Essential bathroom improvement ideas you need to try2

If you find your bathroom looking dull and outdated despite being a space for relaxation and stress relief after a tiring day, it might be time for a refresh. Consider incorporating new elements like delta faucet replacement parts to breathe new life into your bathroom. Whether it’s updating fixtures or adding modern touches, a bathroom improvement can transform your space into a rejuvenating oasis.

If you’re looking to refresh your bathroom with new fixtures and finishes, or give it an entirely new look, then you just click this link now and upgrade your bathroom. Also, there are many bathroom improvement ideas. You can try adding some new bathroom furniture from Ireland to create your perfect full traditional bathroom look. From a simple paint job to a full-scale remodel, these essential improvements will transform your bathroom into a luxurious spa.

Essential bathroom improvement ideas you need to try1

Update Your Fixtures and Hardware

Sometimes, the smallest upgrades can make the biggest difference. Changing the faucet, showerhead, or vanity knobs can instantly give your bathroom a fresh new look. Opt for a brushed or burnished finish on your faucet handles and hardware for a smooth, contemporary feel. Or go for a more rustic look with hammered bronze or oil-rubbed bronze fixtures.


Faucet is one of the hardware devices that will work optimally in decorating your bathroom. That way, replace your old faucet with a new one so that it can release water smoothly without any problems. Choose and use faucets made of bronze so they are not easily porous and do not rust easily when used for a long time. The use of towel racks can also use matching colors and materials. Gold Faucet Accent from @katie_at_the_crescent_


Knobs installed in your vanity cabinet must be replaced with newer ones as the first change and improvement for your bathroom decoration. Replacement of these knobs can be done easily and the material chosen can also be adjusted to the budget you have. Wall paint and vanity cabinets that are painted in gray can be combined directly with gold-colored knobs which will look shiny when exposed to the reflection of light. Knobs Cabinet Vanity from @theoldmaltkiln

Paint Your Walls

Painting your walls is an inexpensive way to refresh the look of a room. It also helps the space feel more efficient. Paint is a durable surface that can withstand moisture, steam and cleaning chemicals. The sheen of the paint you choose has a big impact on durability and cleanability. Select a semi-gloss finish that is easy to wipe down. You can find specialty bathroom paint that is anti-mould, preventing mildew from growing behind the wall.

Before you start painting, protect everything that can’t be moved, such as mirrors, outlet plates and towel racks, with tape or painters tape. Also, apply a mist coat first—prepared by adding water to a cheaper emulsion paint in a color that matches your topcoat. This acts as a primer and helps the paint adhere to the wall.


You don’t need to worry about creating a new look for your bathroom, you just need to repaint the bathroom wall. If you use an open brick wall in your bathroom, try coating the wall with gray paint, this is so that the exposed brick texture is still visible and the bathroom will get a new look. Combine it with black in certain parts so that the walls look more dominant and your small bathroom will look wider. Gray Paint Bathroom from @tropical_tenement


Green Tosca is also a paint choice that will make your bathroom look fresher. Replace all of your old wall paint with a bright color like green Tosca, with bright color paint like green Tosca this will make your bathroom look wider and brighter. If you want to get maximum results try to mix with other bright colors such as white in the interior. Green Tosca Wall Paint from @lustingforpastels


To get a vintage impression in the bathroom, an easy way you can try is to change the look of your walls. Use a wooden pallet for the bottom wall that you have coated with olive color paint and floral wallpaper on the top wall. Yes, olive paint on the pallet walls will add to the maximum vintage impression while at the same time protecting the wooden pallet walls from splashes of water which will make the pallets easily weathered. Olive Pallet Wall Paint from @rebeccaudallhome


Apart from making the bathroom look more masculine, using black paint on the walls will make the bathroom more dramatic. An all-black bathroom will have a focal point with the use of white closets and white sinks, coupled with a series of dim lights that will make the bathroom atmosphere more dramatic. You can also add a hexagon motif to the back wall of the closet so that your bathroom is not monotonous and still has texture. Dramatic Black Wall Paint from @livingedgeinteriors

Install New Flooring

Flooring is a big part of any bathroom renovation. The best floors for bathrooms are durable and water-resistant. Moisture in the form of shower splashes, bath water and soap, and toilet overflows can quickly ruin the wrong type of flooring.Porcelain tile can stand up to heavy bathroom traffic and withstand frequent cleaning.

