8 ways to prep your home for a spring sale2

Selling of home can be done anytime. But spring is a great time to sell your home because it’s traditionally a time of year when homes get more offers at better prices. If you’re thinking of selling your home this spring, there are several things you can do to make your listing stand out from the competition. To make your home as attractive as possible, you need to prep it for showings.

There are several ways to go about this. Whether you choose to hire a professional home stager or simply implement the suggestions of your real estate agent, these tips will help you prepare your home for sale. One of the easiest ways to do this is to clean up your outdoor spaces. This includes raking up leaves, cleaning up dead plants, and planting new ones. Furthermore, here are some ways to prep your home for a spring sale.

8 ways to prep your home for a spring sale1

Clean the Windows

If you’re selling your home in spring, it’s essential to make sure your windows are clean. Dirty windows aren’t only unappealing to potential buyers; they also spoil the view outside your home. Start by removing dirt from your window frames with a vacuum or cloth. This prevents loose dust from mixing with your cleaning solution, which can create a muddy mess. Next, mix a 50/50 vinegar and water solution in a bucket to loosen and free dirt from the window surface. Then, spray the solution on your windows and wipe them with a back-and-forth motion.


One of the ways you can do before doing a house sale in the spring is to clean all the existing glass windows. What is needed now is a cleaning fluid to remove stains and dust attached to the glass and windowsill. This cleaning liquid can be obtained at a fairly affordable price, just spray it and rinse or wipe using a clean microfiber cloth. Prepare Cleaning Liquid from @0ur_home__


After spraying the cleaning fluid on the surface of the glass window, you can wipe it using a microfiber cloth with a soft material of choice. This is intended so that the surface of the glass is not easily scratched. This rag has a softer, finer material and is certainly easy to wash again when it looks dirty. Reuse after the cloth has dried for the last rinse on your window glass so that you get a shiny finish. Wipe with Microfiber Cloth from @lavenderhazehousekeeping


A wiper cleaner tool that is used to remove stains on window glass can be removed when spring arrives. Get rid of the remaining winter dirt that sticks quite firmly. This cleaning can be done regularly to keep the glass window surface clean and healthy. Apart from that, glass cleaning is also one of the ways you can do it before selling your house. Use Wiper Window Cleaner from @limpieza.exteriores

Clean Up

The right cleaning can go a long way toward making your home appealing to potential buyers. Not only is it a good idea to wipe down your kitchen counters, but you might also want to dust your windows and replace your light bulbs. The best part is that it’s a relatively cheap and simple task that will have a big impact on how people view your home. It’s no secret that homes with a lot of clutter are hard to sell, but getting your house ready for a sale can be easier than you think. In fact, a little spring cleaning can go a long way toward ensuring that your home will stand out from the competition.


Clean your whole house to make it free from dust and dirt. These are the main activities that can be done before selling a house. A clean, dust-free and healthy home is the main attraction for potential buyers. Apart from that, you can also adjust the layout of the furniture used so that it doesn’t fall apart and cause eye damage, now you can focus on the laundry room which will often be used for washing clothes. Clean Laundry Room Area from @our.littlehome


The white tile floor must have regular maintenance to prevent stains from sticking, especially on the floor grout as well. Try scrubbing it with a regular brush or cloth combined with cleaning fluid or detergent water to clean it. A clean and shiny surface adds to the selling value of your home in spring, it’s not enough to stop here, also give the room a nice scent to add to the relaxed atmosphere. Brush Tile and Floor Grout from @our.littlehome


When selling a house, try to reduce the use of furniture for the final appearance of a wider, cleaner and brighter room. Excessive use of furniture will cause chaos that can happen instantly. You can remove some of the furniture that is not dominantly used to provide empty floor space so that it is also easier to clean. Walls with arched designs add artistic value to your home. Reduce Furniture Use from @our.littlehome

Clean Up the Yard

If you’ve been keeping your yard a bit neglected over the winter, spring is the perfect time to get it into shape. It’s a great way to prepare your yard for summer gardening and outdoor entertaining. In addition, a clean yard is an excellent first impression on potential buyers, which can be the difference between getting an offer and wasting time and money trying to sell your house. Using a rake, broom or hose, comb through your lawn and garden beds to clear away dead leaves and debris. Next, remove all branches that may be swaying over your home or damaging your gutters and roof.


After winter is over, you have to do a thorough cleaning of the front yard area, this is the main thing that has to be done. Why ? Because after the winter season is over it will leave debris and damaged plants so cleaning like sweeping is a very appropriate activity. Simply sweeping away all the debris and dry leaves to get a clean yard can add to the appeal of a pretty high selling price.  Clear Debris and Dry Leaves from @erin_lile_realtor


After cleaning, you can tidy up the yard by adjusting the use and decoration of the pathways. Mulch and green grass are a very perfect combination of yards because they can produce quite bold color contrasts. Just choose and use mulch with a deep black color and of course with a winding arrangement. Keep this part of your front yard free of clutter and winter debris. Tidy Up Landscaping Front Yard from @karakilandscaping

Boost Curb Appeal

Boosting your home’s curb appeal is important for both attracting buyers and making the selling process easier. In fact, a home that is attractive from the outside will sell more quickly and for more money than a less appealing home. Real estate experts say that people make their first impressions of a property in just seconds. If your home is unkempt from the outside it will stick in someone’s mind for a long time, even if the interior is much better maintained. Investing in a little springtime landscaping can significantly improve your home’s exterior. Plantings can accentuate key points, like your front door or window boxes. They can also help disguise items on your yard that might stand out, like street signs or garbage cans.


