How to liven up your living room with rugs2

One of the living room items that should not be forgotten is the rug. You can use rugs to create an area rug in your living room. Area rugs are a great way to improve a living room decoration. Rugs are a great way to add color, pattern, texture and style to any living room. They also help insulate your floors and soften footfall. But before you start shopping for rugs, there are a few things you should know. The most important thing is to choose a size that will fit your space. Here are some rug ideas to liven up your living room.

How to liven up your living room with rugs1

Choose Your Color

Color plays a big role in the way a space looks and feels. It can help you decide on the right mood for your living room, and also set the tone for all the decor elements in the space. In general, dark colors are better for a cozy atmosphere while light colors make spaces feel larger. Spicy colors such as yellow, orange or red add warmth and are perfect for a sunny space. Blue is also a great choice for living rooms with calming vibes. It can help you feel at ease and can be a great focal point for your space. While it is tempting to add bright, bold rugs in your living room, remember that these colors can overwhelm the space if they aren’t balanced with the rest of the design. Instead, try adding a rug that is patterned in a color similar to the rest of your space.


Yellow is one of the colors of choice for home interiors that makes the room look brighter all day long. Now you can apply it to the use of the rug in the living room decoration. Choose a medium size so that you can cover a wider and wider part of the floor, its existence can be combined with the use of plain white wall paint as a plain accent that can work well together in the same room. Yellow Rug Ideas from @josephcarinicarpets


If you want a splash of earth tone color in a bohemian living room decoration, then applying some accessories is highly recommended to try. For example, you can try it on the rug and use a throw pillow case with two different choices of materials or fabrics. The brown color used can add a warm atmosphere to the room instantly. Earth Tone Color Rug from @mitchell__black


Adjust the use of the color of the rug with the theme of your room. If you want a monochromatic theme in the living room, then when you are using a brightly colored sofa like light gray, try combining it with a deep black rug. This rug is color coordinated with the use of a coffee table and some throw pillows for a more dramatic presence. Black Matte Color Rug from @cozylivingrooms


Who would have thought that a new focal point in your living room decoration could be applied to the use of rugs? Choose and use a rug with a bold red color that is perfected by accents of tassels on both sides so that it adds texture to the room. This red rug can be combined with the use of navy blue wall paint to make it look contrasting and give the room a more festive atmosphere. Red Color Rug from @driftingfocus


An easy way you can add color to your living room decor is to use a colorful interior. This colorful rug with faux fur material can make the room feel more pleasant, cool and comfortable. The surface of this rug will feel warmer, softer and softer so it is suitable for use in room weather that feels colder in spring or winter.. Colorful Wool Rug from @mollykuplen


If you want a more elegant final look in the living room decoration then using a rug to cover the floor is a smart idea that you can do. Now you can use and choose neutral colors like beige to make it easier for you to combine it with other furniture around it. Adding a few different patterns to a throw pillow cover is an additional decoration that can work. Beige Furry Rug Ideas from @creativedesignshomestaging


Black and white is a color combination that is commonly used for furniture or accessories in the home. Yes, these two colors can be combined in choosing a rug design that will cover the living room floor. After that, the use of a velvet sofa with emerald green color is a color combination that can blend in one room because it has a fairly dark color. Black and White Color Rug from @kristinacrestindesign


The use of a rug that is aligned in color with a sofa is an important part that needs attention to fill in the empty living room so that it can be used as a more comfortable room. Look at this orange sofa with a round rug in the same color, isn’t it a beautiful combination? Yes, just choose the rug pattern according to your wishes to produce a visually appealing appearance. Orange Color Rug Livingroom Ideas from @home.inspo.daily

Determined the Size of the Rug

Choosing the right rug size can make all the difference in enhancing your living room. Too small, and the space can feel cramped; too large, and it can envelop the room and make it look disjointed. Ideally, your rug should be at least a foot wider than the sofa on either side. This creates a visual anchor, which helps to ground your conversation area and pull the room together.

