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Privacy is a valuable commodity in our increasingly crowded and interconnected world. It’s important to have a space where you can relax and unwind without worrying about prying eyes or unwanted guests. However, many homeowners overlook their gardens’ privacy, exposing them to curious neighbours and passersby. Here are some ways to improve privacy in an overlooked garden.

Plant A Hedge Or A Living Wall

A natural barrier is an excellent way to create privacy in your garden. Consider planting a hedge of evergreen trees or shrubs, such as arborvitae or boxwood. Alternatively, you could construct a living wall by planting climbing plants like ivy or honeysuckle on a trellis. Not only will this add privacy, but it will also create a beautiful and natural feature in your garden.

Install A Fence

A fence is a popular option for creating privacy in a garden. Many fences include wood, vinyl, aluminium, and chain link. You will need to factor in the type and size of your garden when estimating fence installation costs.

Add A Privacy Screen

Consider adding a privacy screen if you don’t want to install a fence. These can be made from various materials, including bamboo, fabric, or lattice. Privacy screens are often less expensive than fences, depending on their size and material. Many businesses also have acoustic fencing options, which guard against overlooking and aid in muffled sounds.

Create A Focal Point

One way to draw attention away from your garden’s lack of privacy is to create a focal point. Water features, sculptures, and colourful flower beds are examples. In addition, you can distract from any exposed areas by drawing the eye to a specific garden area.

Use A Pergola To Provide Aerial Protection For Your Garden 

Pergolas are excellent for hiding your garden from neighbouring homes’ upper-floor windows. In addition, a pergola is an ideal substitute for a fence taller than the legal limit of two metres under approved development. This is because these structures can reach up to three metres when situated farther away from a boundary than two metres. 

Additional side screening, such as a trellis, can be installed between the pergola supports and trailing plants for increased privacy.

Use Outdoor Curtains

Another option for creating privacy in your garden is to use outdoor curtains. These can be hung on a pergola or other structure to create a private seating area. Outdoor curtains are available in a variety of colours and materials. They can be an affordable way to add privacy to your garden.

Build A Summer House 

You can use the height of a summer home or other multipurpose garden building to your advantage and look over things. If it is more than two metres from a boundary, a summer house can be built up to a height of 2.5 metres. It may be higher if it is farther away. 

You’ll have a different place to enjoy that could raise the value of your property and the increased privacy the taller building provides. However, always ensure you don’t need planning permission before erecting a garden outbuilding by contacting your local planning office.

Use Low Seating Choices 

Using low seating is one of the most effective ways to gain seclusion in a garden that is not well-known. In small, overlooked courtyard gardens, seating closer to the surface maximises the height of your fence or plants. 

Use A Water Feature To Drown Out Sounds 

Garden privacy involves more than simply sight. Add a water feature to your garden to make a soft, dependable noise that will help keep your outside talks private if you’re worried about being overheard by neighbours. 

Use The Privacy You Have 

Your garden might be more private than you realise, so you might already have a place you can use as a private retreat. Standing in various parts of your yard and looking up will allow you to see your garden from the windows of nearby properties that typically do not provide a 360-degree view. 

A person standing in the window can see you if they can see them. You may be able to create a private seating or dining space with less screening or landscaping if the window sits at an angle from where you are standing. This is because of the sightline.

Shade Sails That Hang 

Of course, there’s a good chance that your neighbours’ windows will expose you more frequently than your garden fences. This is especially prevalent in urban areas where it might be difficult to locate a place to sit in your garden without feeling observed. This is because of how closely houses are clustered together. A wise option is to hang a sail shade over your patio. The nicest aspect is that you can simply put them up for the summer when you want to sit outside under shade and protection from the sun and nosy neighbours. 

Living Wall

Installing a trellis border and allowing certain climbing plants to grow up is a tried-and-true method that is also one of the most effective. This will build a lovely organic wall between you and any openings where people can see your garden. If any upstairs windows look down on you, placing a pergola or trellis over your patio, deck, or seating area will turn it into the ideal private retreat. This is because the plants have grown across it. Ivy or clematis are suitable climbing vine options.

Overall, improving privacy in your garden is necessary for creating a relaxing and enjoyable outdoor space. Whether you plant a hedge, install a fence, or add a privacy screen, many options are available at different price points. Fence installation costs can vary depending on the size and type of fence you choose, but it’s worth the investment to create a private oasis in your garden.

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