Garbage disposals are a convenient appliance found in most modern homes. They are designed for grinding up food waste and other organic materials, reducing the amount of trash in landfills. However, like any other appliance, they can break down and malfunction over time. If your garbage disposal stopped working, fixing it as soon as possible is crucial. This article will discuss how a plumbing expert can help you fix a garbage disposal that has stopped functioning.

Understanding the Problem

Before attempting to fix a malfunctioning garbage disposal, it is vital to understand the problem. There are several reasons behind it. Some common problems include clogs, jams, and mechanical failure. If the disposal is clogged, it may be because of large chunks of food or other debris blocking the blades. Jams occur when the blades become stuck and cannot turn. Mechanical failure can occur if the motor or other disposal components have become worn or damaged.

In some cases, it may be caused by faulty electrical connections. If there are any electrical issues, the plumber can make the necessary repairs or recommend an electrician for more complex problems.

Identifying the Solution

Once the problem has been identified, the plumbing expert will be able to determine the best solution. The plumber will likely use a plunger or auger to clear the blockage for clogs. If the disposal is jammed, the plumber may need to disassemble the unit and remove the offending object. In cases of mechanical failure, the plumber may need to replace certain parts or the entire unit.

Fixing the Problem

Once the solution has been identified, the plumber will fix the problem. The plumber may use a plunger or auger to clear the blockage for clogs. Plungers create suction to dislodge the blockage, while augers work by pushing through the clog. If the blockage is particularly stubborn, the plumber may need to remove the disposal and manually remove the blockage.

If the disposal is jammed, the plumber may need to disassemble the unit to access the blades. Once the blades are exposed, the plumber can remove the object causing the jam. Sometimes, the blades may be damaged or worn and need replacing.

In cases of mechanical failure, the plumber will need to diagnose the problem and replace the damaged component. This may involve replacing the motor, bearings, or other unit components.

Preventing Future Problems

Once the garbage disposal has been fixed, the plumbing expert can advise on preventing future problems. One of the most vital things you can do is to avoid putting certain types of food waste down the disposal. Foods high in fat or grease can solidify and clog the unit. Hard foods like bones or pits can damage the blades and cause jams.

It is also essential to keep the disposal clean and well-maintained. Regularly flushing the unit with cold water can help prevent clogs and keep the blades sharp. A disposal cleaner can also help break down food particles and prevent odors.


It could be a big headache if your garbage disposal stopped working one fine day. However, with the help of a plumbing expert, the problem can be quickly and easily resolved. Whether the issue is a clog, a jam, or a mechanical failure, a skilled plumber can diagnose the problem and provide an effective solution. By preventing future problems, homeowners can keep their garbage disposals running smoothly for years.

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