You can also opt to go with a front-legs-only layout, which is a more budget-friendly option and can make the space appear larger. Simply place your furniture’s front legs on the rug, leaving the back legs to rest on bare floor. This will keep a 12-inch border around your rug, which is ideal. Additionally, it’s important to leave a few inches between the wall and the edge of the rug (and more if you have the room) so that it doesn’t give the impression of “almost” wall-to-wall carpeting.


The size of the rug, which is adjusted to the length of the use of this sofa, displays an elegant and modern living room decoration. But it’s a good idea to choose it with a splash of neutral colors like beige to make it seem wider for a small living room. Small rugs made from jute have low maintenance so they are highly recommended to try. Small Rug Livingroom Ideas from @boligmagasinetdk


Do you have a living room with a large enough room? If you have it, you can use a rug design with a medium size and of course with a choice of natural jute material. This rug design can be used to cover furniture seats such as coffee tables and sofas that are used and displayed in an L shape. Medium Sized Rug from @ahousebythetrees


To cover part of your living room floor, choose and just use a large rug so that it is maximized when used. The choice of pattern also determines the style of your home, choose and use abstract patterns with splashes of attractive colors that can make the room have a pop of color that attracts attention. You can have this large sized rug at a fairly expensive price. Large Sized Rug from @mersanaco

Liven up with Pattern

A patterned rug adds a sense of depth to any room. It can also serve as a design focal point and help grab people’s attention. The right pattern can also elongate and unify your space, especially in a multipurpose living room. When rugs are placed correctly, they can also help to anchor furniture and make the room feel grounded. Patterned rugs can also be a great way to pick up color from your walls and furniture. However, they can be too busy or overpowering if not carefully selected. If you love modern designs, a striped or geometric pattern can be your options. If you love bold patterns, a boho rug is a great idea. You can also opt for vintage, traditional, or mid-century pattern for your living room ideas.


This living room is fun in bright and pastel colors, so this tropical patterned rug fits perfectly into the space. This complements the indoor tropical greenery which makes the room look nice and contemporary. The rugs used are dominated by the color blue which has a color harmony with the use of the velvet sofa that is right next to it. Tropical Rug Pattern from @the.doormouse


This striped rug with a shabby chic look is suitable for a vintage-style room decoration. This rug design, which comes in a variety of different colors, is suitable to be combined with a plain neutral colored sofa. Perform maintenance on the surface of the rug to keep it clean all day long. You can wash it using a machine to minimize your work on weekends. Colorful Striped Rug from @andean_collective


Add a little life to your living room by choosing a rug that has a pop of color with a choice of colorful floral patterns. Here, the beauties of blue, red, yellow and green liven up this living room without being distracting. In addition, the floral pattern used is usually used for a room that has a simple vintage touch that you can try to combine with coffee table spindle legs made of reclaimed wood. Festive Look Floral Rug Pattern from @alisonkandler_interiordesign


Don’t use plain rugs if you want additional patterns on your living room decor. We recommend that you choose it with a vintage pattern that is dominated by the use of bold red. This large and wide rug is ready to be used as a seat for chair legs, benches and a unique coffee table with a fairly large size. The dominant red color is a choice that will never fail. Bold Vintage Pattern from @homestylednashville


This square pattern rug with bright color choices can be used as a focal point of the room because the furniture around it is dominated by neutral color choices such as black, brown and green. A square pattern rug with tassel accents on both sides is ready to add texture to the room with a warm and soft touch. Square Pattern Rug Livingroom from @hornsby_style


Are you feeling a bit brave? Add excitement to your living room with a striped rug dominated by a mix of black and white. Don’t be afraid to mix and match with some other furniture that has bold enough colors to show the final look of a different room and is ready to be used as the focal point of the room. Black and White Striped Rug from @und_anne_so_yeah


A modern rug with a geometric pattern is suitable for a modern living room. There are many color choices that you can choose from, but it’s a good idea to just use a neutral color like white or beige to make it easier for you to combine it with other furniture around it. Also adjust the size of the rug with the area of the living room floor for maximum comfort that can be obtained instantly. Geometric Pattern Rug Design from @dom_pod_katalpa


When it comes to decorating your living room, texture is a key component. It can make a space feel cosy, warm and inviting, but it’s also a great way to add depth and visual interest. Adding a rug is a fantastic way to create texture in your living room. The variety of styles, textures and materials available makes it easy to find something that will suit your personal style.

