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Landscaping is an important part for exterior home designs. This is the first area you and anyone who looks at your home will see. It can catch the eye of anyone who sees it. In addition, beautiful landscaping will enhance the exterior of your home. But, keeping a beautiful outdoor space can be a hassle. Watering, trimming, mowing, and pest control are all time-consuming and can be overwhelming for one person to handle on their own. Therefore, landscaping must be planned and made as well as possible.

There are some landscaping ideas that can be applied to your yard. However, if you’re looking for a yard that requires minimal maintenance, there are many options to choose from. One of them low maintenance landscaping ideas. Low maintenance landscaping can be achieved through thoughtful planning and careful consideration of how you use the landscape. Then choose the best plants and hardscaping for your particular needs. Including gravel, pavers, native plants, ornamental grass and drought tolerant plants.

A well-designed front yard can have a big impact on your home’s curb appeal without the need for tons of work. But before you begin, make sure to consider your priorities and how you want to use your outdoor space. Here are some low maintenance landscaping ideas to add beauty to your house.

Low-maintenance landscaping ideas to add beauty to your house1

Use Gravels

A gravel garden is a great low maintenance option that can be used in any size space. It is also easy to create and will make a wonderful feature that will look stunning no matter what style you have. It’s important to select the right colour of gravel that will complement your hardscaping ideas. Light-coloured gravel looks great next to white-painted bricks, while versatile grey gravel works well with black and brown hardscapes. A good idea is to add metal edging, bricks or wood borders to keep your gravel garden neat and tidy. You can also use a weed resistant membrane to prevent weeds from growing in your gravel garden.


Instead of using grass in your landscaping garden decoration if you want to minimize maintenance, now you can cover the ground with white gravel which looks neutral and is ready to be combined with green plants that can be planted around it. This gravel can be obtained easily and looks natural, you can try it right now. Gravel-Based Soil from @dennis7dees_landscaping


To give a different look to your landscaping decoration this year, just use gravel for the pathway design. At this time you can use gravel with a choice of beige color which looks in contrast to the various types of green plants around it. This gravel material is easy to arrange yourself and of course you can do it yourself to save more on your spending budget. Natural Gravel Pathway from @centralvalleybuilders


Decorating a landscaping garden that is dominated by gravel and concrete steps is a perfect combination that can be done to add texture instantly. Using gravel is a therapy for healthy feet and you can do it every morning. Another advantage that you can get is that it does not require routine maintenance because the gravel material is unlikely to break or be damaged. Gravel Landscaping On Budget from @centralvalleybuilders


Pavers are a versatile way to make your yard look more manicured. They can be used for patios, walkways and driveways. The best part about pavers is that they are easy to install and maintain. Whether you choose to use natural stone, concrete or brick, there are many different materials and colors to pick from.


You have to provide a walking area in the garden in your house, this aims to provide a boundary between the green area and the road area. Paver is the right material for your landscaping road area, its hard texture makes paver the choice of everyone who wants to get long-lasting durability. To get a large green area, install a paver on the edge of the garden so it doesn’t reduce the refreshing green appearance. Paver Walkways from @homeloveoutdoor


Change the appearance of the landscaping in your home with a more attractive appearance and also different from the others. Mosaic paver is an idea that you can apply to different landscaping views, you only need to provide a minimum of three paver colors for maximum results. Randomly install every paver color you have, try to choose colors with soft gradations to create a comfortable look. Mosaic Paver Landscaping Ideas from @tremrongroup


To give a natural landscaping appearance and get a warm farmhouse atmosphere, try using clay pavers in the walking area. Clay pavers with a reddish brown color will stand out in contrast to the green area around them, so they are very suitable to be applied to your landscaping walking area. The clay paver pathway really helps you direct where you have to walk, so you won’t enter the green area around it. Clay Paver Pathway Design from @pinehallbrick


Using pavers for landscaping decoration is a smart idea, therefore, so that pavers can last a long time in various situations, choose the right material to be applied. Paver stone is a choice of strong material so that many people use it for outdoor decoration, install this paver stone at the same distance between the paver stones one to another. This method is often called stepping, paver stone stepping you can form according to your wishes. Paver Stone Stepping from @sydney_cvilleproperty

Native Plants

If you’re looking to add interest and structure to your garden without a lot of maintenance, native plants are a great option. They tend to be more durable than invasive plants, and they adapt well to your soil conditions and light needs. In addition, they can provide a dependable food source for birds and pollinators. Birds and insects have evolved over time to live on the flowers, fruits, seeds, and pollen of native plants. Take the time to survey and determine which native plants grow naturally in your area. This will help you select the right plants for your specific needs.


