Budget-friendly home renovations for every room in your home2

Your house can look dull and outdated over time. It means you need to plan some renovation to your home. Maybe you think that renovating a home is something that is too expensive. And, you think you have to collect a lot of budget to renovate your home. In fact, renovating a home is not as expensive as most of you or other people think. Even if you only have a limited budget, you can still make home improvements. In this case, you don’t need to renovate your house all at once. You can start by renovating per room to save your budgets. And here, we have some budget-friendly home renovation ideas for every room in your home.

Budget-friendly home renovations for every room in your home1


Home renovations can be expensive. While fixing major flaws may require a professional, there are many small improvements you can make without breaking the bank. The entryway of your home is a great place to start.

Update with Storage
Outfitting your entryway with a do-it-all storage system, such as a combination bench and coat rack with hooks or a freestanding closet system with shelving, can help keep your space clutter-free and welcoming.


You can complement your home’s entryway with storage in one corner to help keep your space clutter-free and welcoming. Choosing a bench equipped with a wicker basket and hook is a great idea for you to try. Entryway Storage from @interiors.and.diys

Wall Decoration
Depending on the location of your entryway, you can update the walls by hanging a mirror. You can also hang a gallery wall of inexpensive frames filled with photos, artwork or prints to add a personal touch.


You can also hang a framed gallery wall on your home’s entryway wall. Choosing these various frames and shapes will be the center of attention and can welcome guests with a festive feeling. Entryway Picture Wall from @onekingslane

Add a Rug
Add a rug to tie the space together and create a soft, warm welcome for guests. Adding a plant will also brighten up the space and add an element of nature.


Create a gentle and warm welcome for guests. You can choose to use a runner rug combined with a wooden floor to add extra warmth at night. Add Runner Rug from @farmhouse__inspiration


Remodeling a kitchen is one of the most cost-effective ways to increase your home’s value, but it can also be expensive. Cabinets, countertops, and flooring typically eat up most of a renovation budget. If you’re on a tighter budget, try a few smaller upgrades that will still make a big impact.

Paint the Walls
Freshening up your walls with a new coat of paint is an inexpensive way to update your space. Choose a neutral color or even a trendy pattern to refresh your room’s look.


The combination of emerald green on the walls and white on the backsplash gives a fresh look to your renovated kitchen. You can do the painting yourself so it doesn’t cost a lot Green Paint Wall Kitchen from @ramseyresidence

Update Backsplash
Another inexpensive kitchen upgrade is adding a backsplash. You can find a wide variety of materials for this task and a new backsplash will add visual intrigue to your space.


Add Backspalsh from @casework.it

Dress up the Cabinets
Alternatively, you can dress up your cabinets by refinishing them or installing new casings on the open doors. You can also update the hardware of your cabinets to fresh up the cabinets. Installing a wallpaper or peel-and-stick products to the cabinet can be other ideas that you can try.


Painting cabinet doors blue is a simple thing you can do now. You can also replace the cabinet handles with gold to display a new design and look elegant. Brass Handle Cabinet from @arizzu_design

Install New Lightings
Be sure to budget for a new light fixture as well. This will help your home look pristine for prospective buyers.


Lights are an important thing that must be in your modern kitchen. The selection of track and LED lights at the bottom of this cabinet will be very suitable for you to apply to your kitchen. Track Light Kitchen from @hr.furniture.bn

Living Room

A living room, also called a parlor, is one of the largest rooms in a home. These large spaces typically sit near the front of the house or in the center and evoke a sense of luxury and formality. A few simple changes can update your living room.

Apply a New Paint
Painting is an inexpensive DIY project that can instantly give your space a new look. Add a bold hue or choose a neutral color that complements your furniture and accessories.


The white color on the walls displays a natural impression in your living room. Combined with black and gray minimalist furniture, this will also provide a contrasting design in your living room. White Paint Wall Living Room from @lovely___decor

Window Treatment
New window treatments are another budget friendly upgrade. Many sew-it-yourself options exist that can hide outdated windows and save you money by reusing existing curtain rods and rings.


