Do you have lots of silverware and fun ornaments in your home? Maybe too many? We find bits on holiday, have been gifted them, or are simply thrifting, and we fall in love with these things that serve no other purpose than to look good. So, with such overcrowding, how do you make sure they stay looking good? Take a look at our guide for ideas.

With the minimalist style

The core rule of the minimalist style is a lack of clutter. That’s it. You can ignore the rest. It doesn’t have to be cold or high contrast if you don’t want it to be. But if you’re looking to put the spotlight on your favourite home décor pieces, you should follow the one rule of minimalism: less is more.

With all the clutter gone and only the best of the best of your décor choices on display, you will naturally put a spotlight on all of them because there will be fewer places for the eye to rest.

But it comes with some self-discipline needed. You’ll need to find storage solutions for the items that you love, but not enough. And you’ll have to separate yourself from items you don’t love. It might mean displaying your favourite of the Jewish wedding gifts you got but putting away that gift you only love because of who gave it to you.

With colour pop

If the items you’re hoping to show off are silverware, you might want to look into some colour theory to make them pop. If you have a white home, for example, and you want to show off a silver set of candlesticks, you run the risk of having them blend into the background of your home. Instead, think about some high-contrast pops of colour that can be put alongside your silverware to make both of them pop.

Napkins in a deep green that fine silver cutlery can sit on, navy blue ribbons tied around your silver candlesticks, an accent wall or some colour blocking to make that silver framed mirror pop. There are lots of options that can go nicely with your home, no matter the colour scheme.

With a display cabinet

If you really want to show off a lot of items, you might want to look into a display cabinet. This is a best-of-both-worlds, double-function piece of furniture. You have the storage on the bottom for what you need but doesn’t look good and the display case at the top for what looks good but isn’t needed. As long as you don’t overstuff it, you’ll have a great place to put all your favourite items.

With a bar cart

Bar carts are all the rage right now, and it’s easy to see why. The main appeal might be obvious: the fancy place to put your cocktail shaker and favourite gin bottles, but there is an added benefit in it giving you somewhere else to put a few ornaments that suit. You can add a coffee table book, maybe a cocktail book, a set of nice glasses, a plant, and plenty of other options that will make it look stylish.

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