Things to do to have a healthy home2

To maintain your health, it won’t be only about the food and things that you consume but also the quality of the environment including your house environment. In this case, you should be able to create a healthy home. Maybe it is quite confusing about how to make a healthy home but you should know that it is not that difficult and less effort as long as you do some parts regularly. The point is that there are some things that should be maintained well to create a healthy home. Here, it is related to the air quality, water quality, and the cleanliness of your home.

Things to do to have a healthy home1

To make it easier for you, we have gathered some ideas that you can follow to have a healthy home. You can do things and you will get a healthy home for a good quality of life. Here are the points.

HVAC Maintenance

When talking about a good home, it won’t be only about the decoration with its beauty and the facilities but also about the HVAC to support your good life quality. The HVAC itself will be about the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. Those things might not make your home to be as pretty but will give you a healthier living for sure if you can maintain things well. It means that you can’t only do the repair when the things are broken but also does the regular maintenance for the durable and good performance HVAC.


The heater is an important thing for you who live in four seasons country. It will maintain your body temperature during winter. Imagine what will happen when you don’t have a heater, it will give you a higher risk to get cold. Well, you might have the fireplace. But, is it possible for you to have the fireplace in your bedroom or kitchen? As we know that the heater is way more easier and efficient to maintain the temperature. Do the maintenance for your heater well especially when the winter season is coming really soon.

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Heating treatment is one of the things you can do to have a healthier home. This time you can do heating maintenance by replacing the heater filter when it is not used. With this treatment, this heater can work properly and successfully make your home healthier. Changing Filters from @bellbroshvac

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One of the easy maintenance that you can do on the heater in your home is to check it regularly. You can check all parts, especially the heater system section so that it will be detected more quickly when damage occurs. When damage is detected early, repairs will be carried out quickly and will not result in too much damage. Checking Heater System from @homestead_comfort

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Apart from the heating system, the electrical part of the heater is one of the things that must be considered. As an effort to maintain HVAC in your home, you can periodically check the electric heater so you can find out damage earlier. This method is quite easy but very effective and efficient for creating a healthy home. Electrical heater checking from @hometechdavid


Ventilation is really important to maintain the air quality of your house. It will let the dust and germ be filtered well. Also, the fumes from your cooking activity can be filtered so that the smell won’t disturb you. Well, there is also ventilation in the bathroom that is really functional to maintain the humidity of the bathroom. We all know that the humidity of your bathroom can affect the health of the room. Since you know the importance of ventilation, make sure that you do the maintenance well for your health reason.

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Apart from heaters, ventilation is one of the HVACs that requires maintenance. Here you can perform maintenance on ventilation by checking the ventilation system as a whole. Not only that, here you can also clean it regularly so that it functions properly. Checking Ventilation from @phoenixabudhabi

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Dirty filters will result in dirty and unhealthy air so your home becomes unhealthy. Here you can perform maintenance on ventilation by replacing filters that are dirty and not suitable for use. In this way, dirty air can be filtered perfectly and will provide healthier, fresher, and better quality air. Replace Filters from @thecoolingco

Air Conditioning

Not only the ventilation, but the air conditioner is also really functional to maintain the air quality of your house. Additionally, the air conditioner can also help you to get fresher air quality and to help you deal with the hot weather during summer. What will it be when you don’t have an air conditioner during summer? You can get sick even by only affected by the hot weather. There are some things that you can do to maintain the air conditioner as follow.

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An easy way to create a healthy home is to take proper care of your home’s HVAC, one of which is AC. Make sure your AC is clean! Here you can do it by cleaning it regularly using a certain sprayer. This way your air conditioner will stay clean and provide healthier air. AC Cleaner from @temcon_air_conditioning

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You will never fail to do AC maintenance by changing the AC filter. Here you can replace the AC filter regularly to make your air conditioner continue to provide cool and quality air. This method is quite effective and efficient in keeping your home healthy. Change the Filter from @beaudoinhvac

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This time you can do maintenance on the AC by checking the AC system. This method is very precise to detect damage and can be handled quickly. As a result, your air conditioner will function normally and can support comfort in your home and create a healthy home. Repairing Damage from @beaudoinhvac

Checking the Water Filter

The next important thing that can affect your health besides the air quality is the water quality. However, some of us live in an area that won’t let us have good water quality. Here, having a water filter is such an important thing. When you already have it, make sure to maintain the filter. You should do the checking of the cleanliness and the function of the filter to let it works well.