Make arrangements for the front porch area to attract the attention of people who will buy your home. If the wall paint and floor paint used look shabby, you can repaint it with a choice of bright blue which can add to the appeal and make the final appearance more elegant. It’s not enough to get here, you can also add several sitting areas if needed. Do Tidying and Repainting from @mottolagroupsells


The main thing that you can pay attention to before selling a house is to improve the appearance of the curb decoration. It becomes important and urgent. Re-paint it for a cleaner look, apart from that adding a few flower pots around it is also an additional natural color that you can put to good use. Just get these plants in the backyard garden area and choose a fairly favorite. Elegant Look Curb from @susansellskelowna

Paint the Walls

Adding a fresh coat of paint to your home is an easy way to make it more appealing to potential buyers. It also shows that you’ve taken care of the house, and can potentially bring in a higher sale price. When painting, it’s important to prep the walls properly before you begin. This will help ensure that the paint job looks great and that your wall is smooth to work on.


It’s a good idea to cover the floor and furniture using cloth before you do the painting on the walls and ceiling of the house. You can do this painting yourself to save more on your budget. The cloth used must also have thick fiber so that paint that falls on the floor and furniture does not penetrate. Prepare the highest quality paint so that it doesn’t peel off easily when used for a long time. Fabric Lining for Flooring and Furniture from @abboudpainting


Don’t let the walls and interior in your home look shabby. Re-painting can be done, especially on the walls of your house. Determine the paint color that is quite favorite so that it is the right first step. White paint is the best choice because this color will never go out of style and is suitable for any style of home decoration, including modern, contemporary and minimalist styles. The gray tufted sofa is the next perfect match. Repaint the Wall from @our.littlehome

Make Repairs

Homeowners often make upgrades to a home to improve its look and increase its value. While it’s tempting to avoid repairs, if you’re selling your home, it’s best to tackle any small issues that need attention before listing it. These may include things like fixing small holes and cracks in walls or repairing deteriorated wood.

Buyers may be put off by issues like a broken toilet handle or an electrical outlet that hasn’t worked in a decade. It’s important to keep your list of repairs in line with the needs of the market and comparable homes in your area. If you’re unsure what repairs are necessary, consult with an experienced real estate agent.


If the furniture or interior at home is damaged, then do repairs first to increase the selling value of your home. For example, if your toilet handle is broken, do the repairs to the maximum and of course by calling experts so that the repairs carried out are also appropriate. A good quality toilet handle may not be easily damaged when used for a long time. Repair Broken Toilet Handle from @monicacheese


Pay attention to the old baseboard of your house, if there are holes due to termite pests, you can make repairs properly and precisely. For example, if your baseboards have holes then patch and paint again to get a smooth surface and better like new. This repair can be done by an expert or yourself so that it saves more on the budget. Repair Old Baseboards from @northern_suburbs_handyman


If you have a part of the roof that is damaged or has holes, then you can make repairs so you don’t damage it more widely. This results in a house leak which will disturb the comfort of your home room. In addition, if the roof of the house is left damaged and has holes like this, it will reduce the selling value of your house when spring arrives. Replace it with a new roof or it can also be patched, ask for the right builder’s instructions so you don’t spend too much budget. Repair Roof from @lavhandywork


Depersonalizing a home is a key part of staging it for a spring sale. It means packing up your family photos, unique art objects, sports memorabilia and other personal effects that could distract potential buyers. Instead, present your home as a blank canvas that buyers can fill with their own furniture and decorations. This way, you can sell it for more money and help them envision themselves living in your home. It’s easy to forget that a lot of your house isn’t for you anymore, but it’s a good idea to think about it this way. Buyers aren’t buying your house to make it look like you lived there, they’re buying it to make their lives easier.


To free the buyer to decorate the house, just pack your personal belongings. Cardboard is the best packaging container that you can use, this cardboard is a sturdy container and enough to pack quite a lot of goods. After everything is packed properly, you can rent a box car to carry all the items safely and minimize breakage if the items you are packing are photo frames. Pack your Personal Items from @bricknetty


Empty the walls of your home from personal touches such as your own photos or works of art. This is part of the steps you must take before selling your house in the spring. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also clear the walls and floor area from furniture and accessories to have a more open, spacious and clutter-free room. Just let your home buyers decorate it according to what they want. Empty and Free from Personal Touch from @we_sea_more


Free your home buyers to decorate the room according to what they have in mind. The activities that you can do are pack things and move all the personal accessories of the house that are installed. Ottomans are one of the pieces of furniture that you can use as storage containers that can be used to the fullest, cardboard boxes are also additional storage that you can put to good use. Pack and Move All Home Accessories from @lifeoflarryyy

Get Organized or Decluttering Your Home

One of the best ways to prepare your home for a spring sale is to get organized. Getting rid of unnecessary items can help you make your home feel bigger and more spacious. Getting rid of stuff can also give you more space to enjoy the things you really love. Instead of trying to fit too many things into your home, focus on what truly brings you joy and makes life easier. Getting organized can take time, but it will be well worth the effort. You’ll be able to find what you need quickly and easily, which will save you time and money in the long run.


Even though your home decor has a large and open room, implementing the use of minimalist furniture is the best idea that you can use when you want to sell your house. Why ? Because the use of excessive furniture can produce a messy room and of course reduce the attractive appearance which causes the selling price to decrease. Just dominate the house with white for a more open final look. Minimalist Furniture from @our.littlehome


Take out some of your house items, especially in the entryway area. Because the entryway will be the first room that your prospective home buyer will enter to simply see the interior of the house used. Avoid the console table for a freer floor area and it’s also easier to clean. The expenditure of this item can be sorted from those that are dominantly used and minor used. Remove Some Furniture from @our.littlehome

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