To save your budget, you can replace old curtains with new curtains. Buying it at this low price will also produce a low budget home design. You can choose sheer curtains for a new look in your home. Layered Curtain from @cozylivingrooms

Replace the Light Fixtures
Another great way to update your living room is by replacing the light fixtures. You can find inexpensive, high quality lighting fixtures at store.


By changing your light fixtures you can update your living room. Opting for recessed lamps and table lamps are good choices for a dim, dramatic feel to a room. Reccesed Light and Table Lamp from @homes___interior

Add Mirrors
Additionally, you can amplify existing lighting by adding wall or floor mirrors. This will create more natural lighting and add a sense of depth to the space.


Create reclaimed mirrors for a stunning décor in the living room. Using an old mirror and painting the frame of this mirror will also give it the best decorative look. Hanging on this wall will also work to give the illusion of a large room. Add Round Mirror from @lovely___interior


Bedroom is one of your private room and make it more comfortable is a must. If you feel your bedroom is outdated, now, it’s your time to renovate room to become a sanctuary place. There are some budget-friendly bedroom renovation ideas that you can do.

Add a Headboard
One of the most popular ways to add some style to a bedroom is by adding a headboard. They can be simple and stately or dramatic and eye-catching, but they tend to cost a bit of money when purchased new. However, many DIY options exist that can cut the price significantly.


Adding style to your bedroom by replacing the headboard is a simple project you can try. Opting for these headboard covers keeps a low budget and definitely gives a new look to your bed set. Slipcovered Headboard from @heatherchadducktextiles

Updated Floor
Another great way to spruce up a room is by putting in new flooring. You can do this without removing the existing floor, and peel-and-stick options are fairly inexpensive.


Installing a new floor in this bedroom is an easy tidying up idea for you to do. Opting for wood flooring is also a great idea as wood will give the whole room a warm and natural feel. Wooden Floor from @elesco_flooring

Paint the Walls
A new paint job can also help to spruce up the room. You can apply a new paint to your bedroom. The color can be adjusted according to your needs and styles. For example, if you want a calming bedroom nuance, you can apply a neutral color. While if you want a fresh nuance, some vibrant colors can be applied to the bedroom.


If you want a relaxing bedroom feel, you can apply neutral colors. You can choose brown and white to color the walls so as to give your bedroom a new look. White and Brown Paint Bedroom from @andreasdnajo

Add Interest to Walls and Ceiling
If your bedroom walls or ceiling are plain, you can add some interest by putting in wainscoting. This can look high-end but is relatively inexpensive when done yourself by using trim or lumber to outline an area of the wall, then painting to match the wall and trim.


Don’t let your bedroom walls and ceiling look plain. Here you can apply intricate molding patterns to the walls and ceiling to give your bedroom a different look. The choice of white and gray will also give your home a neutral impression. Molding Wall and Ceiling from @gatheringwalls


From the celeb-inspired spa-like bathrooms you see on Instagram to those gorgeous bathroom ideas from your favorite home shows, everyone is dreaming of a bathroom upgrade. Fortunately, it’s possible to achieve these bathroom goals on a budget with lookalike surfaces and clever DIY hacks.

New Fresh Coat of Paints
A fresh coat of paint is one of the quickest and cheapest ways to give your bathroom a makeover. If you don’t feel up to painting, consider hiring a professional to do the job for a fraction of the cost.


The quickest and cheapest way to remodel your bathroom is to update the paint on your walls. You can choose green and white colors on the bathroom walls to produce a fresh and fresh look in this bathroom. Green Wall Bathroom from @thebungalowbuyers

Adding Storage
Adding storage is another quick and cheap way to update your bathroom. There are plenty of off-the-shelf options that add both functionality and style, such as a tiered cart or leaning ladder.