You can even mix up rugs to add a new dimension. Layering rugs in different tones and materials will give your living room a sense of personality, as well as making it look more finished. Adding curves to your rugs can be a good idea too, as they will lift the room and soften the shape of the floor plan. You can either choose a full-on voluptuous rug or a gently rounded version to complement your existing furnishings.


Wool rugs come in all kinds of colors and styles. The choice of light gray color will never go out of style. On the other hand, you can choose it with additional interesting patterns that can add a soft texture to your living room decoration. The wool material used will have a softer surface and can be cleaned using a vacuum cleaner to free it from dust and other impurities. Light Gray Wool Rug from @maddiexhome


In addition to providing texture to the room, a rug made of super chunky material brings an ombre color tone that is very eye-catching. The bold color of the rug used starts from a combination of pink, sage green, yellow and bold red. You can mix it up with an orange furry sofa to make your white room more colorful and fun. Colorful Super Chunky Rugs from @madaboutrugs


Choose and use the right rug material to add texture to your living room decor. For example, you can use faux fur to make your feet softer, warmer and smoother. You also need to pay attention to choosing the right color, to give a different and more natural look, you can use it with green mixed with a little plain white. Faux Fur Rug with Tassels from @qratededition


White doesn’t have to be boring, in this living room, the hue pops out for a sleek, well-appointed décor. If you want to add texture to the room, then you should choose and use a rug made of woven yarn as the main ingredient, or you can also buy it at a fairly affordable price. This rug design has a color harmony with the use of a sofa which is suitable for decorating a limited-sized living room. Woven Rug Design from @theeverydayhome


Who would have thought that using a rug could add texture to your living room decor. Use the appropriate color, size and shape. Round shaped rugs are a choice of textured flooring that can be chosen with a touch of neutral colors and a choice of marble patterns that are very eye-catching. The room which is dominated by architectural values makes the guests who come very impressed with the selection of interior decorations used. Round Shaped Rug from @designerrugs


These two rugs arranged in stacks are a layered rug design that can add texture to your living room decor. Try to choose it with two different colors so that it looks quite contrasting. Perform routine maintenance so that dust does not accumulate which will cause the room to feel uncomfortable. Layered Rug from @shofysticated

Go Boho

If you want to add a little more texture to your boho-inspired living room, a rug is the perfect solution. A rug that is filled with heaps of jute, for example, will bring a natural, rustic feel to your space and injects colour into the area. A rug that features a bold geometric pattern can add even more life to your boho-inspired living room. You can also opt for a rug in a neutral color to make it easy on the eye without taking away from your other design elements. If you want to get creative, choose a rug with matching coloring for your built-ins and other architectural details. This will help draw attention to the design and pull the entire room together, no matter how many patterns are at play.


The jute rug design with the main ingredient of hemp is one of the characteristics of the bohemian theme in your living room decoration. Own it with this round shape that looks unique and different. Its existence is enhanced by the use of rattan woven sofas and a rattan coffee table that has been re-polished so that it has a more shiny surface. Choose and use a jute rug with a medium size or can be adjusted to the needs of the room. Jute Rug from @vextnattis


The geometric pattern on this bohemian rug design has splashes of bold color so it’s ready to be used as a focal point. Use it in a large size so that it can cover the entire living room floor. The basic color on this rug makes the pattern used very clear. Finish off the room with some abstract painting wall decor to add artistic value to the room the easy way. Bold Geometric Rug from @bergerinterior

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