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When protecting your flooring, epoxy floor coatings are usually the go-to choice. But did you know there are more chlorine choices available for your garage, patio, commercial property, driveway, etc.? Anywhere you have concrete, you can apply an epoxy-free floor coating. This type of coating offers numerous advantages. Without epoxy resins, choosing floor coatings with polyurea can give you enhanced durability and a beautiful finish that lasts longer than you might think. If you’re wondering why you should consider a polyurea coating for your workshop floor, click here for more information on epoxy-free floor coatings and whether they are the right choice for your space. This article dives into why epoxy-free floor coatings are the future, and the future is now. We’ll also discuss what makes this epoxy-free option a better choice in just about every application.

Greater Flexibility

Another advantage of epoxy-free floor coatings is their greater flexibility. Polyurea coatings have a higher elongation rate than epoxy, meaning that they can stretch and bend without cracking. This makes them ideal for areas that experience movements, such as floors with expansion joints or floors subject to temperature changes. Additionally, polyurea coatings have greater impact resistance, making them suitable for high-traffic areas.

Faster Drying Times

Don’t have a lot of time to wait for your floor to dry or to use it? Whether you’re a busy commercial business or want to use your garage, dry time matters. Epoxy-free coatings with polyurea offer unmatched drying times. You can expect the full dry time in a few hours. In 24 hours, you can be using your space again; this includes parking a vehicle on it. Another solid point to make is that drying time isn’t increased or decreased based on temperature. It doesn’t matter if it’s extremely chilly out; dry time is the same. This is great for contractors as they can apply floor coatings all year long with consistency and the promise of certain dry times. 

Dry times aren’t the same as cure times. A faster curing time means greater conveniences for businesses and individuals. The cure time for polyurea is only a few hours. When compared to the epoxy that takes 24 hours or more to just dry, this is a massive difference.

Slip Resistance

Working around heavy machinery or even cars, safety is important. One feature that is often missed when discussing polyurea floor coatings is its ability to be slip resistant. Slip resistance is critical for home and commercial properties. What makes polyurea slip resistance? It has a natural aggregate property that adds traction to a surface. Does this mean that the surface won’t feel smooth? Yes and no. It can feel like it has texture, thanks to the vinyl chips.

Fills In Gaps- Gorgeous Leveled, Finish

A common misconception about both epoxy and polyurea is that you can level a concrete floor by just applying more of the product. That is completely false. Both of these products have a thin layer that is applied and built on. The coating will adhere to your concrete pad and spread out on its own. These products aren’t self-leveling. But what polyurea can do is fill gaps and cracks in your existing concrete. Does this mean it’s a patch for structural issues? No. But can it produce a beautiful finish without having to make concrete repairs? Yes.

Color Options!

One of the greatest advantages of choosing polyurea for your floors is the number of color options available. In fact, there are over 250 color options to choose from. With different flake options and incorporating neutral colors, earth tones, or even more vibrant options that give your space a color pop, you can personalize your area however you choose. We recommend looking at all the color samples before making a decision. Because polyurea lasts quite a while, you’ll want to choose a floor color that reflects your likes and value to your space. Consider other materials in the area, such as toolboxes, plants, etc., so that everything blends well together.


What makes polyurea so eco-friendly? It is a plant-based material! There aren’t any solvents or VOCs. This makes polyurea an incredible choice over epoxy. With a heavier focus on lowering our carbon footprints, this can be an easy alternative that doesn’t come up short.


Epoxy is known for being durable. That much is a given. But would it surprise you to learn that epoxy-free coatings can be just as durable, if not more so? Polyurea checks out. Because it has a more flexible elastomer, polyurea can withstand chemicals, heat, and wear and tear better. So if you’re working around high temperatures or plan to use your space more, choosing a material that can hold up against these complex issues is a must.

Epoxy floors often are prone to cracking. A brittle surface that is prone to chips is not something you want, especially in high-traffic areas. Polyurea coatings are great for high traffic and have greater impact resistance. They also have a better moisture tolerance. If you apply polyurea to a damp surface or in an area with high humidity, it won’t necessarily affect its adhesion properties.

Differences Between Polyurea and Epoxy

As you’ve seen throughout this article, there are quite a few differences between the two types of floor coatings. Below we summarize why you might want to choose epoxy-free the next time you need to coat your floors. Please note that while polyurea is a superior product, ripping out your epoxy floors to replace them sooner isn’t the best idea. Instead, we recommend waiting until it’s time to replace, which can be about ten years. Reasons you should go with polyurea-based floor coatings include:

-Faster dry times

-Easier applications

-Highly durable and long-lasting



-Customizations for days

-Flame Resistance

-Lifetime warranties with companies like Lifetime Green Coatings

-Great for any concrete surface

Choosing The Best Contractor

Lifetime Green Coatings is known for its high-quality products and workmanship. Offering customers amazing eco-friendly solutions for floor coatings, customers can have the flooring job completed in a single day and be ready to use in as little as 24 hours. When you don’t have time to wait for the epoxy to dry, want to avoid harsh VOCs, and are looking for an easier approach to beautiful flooring, epoxy-free solutions are an ideal choice.

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