Common mistakes of deck cleaning to avoid for sprucing up the outdoor living area2

Sometimes, people go wrong in cleaning the deck at home. It will do more harm than good and is dangerous for the safety side.

Common mistakes of deck cleaning to avoid for sprucing up the outdoor living area1

Applying Harsh Cleaning

Do not use a solution that is too harsh or abrasive. It will cause serious damage to your deck and make it more prone to weather damage over time. For example, chlorine bleach will damage the wood fibers of a deck and cause it to become brittle and degrade over time. So you can use an oxygenated bleach solution that is specifically designed for cleaning decks. For the best suggestion, you can use vinegar, baking soda, dish soap, or a gentle all-purpose cleaner. You can mix baking soda and vinegar in warm water to make your deck look new. On the other hand, a gentle soap like a biodegradable one will work well on painted decks compared to mixing baking soda and vinegar.

Using The Wrong Tools

Be cautious with power washing for a real wooden deck because it can splinter the wood. You can avoid a high-pressure setting that can damage the surface. Better you use a low-pressure setting at a safe distance. You have to remember too much pressure will damage composite decks. Then, do not also use metal tools or scrubbers as they potentially can stretch the surface.

Forget To Protect The Plants

Plants in containers can make a deck more inviting. Remember, you need to protect them before you start cleaning. There are many cleaning solutions that can harm the plants. Therefore you can move them off your deck to complete a more thorough cleaning of the decking surface without worrying about splashing them. When you cannot move the plants, you can cover them up with plastic sheeting or a trap.

Forget To Dry The Deck

Standing water can damage the wood, cause it to rot, and attract insects, and other pests. So it is important to make sure your deck is dry after cleaning. When it is a hot and sunny day so your deck may dry quickly by itself. Meanwhile, you are suggested to use a squeegee or a mop to remove any excess water.

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