To welcome spring this year, you can perfect your garden landscaping with various plants that you can plant right now. Growing plants is a smart way you can enhance your landscape this year. Perform regular maintenance to get the final result that suits your needs and the needs of the landscaping decoration that you are currently working on. Rocks and gravel add texture that you can work with right now too. Grow Up Landscaping Plants from @allseasonslandscapedesign


Not only using green plants, now you can also apply blooming flower planting in garden landscaping decorations. Flowers that are applied in this landscaping area are able to add contrasting colors that are ready to be used as the focal point of the room. In addition, this well-developed flower invites insects such as butterflies to enjoy the existing flower pollen. Blooming Flowers from @landscape.pro


To decorate your garden landscaping this year, you can use some native plants to decorate it perfectly. Choose and use the types of plants that can develop properly according to the season so that it minimizes you having to do routine or extreme maintenance. Choose Types of Plants that Grow Naturally from @genevieve.schettino


Make good and maximum use of your garden landscaping soil, now you can use it as an area for planting tropical plants with a variety of different types. Start looking for seeds that can grow well in your home environment so they don’t need extra care. Add terracotta jars as accessories that will never fail to try. Tropical Plants from @bloom_nurserylandscaping

Drought Tolerant Plants

Drought tolerant plants are a great addition to any low maintenance garden. They are resilient, look good, and reduce your water bill! They also attract birds and insects. They can be used as ground cover, in beds, and in pathways or lawns. Many have moisture reserving structures built into their anatomy such as succulents and cacti. Others have deep tap roots that can reach cool, moist soil even in dry climates. These plants are perfect for xeric gardens where water availability is scarce.


Spring plants with a choice of colors and a variety of different types are ready to decorate this year’s landscaping garden. One of the advantages that you can get from spring plants is that they are low maintenance and are also able to add outdoor color which makes them look more cool and fun. Do the trimming when it gets too long. Low Water Plants from @pinery_water


When you want low maintenance in the landscaping garden area, just plant perennials that come with a variety of small blooms. This is a smart idea because these perennials don’t need water every day. It’s not enough to stop here, this type of perennials is also suitable for use in any season and can still develop properly. Perennials Ideas from @seasonalwisdom


One type of plant that you can use in decorating a landscaping garden is a cactus. This type of plant does not require regular watering, you can try it with a variety of different types of cacti. What you can do now is to look in detail at the cactus to avoid pests sticking to it. Once you can water it when you have free time on the weekend. Cactus Plants from @c_gul_gardens

Opt for Shrubs and Trees

Choosing a low-maintenance landscape design will save you a lot of time and money over the long run. Start by planting shrubs and trees. These plants require little to no pruning or mowing, and they provide year-round color to your landscape. There are a number of low-maintenance shrubs that are perfect for landscaping under and around your tree, such as fire power nandina (Nandina cordifolia), holly, and azalea. Regardless of which shrub you choose, be sure to read the label for any special care requirements that the plants may have. Also, avoid planting trees that require more maintenance such as those that grow too large for your space or those that need constant trimming and pruning.


The presence of shrubs and trees in this landscaping area adds an elegant appearance that will never fail. Another function of this plant is that it can be used as a shade when you want to relax outdoors. Try to keep it neat by doing regular pruning using sophisticated tools to reduce the burden and effort that must be spent. Elegant Landscaping Garden from @garden.passion_ig


This fairly tall tree is one of the best decorations that can be applied to the backyard garden landscaping section. Its existence is a shady area that you can use to relax during the day. Not only trees, but you can also add several shrubs and various types of flowers blooming with splashes of various and colorful colors. Bold Shrubs and Trees from @gardeningmagics

Artificial Grass

Instead of applying lawns, artificial grass is a great addition to low-maintenance landscaping. The lawn is high maintenance. They need to be mowed and trimmed regularly, at least once a week to keep in good shape. Therefore, you can opt for artificial grasses. They can be used to add privacy, and screen areas, and even stabilize the soil. They can also be used to line pathways or provide soft transitions between hardscape features. Artificial grass makes a beautiful backdrop for sculptural elements and art pieces. Much artificial grass is drought tolerant, keeping its good looks throughout the summer and fall. They are also highly resistant to diseases and pests.

Supplier Grass Warehouse shared a huge growth in interest among homeowners across the UK in fake turf, including an increase in people with segmented outdoor areas that are using artificial turf for creative means (including certain sections of their gardens, vertical use, or even on balconies and decking areas).


The artificial grass in this landscaping garden decoration is enhanced by the presence of gravel accents which can make it more textured. The two become a blend that will never fail. This type of artificial grass has a bold green color that looks more contrast with the use of gravel around it. In addition, you don’t need to add fertilizer for the development of this artificial grass because it is a permanent type and cannot develop or grow. Textured Artificial Grass with Accent Gravel from @synlawnbln


One of the advantages that you can get from using artificial grass is that it does not require detailed maintenance because it does not need to be watered so that it minimizes spending on the water budget in your home. In addition, artificial grass is also able to last all year round with extreme changes in outdoor weather. This artificial grass surface is comfortable to use for sunbathing in the early morning. No Water Required from @house_on_the_crescent


Why does the use of artificial grass not require regular maintenance? Because this grass can grow and develop well without water and fertilizer, it is highly recommended for those of you who don’t have much time. What you can do to maintain the use of this artificial grass is to sweep it to avoid pet feces or attached dust. No Need for Routine Maintenance from @no.sixty.eight


Do you have pets at home? If so, then you can use artificial grass in the garden landscaping area to avoid using pesticides that will harm your pets. When using this artificial grass you will also find it easier to clean animal waste, spray it with water to avoid dirt sticking and smelling. Safe for Pets from @alex_gladwin

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