large area like other rooms in your home. Therefore, it is necessary to consider in choosing a bathroom vanity. These considerations include size, style and functionality.

When it comes to the vanity sink and countertop, there are many options available. With so many styles, shapes and materials to choose from, it can be challenging to find the right fit for your bathroom. But before you can make that big decision, there are a few steps you’ll need to take. Let’s see below!


Bathroom vanities come in a range of sizes, so it is important to choose the correct size for your space. Standard bathroom vanities are typically 30 to 32 inches tall and come in a variety of depths. Deeper vanities are perfect for larger bathrooms and provide easy faucet access, while narrower vanities can fit into smaller spaces.

Vanity height is a crucial consideration because it determines whether or not you’ll need to bend over to use the sink. If you’re a taller than average person, you may need a higher vanity to avoid stooping. The width of the bathroom is also an important factor because it will determine if you can fit in a single or double vanity. A double-sink vanity will require at least 18 inches of space on each side to accommodate the countertop and the sink.


You will be more comfortable using a small bathroom vanity. Because this small design will not take up much space and fits into your small bathroom design. Small Vanity from @twinconstruction


A large, traditional style vanity paired with two mirrors would also make for a bright and spacious décor. This type of vanity is suitable for those of you who have a spacious bathroom to maximize space. Traditional Large Vanity from @floraandfont


This little white vanity is perfect for you to try in your small bathroom. This design will fit and look slim because it has a small size. Finished in a famhouse style and a few pieces of furniture it manages to create a perfect space design. White Small Vanity from @manor_designs


Vanity style can be very important in choosing the right bathroom vanity for you. There are many different styles to choose from so you need to make sure that you choose the style that will best fit your personal taste and needs. Bathroom vanities vary in style, from sleek and modern to traditional or rustic. The most popular styles of vanities are freestanding or wall mounted. These work well in smaller bathrooms that lack floor space and can make a room feel larger.


The vanity design attached to the wall gives an attractive impression to your bathroom. The use of this type of vanity will not take up much space and will provide sufficient space on the floor of your home. Bathroom Vanity from @r_mbespoke


Appearing attractive in this vanity has a modern style. Choosing a vanity that is attached to the wall will also provide space on your bathroom floor. Plus, this vanity can make a room feel bigger. Wooden Floating Vanity from @piecesofsaph


The mid-century style in this vanity bathroom has wood materials that will make your room design even more attractive for you to try. This works well in small bathrooms that lack floor space and can make a room feel larger. Mid Century Vanity from @draftwooddesign


This vanity bathroom features a sleek and stylish design for your bathroom. Placing it on the bathroom wall successfully provides a spacious room decoration on your floor. Having a white color combined with a yellow sink creates the perfect room contrast. Minimalist Vanity from @yourhomeandgarden


A bathroom vanity should be made of durable, water-resistant material that can withstand the humidity and moisture of a bathroom. Therefore, bathroom vanity comes in different materials, from wood to metal, and feature details like carved cabinetry or embellished accents. Also, choose a vanity top that is durable enough from scratches and easy to clean. Some vanities are made of materials that make them easy to clean and keep in good shape. For instance, lacquer is a popular material for bathroom vanities because it leaves a smooth, shiny surface while also being durable and resistant to harm. Other materials, like acrylic, are also very sturdy and can withstand a lot of abuse. They’re also easy to wash and are fungus- and mold-resistant. This makes them a great choice for bathrooms that experience a high volume of water use.