For a beautiful and durable bathroom floor, concrete is the way to go. A stained or stamped concrete finish is impervious to water damage and lasts a lifetime. To prevent slips and falls, have a professional concrete installer add a non-slip coating to the surface of the finished floor.


Replace your old floor with a new tile whose shape will never go out of style. For example, you can use hexagon tiles on the floor area with dark colors like dark black so they don’t get dirty easily when used for a long time. Try to use white or silver floor grout so that it can look contrasting and is suitable for modern or contemporary bathroom themes. Hexagon Tile Floor from @willabyway


The concrete floor design used in bathroom decoration is one of the best recommendations that you can use. The color displayed also looks more neutral and makes it easier for you to combine it with other interiors around it. One of the advantages that you can get from using this concrete floor is that it is not easily scratched when you do routine maintenance every day. Concrete Floor from @mpghomedesign

Update Your Lighting

The right lighting can make your bathroom feel brighter, more spacious and more inviting. Additionally, the correct light levels can increase the efficiency of your space and help decrease your utility bills. Installing pendants or sconces is one of the easiest ways to give your bathroom a modern update. These fixtures hang from the ceiling and offer a variety of styles that can compliment any bathroom aesthetic. They also come in a range of finishes so you can choose the best fit for your home.


All rooms in your home certainly need proper lighting, including your bathroom decoration. For the vanity area, the most appropriate lighting to use is wall sconces with white lighting so that it is maximized for dark room decorations. This lamp can be installed on both sides of the mirror installation symmetrically with the selection of matching designs, sizes and colors. Modern Wall Sconces from @hauntedesign


Pendant lights are one type of lighting that you can try to decorate your bathroom this year. This lamp has good enough lighting to illuminate all corners of the bathroom well. Just hang it right above the layout of the bathtub that you are using so that it can work optimally at night, this lamp installation can be done alone or it can be done by an electrician so that the installation of electrical installations is more precise. Pendant Lighting from @reviving_no37


Cheap, bright and easy to install is a type of bulb lighting that can be installed at several points in the bathroom. Edison bulb lighting usually has orange lighting which can make a room feel warmer and more inviting. Use more than one of these lights so that your bathroom decoration can still function properly when the atmosphere in the room starts to get dark. Hanging Bulb Lighting from @doskonaly_i_my

Add Some Greenery

A bathroom is a tranquil place that should feel relaxing and calming, so adding some greenery helps give the space a sense of warmth and relaxation. Whether it’s a cloakroom, ensuite or main family bathroom, adding some plant life can make your room feel fresh and inviting. Look for plants that can thrive in low levels of light, such as aloe vera, cacti and bamboo, or even a succulent or mother-in-law’s tongue. For smaller bathrooms, try hanging some plants from the ceiling using on-trend macrame plant hangers.


Do you have a variety of different plants in your backyard garden decor? If you have it, you can move it into the bathroom using some of the selected pots or vases that you already have. Try to choose types of plants that are low maintenance so they don’t need to be sprayed with water every day and don’t need sun exposure every morning before noon. The white bathroom nuance makes the indoor greenery more bold. Indoor Greenery from @tiny_homey


Not only green plants, but you can also use a medium-sized tree to be used as a natural decoration in your bathroom decoration. Just apply this tree right in the corner of the room so it doesn’t interfere with your space when in the bathroom area. The black nuance in this bathroom makes the presence of indoor trees clearer and ready to be used as the focal point of the room. Corner Indoor Tree Display from @dixemnhadi


