Routine maintenance that you should do for your air conditioner2

If you want to have a long-live and durable air conditioner, you should maintain it well. No need to wait until you realize that there is something wrong with your air conditioner, you should do regular maintenance even when the air conditioner is still clean enough and works really well. There are some parts and points that you should know when maintaining the air conditioner that we will talk about below. The point is that, make a plan for regular maintenance and do it at the right time based on the schedule. Now, please check on the things you should do for the maintenance below!

Routine maintenance that you should do for your air conditioner1

Change The Filter

It can be said that the filter is the main important part of your air conditioner. It is the key to everything! With a clean filter, you will get clean and fresh air too. On contrary, if the filter is full of dust, it is really risky for you to breath dirty air that contains germs.

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The filter is one that greatly influences the quality of the air produced by the air conditioner in your home. Therefore the filter really needs regular maintenance. One of the right ways is to replace a filter that is dirty and can’t be cleaned anymore. In this way, the air produced will be fresher and healthier. Changing the Central AC filter from @rvcampfirechats

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One of the routine maintenance that you can do for the filter is to replace it with a new and clean one. You can do it regularly so that the air quality produced by the air conditioner in your home is healthier and fresher. Besides that, this method is quite simple to do. Change Rectangular AC filter from @gcontractors_llc

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Talking about AC maintenance, filters are one of the things that you have to take care of regularly. In this case, you can clean it and when it’s fit you can replace it with a new one. This method is very effective and efficient in making your air conditioner perform well and providing cooler air that is healthier. Change Curved AC Filter from @beaudoinhvac

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AC is one of the HVAC systems that is very influential on your survival. Perform routine maintenance by replacing the ac filter with a new one to get higher-quality air. In this way too, the ac will last longer and you are less likely to have more fatal damage. Change AC filter from @alamoaustinairconditioning

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Perform regular AC maintenance to maintain its good performance. This time you can replace a filter that is dirty and no longer suitable for use as an effort to maintain air conditioning. In this way, the air conditioner will produce cleaner and healthier air so that it will make people who are there more comfortable. Replacing the wall AC filter from @boldcityac

Fix the Leak

If you have a leak from your air conditioner, then you should be careful because it can cause some damage. Let’s say that it can cause electrical damage because water is really dangerous for electricity. Then, you can also make your wall damaged by the leak. Also, think about your furniture or anything under the air conditioner that will get the effect from the leak.

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Look at the AC above! It looks leaky, and maybe if left too long, it will cause more damage. Therefore you can prevent it by checking the AC lines regularly and identifying minor damage. When damage is found, it is immediately repaired. AC leak from @bandbcoolair

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The damage that often occurs in air conditioners is a leak in the condenser pipe. This when left will make the damage wider. Therefore you can carry out regular maintenance and make repairs when damage is detected. Because when this is allowed to cause damage to the interior of your home. AC Leak Condenser Pipe from @fixandscrew

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The damage that is often experienced by air conditioners is a leak at several points, one of which is the AC line. This will cause seepage to the wall or ceiling. To avoid this, do regular checks and identify signs of damage early so that it will avoid leaks. Leaking AC line from @jb_enviromental

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Not only on the AC lines but the AC system also often leaks. To avoid this, do regular maintenance and check all parts of the ac system device. When it is detected that one of the devices is no longer suitable or porous, you can replace it with a new one so that no damage occurs in the form of a leak. Air-Conditioning System Leak from @eightmulberry

Using Timer

It is common thing for people to forget about turning off the air conditioner. the risk will be on the electricity cost will be high. However, you should know that not turning off the air conditioner for a long time continuously will damage the air conditioner. Just like us, the air conditioner should have a rest too.

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Installing a Timer on an AC is one of the simple and easy AC maintenance ideas. The reason is by installing this timer, you will be more aware of the damage such as leaking air conditioners and others. This time you can install this timer near the AC and channel it to the AC device so that it can work perfectly. AC Timer from @litelectricians_s.l


Effective and efficient! This time you can do air conditioning maintenance by setting a timer. Not only on the AC, here you can set a timer on the AC system so that it will be more effective at detecting damage. By using the Timer you no longer need to check all devices, because if there is damage the Timer will turn on. AC using Timer from @carpentry_handyman

Service the Compressor

The air conditioner can run well because of the compressor. It won’t be able to provide perfect air when the compressor doesn’t work well. So, don’t forget to service your air conditioner compressor.

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When there is damage to the AC Compressor, the AC cannot work at all and disrupts life in the house. Therefore, do AC compressor service regularly to overcome this. In this way, your air conditioner will be more awake and still in a good performance. In addition, it will also prevent damage and reduce the cost of buying a new compressor. Service the Compressor from @bncheatingandcooling

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Apart from filters, the compressor is also a device that is very closely related to the performance of the air conditioner. The maintenance you can do for this compressor is to do regular servicing to keep the compressor in good condition. You can call an expert to service the AC compressor so it’s easier. Compressor Repair from @preferred.degreez

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Talking about AC maintenance, it is the compressor that needs maintenance the most, because it is one of the systems that affect the performance of the AC in your home. You can carry out regular maintenance by regularly bringing in AC compressor service personnel. In this way, your air conditioner will be more maintained and last longer. Service the AC Compressor from @hvac_cltnc_1

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A fully functional AC compressor is required for the air conditioning system to deliver peak performance. To keep its performance always good, you can take care of it by servicing it regularly. With this effort, your air conditioner can avoid more fatal damage and still have good performance. HVAC Compressor Repair from @hvac_brotherhood

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