Creative ideas to make a home library in a small space2

As a book lover, your book collection should have a “home”. This means that you must provide time and space to make room for your books in your home. A home library may be just what you need. Even if you have limited space, you can still create a small home library. A small home library can create an inviting space in your home for reading and book displays. You can make the most out of every space of your home to make a small home library. From a cozy reading corner to creative bookself designs, a small home library idea allow for you to get creative with the existing space in your home. The most important thing about a small home library idea is all about embracing clever storage, how you can make the most out of space, and furniture piece in your home.

Creative ideas to make a home library in a small space1

Small Home Library Ideas

Even if you don’t have an entire room to dedicate to your home library, there are other spaces in your home that can easily be transformed. From bedrooms that offer great natural light to living rooms with beautiful window views. While you might not have room for a full home library in your living space, you can create a cozy reading nook in a hallway or an alcove. Install shelving along the walls and fill them with books, and you’ll feel like you’re in an actual library.

Don’t just settle for standard book shelving options – add visual interest with sculptural shelves that are both practical and stunning. Adding display lighting above the shelves will highlight the books and create an inviting environment for all to enjoy. If you’re on a tight budget, re-purposing dining room furniture like this large cupboard can be a perfect solution for creating a home library in your small space. With the addition of a snug stool, this cupboard can transform into a cozy study area. Here, we have some a small home library idea and we hope it will inspire you.


This loft is the perfect place to display various book titles on open shelves. You can do it in Attic to maximize space and create a beautiful design for your home. Attic Library from @beetle_and_wilde


This little attic library will provide a comfortable reading area for you to experiment with. Added this armchair would make a cozy library décor for spending time with the attic. Small Attic Library from @villamira_croatia


Utilizing the area under the stairs which is transformed into a library will produce a beautiful home design that is suitable for you to try. Adding this armchair will also make the library decor nice and warm. Library Under Staircase from @jaiahassan


Using a shelf standing on the bedroom wall, you can use it for a small library. Placing on one of these walls will also maximize your bedroom wall. Small Shelf Library from @blissandbooks


Building this built-in library will display a simple and neat library. Complementing the display with a small bench on this window also provides a comfortable reading table for you to try. Built-in Library from @awakening_farm


In this corner of the house you can add a small library for a nice reading area for you to try. Placing several collections of books in this cabinet succeeded in giving the appearance of a neat and orderly reading corner. Cabinet Library from @borobudurhills


Building a built-in library in this niche has a rustic touch to your home. Built-in shelving in the waterfall is combined with a padded bench reading area which manages to give it a comfortable and inviting feel. Rustic Built-in Library from @case.devis


You can add a library lamp under the stairs to provide good lighting and make a perfect centerpiece for your home. Besides being used to display a collection of books, you can also use this shelf to display various kinds of ornaments so that it has a perfect appearance. Under Staircase Library from @intderooms


By having this living room reading nook, you are presenting a small, elegant nursery library for your guests. The use of space for shelves is very good because it gives the impression of a neat and clean room. Library Side Sofa from @prettyoliveinteriors


Where the live-in library is is a comfortable reading nook. This space allows for more frequent on-going family reading sessions. Built-in Rack Library from @ellure_jennysutanto


You can use an open shelf on one wall of this house as a small library. Organizing books by title and character will also make it easier for you to find books. Complete the look with an armchair to create comfort while reading. Wall Shelf Library from @myaestheticsmytaste


Library shelves and benches that are applied to the corners of the house manage to provide comfort when reading. Equipped with storage drawers, this will also make it easier for you to put things in this small library. Shelf Library with Bench from @danielle_interior_design_decor


You can turn this wall cabinet into a small library. Organizing the books neatly will also produce a neat library design and avoid clutter. Adding a chair will also provide comfort for you to try while reading a book. Wall Cabinet Librar from @weespacesinteriors


You can turn this entrance wall into a book collection storage area. This is a simple idea for maximizing your entryway wall area. Entrance Wall Library from @deroseesa


The library design using open bookshelves applied to a blank wall will be very useful when you have a small and limited room decoration. With this floating bookshelf, your floor area will be more flexible. You can arrange this bookshelf in stages to make it look more decorative without needing to be tidied up. Modern Library from @rebeccahepburndesign


In this attic bedroom you can add a library on one of the walls of the room. With the addition of comfortable benches, this library area can turn into a comfortable study area. Bedroom Library from @victoriamagazine


This classic living room is equipped with bookshelf which is placed on the right and left of the sofa to create a small comfortable library area. Place shelves along the walls and fill them with books, and you’ll feel like you’re in a real library. Living Room Library from @thomaspheasant


Turn your dining room wall into a stunning library. Applying a shelf on one of the walls and filling it with various collections of books will make it easier for you to pick them up. it can be the perfect solution to create a home library in your small space. Library Dining Room from @maguisab


You can supplement this reading nook with built-in shelves which will create a simple and nice mini library. This soft bench complete with throw pillow manages to make reading comfortable. Nook Library and Bench from @la_vida_en_insta


You can create a comfortable reading corner in your home dining room. Placing various kinds of book collections on the dining room wall shelves can be the perfect center of attention. The addition of a ladder will also make it easier for you to find books in this library. Wall Library Dining Room from @demoorinteriors


You can turn this stair area wall into a small library in your home. This idea will maximize space and can be the perfect solution for creating a home library in your small space. Wall Staircase Library from @ultimatelibrary


You can use this tall bookshelf that is placed in the reading corner to easily and neatly place various collections of books. It’s an interesting idea because it will take advantage of a corner area for reading. Complete with an armchair for extra comfort in this reading nook. High Shelf Library from @drobiazgi_domowe_blog


On top of this outfit, you can turn it into an adorable little library area. You can build open shelves and fill them with various collections of books to produce a well-organized library. Library Above Fireplace from @zovgroupllc


Having a small room equipped with various collections of books will produce a good reading area for you to apply. With the addition of a comfortable bench, this wardrobe can be transformed into a comfortable reading area.Wooden Shelf Library from @the_mill_architecture_design


Behind the sofa that has been transformed into a book storage area can be a small library that you can apply to your living room. This idea is suitable for those of you who have a small living room area because it has multifunctional furniture. Library Behind Sofa from @mint_taxidermy

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