Numerous pergola ideas are available with many offering value addition to your property. Whether you are thinking about a DIY project or intending to make a kit investment, a pergola is a feature that can convert your standard backyard into an exquisite outdoor space. It does not matter what size you pick, whether it’s a 12 x 12 pergola or one of a different option, you can rest assured that having this feature in your home can be an amazing way to add value to it. If you are thinking about installing one and don’t know where to begin, here are 10 pergola design ideas you can consider.

1. Floating Pergola

A floating pergola is ideal for homeowners looking to have a great time in their backyard. This is a simple DIY design that allows you to swing away your stress as its multifunctional features make it possible to rest and play. While considering this option, it is imperative to ensure the roof structure is able to bear the weight of the swing. You can also include other features to your swinging pergola such as side shelving that double as the table or planting station.

2. Awning

A stylish sunshade can be an excellent addition to your outdoor living space. A pergola from an awning is a sensible design if you are looking to protect yourself from the sun. Additionally, awnings are an ideal solution for those who want to enhance their pergola and establish an outdoor space for entertainment and relaxation. These kinds of pergolas come with numerous advantages including UV protection and protection from the rains for a greater outdoor enjoyment.

3. Ceiling Panels

A pergola design with ceiling panels can be a brilliant way to protect yourself from sky debris. Therefore, if you’re looking to prevent twigs and leaf debris from constantly ruining your moments, you may want to incorporate a ceiling on the pergola. For instance, having glass panels installed on your roof can protect your seating area from being compromised by debris and still allow you an amazing view of the sky.

4. Shade-Bearing Plants

An important design you may want to consider is incorporating nature into your pergola. Among the options to keep in mind include the fragranced climbing plants which convert your outdoors into an amazing living space. A pergola designed over a garden plant is an excellent opportunity for you to grow shade-bearing plants. Among the most common options to consider include honeysuckle, grapevines, and passion flowers. Ideally, any option that is categorized as a climbing plant will do well in this pergola setup.

5. Jewel-tones

Jewel-toned gardening is an emerging trend for outdoor spaces. The jewel-toned magenta pink has been reported to be the color that promotes escapism and positivism, making it an excellent idea for the outdoor oasis. For a bold statement and to create a beauty of unique gemstones in your outdoor space, bright tones can liven up furniture that looks unfurnished. Colors such as Fuchsia pinks and cobalt blues can also make an excellent choice for those looking to create attractive focal points in their garden.

6. Bubbles Hot Tub

If you are fortunate enough to own a hot tub in your garden, you need to consider designing a waterproof setup in the pergola. You can position your tub beneath the pergola to protect it from all elements Mother Nature may throw at it. If you’re a nature enthusiast, you can exercise your creativity by surrounding yourself with plants to enhance the look of your outdoor space. Consider surrounding the hot tub with vines and creepers, using pots, hanging baskets, and trellis wire to establish an outdoor experience so appealing you’ll want to live outside!

7. Dining under the Pergola

The good thing about the pergola is that it is a valuable addition to your property and at the same time doubles as a location for socializing with family and friends. For that reason, consider adding a dining table underneath the pergola, complete with its chairs, and include a string of fairy lights to create an ambient scene that will make your outdoor feasting and entertainment an experience like no other.

8. A Day and Night Feature

A great addition to your outdoor living is a pergola that can serve you day and night. If you’re wishing for a design that will work effectively in the night just as much as it would in the day, then you need to get creative with your plans. Lanterns are an excellent idea for a fun decorative setup for your pergola. Also, using solar-powered lights is a superb way to naturally illuminate your pergola whenever you need them. The good thing about solar-powered lighting is that it’s easy to install and it’s also less costly.

9. Brights for Decoration

Even when you opt for a DIY pergola as a result of budget constraints, it doesn’t mean that your outdoor features shouldn’t be as gorgeous as the costly ones. To achieve an exquisite and gorgeous garden, brighten up your pergola using bold cushions, and run different colors from the bottom to the top. Also, consider adding fairy lights to your pergola to achieve the bright look you so much want to achieve.

10. Blue is Beautiful

If the blue skies are what your heart desires, then think about adding that to your pergola. A splash of some blue paint can go a long way in making your outdoor space look fresh. This pergola idea is suitable for small and big gardens and helps create cohesion beyond what your four walls can provide.

Bottom Line

While a variety of pergolas are available, their designs usually fall into two primary categories. These are the modern and the traditional pergolas. And unlike other aspects you consider when selecting a pergola, the style you pick often boils down to your taste. If you live in the country, you may opt for a traditional style and if you live in an urban area, then a modern sleek design may be your preferred style.

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