Making built-in storage in this bathroom won’t take up much space. Used to store several dry towels, would be easily accessible and would add functionality and style Built-in Storage Bathroom from @restoration_hardware_inspo

Update the Bathroom Accessories
The condition and style of bathroom accesssories can really affect the vibe of a room, so replacing dated bathroom accessories is a relatively affordable bathroom renovation. For example, a toilet paper holder and towel bar is usually nothing special to look at, but these two accessories represent a chance for you to make your bathroom looks new.


Adding a picture frame to this bathoom is an opportunity for you to make your bathroom look brand new. This is a simple project that you can do because it’s easy and on a budget. Picture Frame Bethroom from @rustic.cozy.modern

New Lighting Fixtures
New lighting fixtures can also make a huge difference. Choose styles with a contemporary edge, or go for a more vintage look.


Opt for a discount lamp that hangs next to this mirror for a fitting and dramatic lighting. Having a dim yellow light will also make a different look in this bathroom. Scone Light Bathroom from @camillaa.co

Dining Room

While we would all love to spend a fortune on eye-catching pieces of furniture or a stunning chandelier, the truth is that sometimes these splurges aren’t in the budget. But that doesn’t mean a room can’t be beautifully designed on a smaller scale. You can renovate your dining room with these budget-friendly ideas.

Fresh Paint
A fresh coat of paint is another easy way to refresh a room on a budget. Choose neutral tones like soft white, earthy green-gray, or stone blue.


Choosing pastel colors for the walls of this dining room is another easy way to freshen up a room on a tight budget. Complete with a glossy wooden floor, this manages to give the room a serene and warm impression.Pastel Paint Wall Dining Room from @hometeamrenovations

Update the Cabinet
You can also upgrade the look of cabinets for less by adding new knobs and changing out old hardware. And if you have the option to do so, install glass cabinet doors to instantly modernize and brighten a room.


Upgrading an old wardrobe for a new look will create a unique design for this safe space. Painting a new look and adding some greenery in this vase will give this room a different design. Add Cabinet Dining Room from @neatly.living

Laundry Room

When people think about remodeling their home, they often start with the kitchen or bathroom. However, they sometimes forget about one of the most important rooms in their house—the laundry room. This space gets used at least once a week (and sometimes thrice or even every day if you have kids). While the laundry room might not be the first room in your home that comes to mind when it’s time for a makeover, there are many budget friendly home renovation ideas that can improve its functionality and make it a more pleasant place to spend your time.

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for a space. A light, neutral color can brighten the room and create a clean look. If you want to add a pop of color, paint an accent wall in a bolder shade. Since laundry rooms are typically smaller spaces, you can usually get away with using less than a gallon of paint and still achieve the desired look.


Painting the walls of the laundry room green can give your home a fresh and cool atmosphere. You can paint this green color on the walls and cupboards to give your laundry room a new look. Green Wall Laundry Room from @andrewjhow


Neutral colors stick to your home laundry room. choosing a cream color on the walls and cabinets will make the atmosphere calmer and calmer. The addition of gold handles will also give an elegant and luxurious impression to this laundry room. Beige Color Scheme Laundry Room from @homewardesign

Add Shelves
Shelves are a great way to add storage and a bit of style to your laundry room. They’re perfect for storing detergents, supplies and even a few pretty plants or knick-knacks. You can find affordable shelving at most big box hardware stores and online retailers.


You can repurpose unused cabinets into open shelving cabinets that you can apply to your laundry room. These shelves are perfect for storing laundry detergent, supplies, and even some pretty plants or knick-knacks Open Cabinet Shelf from @kerrykirkphoto


Open shelves made of wood can tidy up your laundry room. You can use this shelf to store detergent, tools, even some plants or pretty knick-knacks. Apart from that, these wicker baskets will also organize several items in your laundry room. Wooden Shelf Cabinet from @designerappliances

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