It is pretty easy to make a porcelain plate at home if you have an interest in pottery. Thanks to innovation, you can use clay, a simple domestic kiln, a pottery wheel, and all pottery tools and equipment off the shelf. 

Homemade clay plates add style to your dining items collection because you have the opportunity to customize them as you want. As you plan to make these pottery pieces, consider interacting with other pottery enthusiasts at a relevant club such as Supper Club to learn more and get motivated to start. 

Reading an informative article like this one will also give you more insights on how to make a plate at home with ease. 

Materials that You Need

  • Porcelain clay – The first thing you need to make a plate at home is porcelain clay, which you can buy from a shop or even online. Ensure that it is specifically labeled as suitable for pottery and firing in a kiln.
  • Glazes – You can buy these alongside your porcelain clay if you are planning on making a perfect plate. You can choose from a wide range of colors and finishes from pottery supply stores.
  • Pottery tools – You will also need a variety of pottery tools such as a clay cutter, modeling tools, a rolling pin, a sponge, and a wire cutter. These tools are used in shaping and smoothing the clay.
  • Kiln – A kiln is used for firing the porcelain plate when you are done and the plate has dried. Some local pottery studios or community clubs offer kiln services, so if you cannot afford one right away, you can take your plates there.

The Procedure of Making a Plate

Setting up a work surface

There is good news if you are planning to make a plate at home: you can convert your garage, store, kitchen, or any other free space into your workspace. Make it clean and ensure that it has a comfortable work surface.

Prepare the tools

All of your tools should be clean and any that need assembling should be done accordingly for ease of work. Ensure that they are also safe for use, especially the cutting and scraping tools, to avoid accidents during use. 

Prepare the clay

The easiest recommended way to prepare your porcelain clay before making a plate is by kneading it, rolling it, and ensuring that there is no air trapped in between. This will give you a compact plate and the best overall results. 

Make the plate

Do you know that you can make a plate without the need of a pottery wheel? Well, yes, you can. Once you start rolling, you will be one step closer to making a great plate. Ensure that you achieve the right thickness of a perfect plate as you press your rolling pin. The other important part is to cut, shape, trim, and finish your plate

Dry and fire

When your plate is ready, dry it completely and then fire it in a kiln. As mentioned, you can use a kiln at a nearby pottery club if you don’t have one. 

Glaze and fire again

The last step is to glaze your plate to give it your preferred finish. Remember to fire it for one last time to bind the glaze completely.


As you can see, making a plate at home is as easy as 1-2-3 if you have a passion for pottery and the right materials and tools. Surprisingly, you can buy a lot of these materials locally to get started. With this information, you are ready to get started.

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