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Apart from taking care of the HVAC, checking the water filter is an effort that you must do to create a healthy home. This time you can check regularly and on all sections. The advantage of checking this water filter is that it will keep your water filter performing well and produce quality water. In addition, you can also find out the signs of damage earlier. Indoor Water Filter from @beaudoinhvac

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Talking about creating a comfortable home, water is a very influential element. Here the thing you have to do is check the outdoor and indoor water filters. This will keep your water filter’s performance running smoothly and be able to filter water properly. As a result, the water produced will be clearer and more suitable for life. Outdoor Water Filter from @kateandkrusty_travel

Rug Cleaning

It is not something to be seen but when you see it from the microscope, you will see that your rug is really dirty. There are dust and germ lodged there that will affect your health. Especially when you have kids, it is too risky for them because they will drop the food on the rug and take it again to be eaten without noticing on the germs lodged there. For rug cleaning, you can simply vacuum the rug but when it is too dirty, you should laundry the rug.

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Cleanliness is one thing that is very influential on health. Therefore, cleaning the carpet area is one of the right steps to keep your home healthy. You can use a vacuum cleaner to clean your carpet so that all dirt will be sucked up perfectly and kept clean. Rug Vacuum Cleaner from @aspiron_co

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One small effort you can make to get a healthy home is cleaning the carpet. Do regular carpet cleaning to keep it clean and not cause the room to become musty which might cause the occupants to be allergic to dust. This time you can clean it by spraying high-pressure water on the surface of the carpet until all the dirt has fallen off. Rug Cleaner from @true_blue_carpet_cleaning

Creating Fresh Air with Greenery

When you already do the maintenance for the tools in creating good air quality, then it’s time for you to give your effort into creating fresh air. It will be quite simple because you can simply do this by providing greenery in your house. However, you should make sure to choose the right plants if you want to make it durable. The plants should be easy to maintain and have a high possibility to live indoor.

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Presenting plants in the indoor area is one of the right ways to create a healthy home. Because plants will give a fresher feel and make the air better quality. This time you can present these plants in the living room area so that they will make guests feel more comfortable. Livingroom Garden from

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You can never fail to create a healthy home with plants. Instead of presenting trees, here you only need to present potted plants in the indoor area. This effort will make the room fresher and make the air in the room of better quality. Stair Potted Plant Display from @indoorjungledecor

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Make a healthy and comfortable home. It doesn’t have to be complicated, here you can bring plants in the indoor area to make the air fresher. Tropical plants will be the right choice because they are suitable for indoor areas. Because bringing plants indoors can improve air quality, so you can try it now. Bedroom Plants from @bedfully

Pest Handling

Pest is also the one that will affect your health. Not only can damage your house but the pests are mostly grubby and bring disease. It is clear that the pests need to be annihilated. There are some things that you can do such as applying the liquid to chase away the pest or doing the preventive actions that will be explained below.

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This time it’s about pests! Make sure your house is protected from pests to get perfect comfort. You can handle pests around your home by spraying anti-pest liquid around the house. As a result, pests will die and cannot enter your home so that it will not interfere with the quality of life in the house Outdoor Pest Handling from @pest_go

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Exterminating pests is one way to get a healthy and comfortable home. It doesn’t have to be complicated, here you can do it yourself by simply spraying anti-pest liquid on the holes and blemishes on the walls or foundation of your house. In this way your home will be protected from various pests and you can be sure that your home is healthy. Spray Pest Exterminator Liquid from @hardline_pest

Clean the Mold

When commonly you do mold cleaning only for cleanliness reasons or for beauty reasons, then now, you should know that mold can also affect your health. The mold will create a high humidity that won’t be good for the air quality. Also, the smell of the mold is bad and not comfortable to be inhaled. You should do cleaning really soon when there is mold on the wall, ceiling, just anywhere you might find it at home. If you let it too long stick there, the mold will be harder to be cleaned.

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Mold may be one of the factors causing an unhealthy home, so you can clean it. This time you can use a special fungus cleaning fluid to clean the walls from mold so it’s easier. Just spray the liquid on the wall and wipe it clean with a cloth. Spray special liquid from @spraynineofficial

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Look at this wall! Looks dirty and unhealthy. Here you can clean the walls from mold using a special sprayer or using water and soap. After cleaning, make sure your wall is dry and not damp so it won’t cause moldy walls again. Mold Cleaning from @eegrestore

Difuser with Essential Oil

It is amazing how essential oil can also give you healthy air quality at home. Most people use it to get a good smell around the house but start from now on, choose the right essential oil that can improve your health and use it for your home smell. For your reference, you can have peppermint, lemongrass, or lavender for health purposes.

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Simple but perfect! Diffuser is one tool that you can use to create a healthy home. Use essential oils that have a certain aroma so that they can make breathing smoother and more comfortable. Therefore, you will never fail to present a diffuser with essential oils in your home Table Top Diffuser from @oilandoakcreations

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A fairly easy way to make your home healthier and of better quality is to present a diffuser. Use essential oils to create a relaxing scent. In this way the diffuser will work effectively and efficiently to create a healthier home. Black Diffuser from @oilandoakcreations

Although there are so many things that you should do to have a healthy home, basically, the things are not difficult to do. You can start with simple things like providing the diffuser with essential oil and adding greenery here and there. Then, you can start to make a schedule for the maintenance project for things that we have mentioned above. Good luck!

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