Weighing the pros and cons of installing a murphy bed2

Although a Murphy bed may evoke images of vintage movies rather than modern homes, this clever piece of furniture is actually well-suited to many contemporary living situations. Also known as a pull-down, wall, or cabinet bed, this design has been around for decades but is becoming increasingly popular – the global market is predicted to grow by more than 6% by 2029. It’s a brilliant way to reclaim square footage or transform any room into a multi-functional space, making it a particularly good option for studio apartments, tiny homes, and other small living spaces.

Weighing the pros and cons of installing a murphy bed1

If you’re not familiar with this classic furniture piece, don’t worry. Keep reading to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of Murphy beds and to determine if it might be the perfect addition to your home setup.

What Is a Murphy Bed?

A Murphy bed may resemble a typical bed when it’s in use, but what sets this design apart is its ability to fold up neatly and disappear into the wall, freeing up a significant amount of space during the day. There are many different sizes and styles of Murphy beds available for purchase, but most versions are designed to be hinged on one end for relatively easy opening and closing. This means that when you’re ready to use the bed, it can be easily lowered into place and secured in a matter of seconds. And when you’re finished with it, the bed can be just as easily lifted back up into the wall, leaving you with more room to move around and use the space for other purposes.

Murphy Bed Origins

According to Smithsonian Magazine, the original concept for the Murphy bed can be traced back to William Lawrence Murphy, who created the first prototype in the late 1800s. However, it wasn’t until the 1920s that the design became widely popular. Legend has it that Murphy came up with the idea when he needed to transform his single-room apartment into a bedless parlor for hosting guests. Little did he know at the time, but his invention would continue to be used as a space-saving solution for small living spaces more than a century later.

The Murphy bed’s enduring popularity is a testament to its innovative design and practicality. By allowing a bed to be easily stored away when not in use, it frees up valuable floor space for other activities and can make a small room feel much more spacious. And thanks to its wide range of sizes and styles, there’s a Murphy bed to suit almost any home or decor style. Whether you’re looking to maximize the space in a studio apartment or create a versatile guest room in a spare bedroom, a Murphy bed could be the perfect solution.

While Murphy beds are becoming increasingly popular and are often viewed as a convenient space-saving solution, it’s important to note that they do have a few potential downsides that are worth taking into account. In order to make an informed decision about whether or not a Murphy bed is suitable for your needs, it’s important to carefully consider both the advantages and disadvantages.


Space Savers

As micro-lofts and tiny homes are becoming more prevalent, so is the popularity of Murphy beds. Andrea Martin of Ewa’s English Cottage states that people are becoming more innovative in utilizing the space they have, and the rise of minimalism is one of the reasons behind the growing popularity of Murphy beds.

Whether you reside in a small one-bedroom apartment and desire to create a multifunctional space, or you have a larger living area and want to maximize your square footage, a Murphy bed can be a helpful solution. By seamlessly folding up and disappearing into the wall, it allows you to transform your room into a new setting and make the most of the space available to you. It can also be an excellent choice for people who want to have guests over but don’t have an extra bedroom, as the bed can be easily pulled down when needed.


If you want to save space in your bedroom then this Murphy bed is for you. Its narrow width allows it to fit into almost any wall, and its height gives depth and dimension to your space. Murphy Bed from @abdesigncompany


This design takes a pre-finished cabinet and combines it with a pre-finished Murphy bed frame to create an elegant final piece. This is suitable for you to apply to your small home design. Small Murphy Bed from @createabed


Folded out, this Murphy bed has the look of a sleek wardrobe. Folded down, it is a convenient holder for a comfortable bed set design. Small Space Murphy Bed from @design_chicksxo


In this work money you can complete with a murphy bed on one side of the room. You can hide this Murphy bed to give the impression of a spacious and airy room. Small Bedroom from @wardrobe.sas


This Murphy bed has solid appeal but is very thin. So it is suitable for those of you who have a small bedroom. Adding this open bookshelf will also provide an attractive design and a neat look. Small Home Office Murphy Bed from @createabed


This friendly Murphy bed also features a built-in bookcase, with a rocking arm lamp to help provide a comfortable glow. Murphy Bed Cabinet from @cooling.works


When it comes to comfort, there is almost no difference between a traditional bed and a Murphy bed. The main factor that determines your comfort level is the mattress you choose. However, this is true for any type of bed and not exclusive to Murphy beds. It is important to choose a comfortable and supportive mattress that suits your individual needs and preferences, regardless of the type of bed you opt for. Therefore, if you are considering purchasing a Murphy bed, you can rest assured that you can enjoy the same level of comfort as you would with a traditional bed as long as you select a high-quality mattress.