Leaving the dresser in real wood color accentuates the simple, country style. Complement it with square mirrors, wall sconces, and it can make your farmhouse bathroom vanity look perfect. Wooden Vanity and Laminate Countertop from @thrive.interiordesign


Here you don’t need to repaint the dresser. Leave this vanity alone with wood colors to keep it original. Adding concrete to the countertop will also make it look sturdy and strong. Concrete Countetop Vanity from @melaniemorrisinteriors


The marble material in the vanity can be one of the hallmarks of your modern bathroom decoration. You can also combine it with marble on the walls for a luxurious and elegant home look. Marble Vanity from @lindsay.nagley


Choosing the right sink for your bathroom can be an overwhelming process, especially if you’re unsure what style, color or shape you want. However, a little planning can go a long way. Identifying your bathroom’s function will help you to determine what size vanity you need for the space and whether you need a double sink or single. Also, there are many different styles of sinks, including drop-in, undermount and vessel. Each can look unique and add a sense of style to your bathroom. Ultimately, you should pick the style and color that best complements your overall design scheme.


You can use a famrhouse style sink and combine it with a shabby wooden cabinet. It has a small size but deep sink giving it a natural rustic feel. Farmhouse Sink Style from @amberraeofsunshine14


Drop-in vanities add style to your bathroom. Pairing with this wooden cupboard will also result in a perfect home decoration. Drop-In Vanity from @kitcaboose


Vessel sinks provide a breath of fresh air to any bathroom. These sinks are aesthetically unique and provide several benefits to any bathroom space. This oak cabinet will also balance the look. Undermount and Vessel from

Bathroom Layout

Choosing the right vanity for your bathroom will depend on what you need it to do, and how much space you have to work with. It also needs to fit your lifestyle and the style of your home. Measure the width (from left to right) and depth (from front to back) of the space that you need to fill. You should also account for the location of plumbing, doors, and any existing features like mirrors and electrical switches and outlets that could potentially interfere with your new vanity’s placement.


The vanity in the corner of this bathroom provides a large space in this bathroom. Choosing this small cabinet will also give you a spacious room. Nook Vanity from @midwesteclectic


This vanity corner bathroom creates a large space. You can choose a floating white vanity, it will make a beautiful and charming bathroom decoration attractive for you to try. Nook Vanity Bathroom from @trending_bathroom


Other considerations that should be tought is the storage of your bathroom vanity. You can opt for a bathroom vanity that has proper storage. You need it to store beauty products, makeup, bathroom supplies and your towels. So you need a bathroom vanity that can accommodate everything. You can decide a bathroom cabinet with drawers or cabinets under your sink to maximize storage space.


Make the most of your dresser with some storage. You can choose an open cabinet to store various towels and shampoos. This idea will create a spacious and airy bathroom look. Open Cabinet Vanity Storage from @aksesuardesignusa


Having a wooden vanity complete with storage at the bottom gives a neat bathroom look. You can store various towels and woven baskets that will enhance the appearance of your home. Under Vanity Storage from @storries.scottish.steadings


Adding a tray on top of this dresser can spruce up your countertop dresser clutter. Used to put shampoo and soap that will make your appearance look beautiful. Tray Storage from @vanitysense


Generally speaking, the cost of a bathroom vanity will depend on a few factors. These include material, size and quality. A larger bathroom vanity usually costs more than smaller ones, as it has to be made from higher quality materials to withstand wear and tear. It also requires a professional installation, which can add to the overall cost. Meanwhile, if you don’t have enough budget, you can opt for a small bathroom vanity for your bathroom. The important thing is that your bathroom vanity has fulfilled what you need, according to your taste and fits in your bathroom.


If you have a small budget, you can make your own dresser. Made from reclaimed wood, it will produce a natural and economical bathroom decoration. Complete with several storage places will enhance the appearance of your bathroom. DIY Wood Vainty from @threeofakindfurniture


Dressing table made of wood and concrete is one of the furniture that gives a charming bathroom look. This concrete and wood material succeeded in creating an attractive and certainly economical home design. Concrete and Wood Vanity from @villanordrevik


Paint the dresser on the wood green so it doesn’t look plain. Combined with gold accents on this handle, it provides an elegant and luxurious design that you can try for your bathroom. Glamours Vanity from @bathrooms_of_insta

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