The ideas below will become easy ways to make your backyard feel expensive and cost you very little.


Exotic Plants

Exotic plants Ways To Make A Backyard Look More Expensive Without Having To Flash The Cash


Exotic plants instantly add interest and a luxury look to your backyard. It will immediately bring a kind of sculptural look to the garden design. You may go with large leave plants to bring a feel of a tropical garden. Ensure to blend the foliage to create pretty layers look with varying leaf sizes and shapes. Cannas can be the best to bring a fiery burst of yellow to the backyard. Meanwhile, the New Zealand flax will bring sculptures all year. You can also try banana palms evocative of far-flung countries. Do not forget to choose the best pots like cement to bring a dark and contemporary look.

Dedicated Zone For Outdoor Living

Dedicated zone for outdoor living Ways To Make A Backyard Look More Expensive Without Having To Flash The Cash


Zoning your backyard with well-placed furniture will create a luxury feel to your backyard. You can use modern outdoor furniture for a conversational seating area. Therefore, you can carve an intimate zone with a larger open space. By separating the zone, you will bring a sense of sophistication and luxury to your backyard with no false. To create more mystery, you can separate the space with tall grasses or bamboo.

Go For Accents Of Natural Material

To help your backyard blend with its natural surroundings, you may go with natural material for a feeling of a luxury sanctuary and a sense of escapism. You may think of quick purchases to bring accents of stone to your backyard. You can introduce natural material with a stone vase for a sculptural centerpiece on an outdoor table, a pedestal-like bird bath or stylish stone sculpture, or a plant pot made of composite stone or clay for a real stone look and feel.

Add Calmness With Water

Water features in a backyard are undoubtedly wonderful to bring a luxurious feel. Water will bring calmness and tranquility to your space. Moreover, it also elevates it beyond every day and transforms the backyard into an unforgettable garden experience. Thus, you can even start with a simple way like a trickling water fountain or a bird bath.

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