If you have a bathroom decoration with limited space, then just use green plants with a small size so that they can be placed on the countertop and shelf area right above the toilet. One type of plant that you can use is a spider plant with the use of neutral colored pots. This plant can be obtained easily in the backyard garden area for free, you just need to prepare the right pot and planting medium. Small Plants Decoration from @jk_farmhouselove

Replace the Countertop

Replacing a bathroom countertop is one of the simplest ways to update a room. However, it’s typically best left to contractors who can remove the old countertop without damaging the cabinets. Investing in quartz or granite countertops will boost your home’s resale value. These durable materials will not stain from makeup or hot curling irons. These are also an ideal choice for powder rooms and guest bathrooms.


For a more modern and luxurious bathroom look, you can use a countertop design with the main ingredient being solid black marble. This will make your bathroom look more dramatic. What you can do here is add LED lighting right under this floating vanity so that at night it can still be used effectively. Black Marble Countertop from @interiordesign_ideas


Look at the use of the same backsplash and countertop material, doesn’t it look modern and contemporary? Yes, you can use a subway tile design with plain white color choices to make the room look more elegant and open. This countertop surface requires proper care to keep it clean and shiny. White Tile Countertop from @whatawonderfuldesign

Don’t forget the storage.

Whether it’s a new medicine cabinet or extra built-in shelving, adding more storage is an easy and effective bathroom upgrade. It can make all the difference in avoiding that cluttered, disorganized feel. A medicine cabinet can be a useful way to keep things like toothpaste, pain relievers and lotions organized and out of the reach of children or pets. It can also add a stylish touch to the room. If you have the room, a built-in linen closet is an elegant option, while a sliding barn door makes for a unique and dramatic statement.


The vanity design perfected with this cabinet is one of the multifunctional bathroom furniture. You can use this bathroom cabinet as a closed storage area that can be used entirely according to the needs of the room. Repainting the vanity cabinet in white makes it look more modern and will never go out of style. Cabinet Vanity Ideas from @southerndaysdecor


The dominance of glass in the vertical design of this shelf makes the bathroom look more luxurious and different from the others. The glass material in this bathroom cabinet design makes it easier for you to get bathroom equipment and needs easily so that it is more effective and efficient. Backsplash with marble material is the right mix that will never fail. Vertical Modern Cabinet from @maisonvalentinaa


Look at the design of the vanity cabinet in your bathroom decoration, wouldn’t it save more floor area and be suitable for use in limited room decorations? Yes you can use it as a tissue storage area or some clean towels. Don’t forget to combine it with two mirrors that are installed on the wall so that it can be used as a vanity design every time you are going to do activities in the bathroom area. Floating Cabinet Vanity from @bathroom_decor

Add Graphic Prints

Wall art can add a touch of style and personality to any room, including the bathroom. Consider creating a gallery wall with framed prints or paintings that gel well with the bathroom’s decor themes. Keep in mind that too many framed pictures in a row can make the room feel cluttered. Stick to odd numbers of framed prints and opt for frames in a color that blends with the bathroom’s overall scheme.


Don’t let your bathroom wall decor look empty and boring, now you can install and hang several paintings with a variety of different themes and patterns. The dominance of this graphic painting can be perfected with a gold-colored frame so that it has a beautiful color contrast with the use of bathroom wall paint. Proper lighting can be done easily. Modern Graphic Painting from @lialovisolo


Choose and use several graphic paintings of different sizes to hang on the empty bathroom wall to serve as the main decoration for your eyes. This painting has a predominance of modern themes that will never fail. It’s not enough to stop here, painting patterns can also use different designs to make it look more colorful. Various Sizes of Wall Painting Frames from @sixty3london


Customize wall hangings with the theme of your bathroom. If dominated by a modern theme, you can use a wall painting with a geometric pattern, which of course has a color tone that matches your bathroom paint. Just hang it on one of the walls using a nail so it doesn’t fall easily which can cause a mess. This painting can be obtained online with various price options. Single Painting Graphic from @ritika_design_studio

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