Modern interior design of big living-kitchen studio room, before and after

When you love having people over, you must have a strong pride in your home and how it looks and functions. Blowing guests away with stunning designs and beautifully decorated spaces will bring more joy to your heart than a free holiday! 

If this sounds like you, then you probably spend most of your life itching to start a new home project, thinking up exciting twists you can bring to your space and ruminating on what you can improve to make things a little prettier or more functional.

To help you out, here are six exciting home upgrades you can make that won’t only elevate your home visually but will truly add to your hosting and entertaining experiences. 

Outdoor Oasis

You can start with a fun upgrade that brings the party outdoors. If you’re used to hosting big dinner parties indoors at the dining table, it might be time to shake things up and try out some fun backyard barbecues and cocktail brunches by the pool. 

Incorporate comfortable outdoor seating, a boma with stunning fire pit pavers, and even an outdoor kitchen area. Make sure that the area is clean and nicely decorated, and ensure that the landscaping is well-maintained for a neat and tidy look. Invest too in some outdoor speakers for music to set the mood and some sweet fairy lights for ambiance. 

Stylish and Functional Kitchen

Hosts are always going to be in the kitchen – there’s no way around it! Impress your guests by upgrading your kitchen to be breathtakingly beautiful and level up your cooking with some high-quality appliances and gadgets. Not only will you be able to produce delicious meals, but you’ll be doing it in a sleek and stylish space too. 

Incorporating a kitchen island is a great way to bring more of a sense of comfort and easy conversation to the heart of your home, where guests can gather around and chat with you while you cook, glass of wine in hand. 

Home Bar Haven

A designated bar area in your home will quickly become a focal point and fan-favorite at all your get-togethers. Whether you want to elevate your guests’ experience by creating some bespoke drinks for them or simply chat around the bar with a few beers and a game on the TV, this space will add so much fun and flair to future hosting.

Make sure to keep it well-stocked, and practice some interesting cocktail recipes so you’re prepared to show off the next time you have people around. 

Luxury Guest Suite

Our guest bedrooms often become nothing more than glorified storage rooms that we’re too embarrassed to host people in. Change the narrative by turning your guest room into a retreat where guests can feel spoiled.

Invest in a great mattress and incorporate functional elements into the room. Provide space for guests to put their suitcases, a mirror or vanity table for getting ready, decent lighting for reading a book before bed, and some hooks to their hang clothing. You can also add small details when you’re having someone over – a water cooler in the room, fresh flowers, some toiletries, and a robe for them to snuggle up in. 

Entertainment Room

If you host regularly (or even if you don’t), an entertainment room can make things far easier and more exciting. If you have the space, set up a room with a big TV screen and a great sound system with some comfy seating to enjoy sports or movies. You can also incorporate some fun extras like a mini fridge and a popcorn machine.

If the cinematic experience isn’t really your vibe, you could go for more of a luxurious games room – a pool table, a bar, and whatever other extras you and your family might enjoy will make a great space for you and your guests to hang around. 

Kid-Friendly Corner

Finally, if you’re in the phase of life where you and all your friends are starting or growing your families, then you’re probably going to have kids over at your house a lot of the time! 

If you have kids of your own, then designing a playroom for them will bring total joy into your home and provide all the little ones with a fun space to hang out while the grown-ups are visiting. If you don’t have kids, you can at least set up a safe and comfortable space for your friend’s children to watch movies and play with some toys and puzzles you keep around for them.

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