The addition of pillows to this Murphy bed succeeded in providing extra comfort to the bedroom of this house. You can choose a soft murphy bed to enjoy the same level of comfort.Add Pillow and Blanket from @thelittledetails_tld


You may consider buying a Murphy bed that is comfortable and warm. Choose a comfortable, supportive mattress that fits your needs and personal preferences. Minimalist Murphy Bed from @invisible.bed


Like most Murphy beds, they are made with plywood, which bends easily. You can use soft bedding sets for comfortable bedding sets. Thick Pad Murphy Bed from @ikeahackersofficial


You can apply this type of soft mattress to your Murphy bedroom. These pillowtop mattresses share the same comfort level as a traditional mattress as long as you choose a high quality mattress. Cozy Murphy Bed from @thejerlinde


Choosing a comfortable and supportive mattress is suitable for you to apply to your home murphybed. This modern style will also produce an attractive appearance and a great design for you to try. Modern Murphy Bed from @customwoodworksmo


To create a comfortable Murphy bed, you can add a soft mattress complete with pillows and blankets. Next to this murphy bed you can add a study table and storage area for a tidier result. Murphy Bed with Pillow from @caliclosetsmiami

They Can Make a Room Multi-Functional

Murphy beds are highly favored for micro-lofts, studio apartments, and tiny houses because they offer a simple way to completely transform a space. As Andrea Martin of Ewa’s English Cottage explains, “A living room can be turned into a bedroom, a loft can become an entertaining space, and a bedroom can be used as an office.” With a Murphy bed, you can easily create a multifunctional living area that adapts to your changing needs throughout the day.


One of the best beds to work in a small space is the Murphy bed. This bed also has a storage hook that you can use to store your things. Wall Hook Murphy Bed from @rockler_woodworking


If you want to have a living room that can be converted into a bed, you can use a Murphy bed that folds down to create a comfortable sofa to use. This idea is suitable for your small home design. Living Room Murphy Bed from @maitegrandadesignstudio


Try using a bed with a sofa underneath to make it more multifunctional and will save a lot of space. This is the best idea for small and functional room design. Murphy Bed Living Room from @thecabinetgalleryutah


When the Murphy Bed is raised you will have a dining area. This is a great idea for maximizing the space in this house. Dining Room Murphy Bed from @runciblestudios


Multifunctional Murphy beds are the right choice to save space. When you want to use it for work, you can drag it up. Office Murphy Bed from @thetsangteam


Choose a Murphy bed that can be pulled up to create a comfortable reading nook. this is the right idea so that it will present a comfortable impression when you read a book. Murphy Bed Reading Nook from @birminghamhomeandgarden


This Murphy bed that converts into a work desk and shelf is perfect for your use. Because with this Murphy bed you can work in your bedroom. Home Office Murphy Bed from @closetfactorychicago


This smart murphy bed when pulled up will create a work area. This makes a multifunctional bedroom that adapts to your changing needs throughout the day. Smart Murphy Bed from @interfarcustomfurniture

Provide Extra Storage

A bed that can be tucked away to save space and has built-in storage is perfect for those who live in small spaces. Some people love the idea of adding shelving units to the bed for a small library. Other potential uses for this type of bed include turning it into an entertainment center, a desk, or even a full cabinet system to store various items.


Murphy beds can be stored in a cupboard in any room of your home. This is perfect for you to try because it will tidy up your space and save space. Murphy Bed Cabinet from @hueandspace


With built-in wardrobes on either side, and more room for storage behind the bed, it’s perfect for tiny homes. You can also add this cabinet as a cloth to hide clutter. Cloth Storage Murphy Bed from @inspiredclosetsboston


In addition to this Murphy bed, you can add bookshelf storage which will result in a neat and clutter-free home decor. Equipped with a soft work chair will also provide extra comfort in this room. Bookshelf Murphy Bed from @mimiwittstruckdesign


This Murphy bed with storage is perfect for those living in small spaces. The bed can be folded to save space. In addition to this storage will produce a neat room. Murphy Bed Storage from @inspiredclosetsswfl


More Expensive Than Traditional Beds

Murphy beds typically come with a higher price tag compared to traditional beds due to the additional installation steps they require.

They Can Be Dangerous If Not Used Properly

Proper installation and usage of Murphy beds is crucial to ensuring safety and convenience in any home. It’s recommended to anchor heavy furniture to prevent tip-overs, especially with heavy Murphy beds. Even if you are skilled in DIY, hiring a local contractor is advisable for this task to ensure maximum safety.

There are also several additional precautions you can take to avoid any accidents. When opening or closing the bed, make sure all locks and safety mechanisms are properly secured to prevent any unwanted surprises. Performing this task in a well-lit room can help ensure that nothing is missed. By taking these steps, you can safely enjoy the benefits of a Murphy bed in your home.

Difficult to Close Up and Put Away

In the past, some Murphy beds were cumbersome and challenging to shut, and this may still be the case for some models today. However, many modern options are now available with lightweight materials and advanced spring mechanisms to address this issue. If you happen to own an older, heavier Murphy bed that you are fond of, you could consider placing it in a room that doesn’t require daily opening and closing, such as a guest room.

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