Different kinds of air purifier for a healthy home2

These days, the existence of an air purifier in a house is really needed. It will be different from the condition a long time ago when the air is still fresh without too much dust and pollution here and there. The air purifier will help you to filter the air so that the quality of the air around the house will be cleaner and healthier. Not only to deal with the air quality but the air purifier is also functional to minimize the possibility of you being infected by disease. We all know that these days, there are varied kinds of new diseases that exist. This condition is really risky where when one of the family members is infected, the other will be infected too. Here, the air purifier will help you to minimize the possibility.

Different kinds of air purifier for a healthy home1

Basically, there are many kinds of air purifiers that you can buy. The variation will be about the size, the specification, and the application. For the size, if you want an effective one, you can buy the big one that can cover the whole big room. But, if you only need it for your small bedroom, then you can simply buy the small one. For the specification, the air purifier can have additional functions such as lighting. Then, for the application, you can have the air purifier that is placed on the floor, on the table, or on the rack. The complete ideas will be shown below.

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There are many types of air purifiers that you can use to create a healthy home, one of which is a mini air purifier. It has a small size, making it more minimalist and suitable for placing on a desk to complement your home office. Despite its small size, these air purifiers are capable of filtering air up to 99%. Mini air purifiers from @uisuvc

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HEPA air purifier is an air filter tool designed to remove airborne particles such as dust, pet dander and other particles. This time we are using a HEPA air purifier which has a small size so it is simpler but still manages to filter the air well. Placing it on the table makes it perfectly exposed. HEPA Air Purifier from @drewcare.id

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One type of air purifier that you can use is a window air purifier. This tool is not too big in size and works effectively to filter the air in your home. By using this tool, the air will be healthier and of better quality so that your home will be healthier. Windows Air purifier from @bebopdesigners

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Talking about air purifiers, this one is a choice that you can never fail to use. This is a smart air purifier! This one tool has a smart feature that can be operated using a cellphone or remote. This tool also works well to filter air and can create a healthy home. In addition, this smart air purifier also has a more modern appearance. Smart Air Purifier from @teslasmartcz

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Bringing air purifiers to your home is one of the right ideas to create a healthy home. This time you can use a UV air purifier. This tool has a device equipped with UV light technology to capture air and pass it through a filter so that the air produced is healthier and of better quality. UV Air Purifier from @breathesans

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These are activated carbon air purifiers, this tool works effectively to clean smoke, gas, and bad odors in the house. This activated carbon air purifier includes a HEPA filter that can also remove dust, pet dander, and more. Therefore, this activated carbon air purifier will never fail for you to choose. Activated carbon air purifier from @bbluv

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This Ionic air purifier is quite different from the usual ones, because it’s just quiet and doesn’t have a sound. This tool emits negative ions into the air and particles such as dust, animal hair and others will fall and will not make your air dirty. Having a design that is quite attractive, this ionic air purifier will also present a very attractive visual appearance. Ionic Air Purifier from @mydearbabyph

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This air purifier is an electronic air purifier. It is a whole-home solution that uses a furnace or air conditioner to charge and trap airborne particles using static electricity. This tool can remove dust and other particles in the air. Equipped with HEPA and ion filters will make it work perfectly to filter the air. Electronic Air Purifier from @komfang

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This is an Amway air purifier that will work perfectly to filter indoor air and make the air healthier. This time we are using a small air purifier so it is simpler but still works effectively and efficiently. Placing it on the table will look more attractive and succeed in stealing attention. Amway air purifier from @wil.i.am95

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There are many air purifiers that you can use to complement your home, one of which is the modern air purifier. This modern air purifier has modern features that can filter out small particles such as dust and pet dander. This modern air purifier has various sizes so that it can be adjusted according to needs. This time we are using a portable air purifier so that it can be displayed on the table. Modern Air purifier from @wil.i.am95

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Look at the picture above! This is a floor air purifier, as the name suggests, this air purifier is usually displayed on the floor area. It has a design that is quite attractive so many people like it. This floor air purifier works using electricity and is equipped with a cable to connect the electric current. Floor Air Purifier from @beaba_usa

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You can never fail to use this one-in-one modern air purifier. The reason is that it has a system that is able to filter small particles in the air so that it will make the air clean and of good quality. This time we are using an air purifier with a simple design and a black and white color theme so it looks attractive and inspiring. White and black air purifier from @hydroflux_singapore

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This is the right choice. This UV air purifier will work perfectly to filter the air in the bedroom area and other spaces. This air purifier has a device equipped with UV light technology to capture air and pass it through the filter and produce cleaner air. This time you can place it on the carpet so it’s simpler. White UV air purifier from @wil.i.am95

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Having the shape of a circle, this air purifier is very kid-friendly because it won’t hurt children. This is a type of electronic air purifier, it works by trapping particles in the air using static electricity. This can also reduce dust on the floor and others. Therefore you will never fail to use this one air purifier. Round Air Purifier from @ignite_with_amy

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Of the various types of air purifiers, this portable air purifier is one that is in great demand. The reason is that it has a minimalist size and is easier to move anywhere. This time you can place it on the table so that it is simpler and can also work well filtering air and producing cleaner and better quality air. Countertop purifier from @wil.i.am95

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