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Moving abroad is an exciting and ultimately life-changing experience. That being said, the process of the move itself can be incredibly stressful and overwhelming.

With so much to think about, plan, schedule, organize, and do, it’s easy to let it all get to your head and leave you feeling frazzled and panicked. While stress during a move is almost inevitable, there are ways to combat these feelings.

Here are five practical tips to help you get organized and minimize that feeling of overwhelm. 

Plan Ahead and Research

First of all, in any big life event or project, planning, and research are essential. Create a detailed checklist of everything you need to get done over the next few weeks, and start booking and scheduling things. 

Find out what short term rentals Scarborough has to offer, or look around in whichever area you’ll be moving to, so that you aren’t pressured to find a forever home without seeing it in person. You can also start booking your movers, gathering documents, etc., and, most importantly, researching your new home. 

Seek Professional Help

An international move involves some pretty overwhelming planning that can feel almost impossible to handle on your own. While professional moving services can be expensive, they’re usually worth working into your budget.

A professional relocation service will be able to assist you with packing, shipping, customs clearance, and documentation. They’ll also help you manage logistics and give you that peace of mind that things are being handled. 

Downscale and Declutter

Moving abroad is a great opportunity to declutter your belongings to ensure you’re not shipping unnecessary items halfway across the world. While you’re packing, be thorough and thoughtful about which items are truly essential.

Get rid of clothes you never wear and books you know you won’t read. Do away with furniture that you’ve been meaning to fix or replace, and donate kitchen items that have been gathering dust in your cupboard for years. This will not only physically lighten your load and reduce moving costs but give you a great sense of relief. 

Organize Your Documents

Having all the right documentation in place is crucial when it comes to international travel. This will include passports, visas, birth and marriage certificates, academic and medical records, as well as employment documentation. 

Make sure you have digital copies of all your paperwork, but keep physical backups safe too. Keeping multiple copies of these important documents in various places is always a good idea – you never know what might happen, and you don’t want to be dealing with last-minute crises on moving day! 

Embrace the Adventure

Finally, understand that a move abroad can be mentally and emotionally taxing, for more than just the stress of packing up your things and getting organized. 

You’ll be moving away from your family and friends and the places and memories you know and love – this can be tough to process! But keep in mind that starting a new chapter like this can be exciting and rewarding, and you’ll need to embrace it. Seek support from fellow expats who can give you advice and share their own experiences in your new country. 

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