If you’re deciding between kitchen colors, it can be overwhelming.

Between choosing the perfect shade for cabinets, the positive psychology of red kitchens, deciding on your statement wall, and several other elements of kitchen styles, the topic seems too broad.

We get it. It can be tricky designing a kitchen.

We want to help you out. In this guide, we’ll give you several options of what kitchen colors will best fit your modern floor plan.

Utilizing Neutral Tones for an Open Lay Out

Neutral tones in the kitchen best complement modern floorplans. In addition, neutral tones contrast nicely with other design elements, such as stainless steel appliances and bright colors in furniture and accessories. Here are some examples of neutral-toned colors:


Grey is an often overlooked color in modern floorplans, but it plays a vital role in balancing out the look of an open layout. Using grey as a neutral tone can create a sense of harmony and flow in an available design, subtly drawing attention to your favorite features without chaos.

Grey can create a calming and stylish atmosphere by adding an element of sophistication and modernity without competing for attention. Grey can be an accent color to add a hint of contrast and character to an interior design scheme while maintaining a sense of neutrality.

Grey accents can even bring out brighter colors for a stunning contrast. With the right combination of neutrals, grey can bring any open layout to life subtly and stylishly.


White is a used tone for modern floorplans. Its neutral hue provides a clean and sophisticated look. Its ability to match any style or interior décor makes it versatile and timeless.

Moreover, thanks to its reflective nature, white helps to make any room brighter and more spacious. In open layouts, white creates an illusion of a much bigger space. By unifying the floor and walls, white can make the room more serene and consistent.

Finally, white is popular in modern floor plans because of its neutrality and subtlety. It allows the other colors in the modern paint colors to create a more vibrant look.

However, it still allows the open plan to keep its sleek, modern feel. As a result, white is a recommended hue for modern floorplans. 


Beiges are a timeless neutral tone used for modern floorplans. The hue is versatile and elegant, allowing for various design opportunities. Beiges and other muted tones can evoke a feeling of light and airiness.

The muted color helps to soften the aesthetic of the space and gives a sense of harmony. Beiges can define areas without losing the design’s open, modern feel.

The eye can see the room by keeping the walls a neutral shade. It allows for an open layout that still feels cozy. Beiges are a great alternative to stark white and provide an excellent base for modern floorplans. 

Getting Creative With Color Combinations for a Modern Kitchen

Modern kitchen colors help create a modern and sophisticated aesthetic within the home. With an open floor plan, color can unify and highlight kitchen areas. In addition, a good color combination can help create a modern look.

Here are some examples of color combinations for a modern kitchen floorplan:

Bright Blues and Greens

Bright blues and greens create a beautiful contemporary look for an open layout for modern kitchen floorplans. Combining these colors creates a vibrant and inviting atmosphere, making the perfect backdrop for any kitchen.

The bright blues offer a calm and calming atmosphere, while the greens are energetic and lively, making the space perfect for entertaining. This color combination is ideal for adding depth and texture to the room, with the blues providing depth and the greens providing a vibrant pop of color.

Additionally, the colors will look great when you shop for modern kitchen cabinets, hardware, and other decorative elements that complement each other. The combination of bright blues and greens is the perfect way to create a stylish and bright kitchen for the modern home.

Pastel Purples and Yellows

Pastel Purples and Yellows make for a bold yet refreshing color combination that can bring a modern and sophisticated aesthetic to a kitchen. These colors embody the energy of creativity and joy, making them ideal for brightening an open floorplan kitchen.

The pale yellow of the walls and cabinetry punctuate the space and offer a bit of cheer. Choose deeper purples, such as lavender or mauve, as an accent color on textiles, countertops, and walls to contrast and define the kitchen.

Pops of metallic accents, like chrome and gold, can tie in the modern feel. The pastel purples and yellows help create a bright and unique kitchen style that will bring joy and energy to any home.

Fun and Vivid Color Schemes for Unusual Floor Plans

Regarding modern floor plans, kitchen colors are as important and vibrant as the rest of the house. Vivid color schemes can make a kitchen look unique and dramatic while calming colors create a tranquil atmosphere.

For modern floor plans, fun and definitive colors are ideal and can create a post-modern style. Mustard yellow, burnt orange, and lilac can make a kitchen stand out and add depth and personality to the space.

Teal, navy blue, and coral pink are great colors for lasting impressions, making the kitchen the house’s focal point. Bright shades of green, such as lime, olive, and chartreuse, are popular choices that add energy and life to a modern kitchen space.

Consider the colors you choose. It ensures that each color complements all other aspects of the contemporary floor plan.

Follow This Guide to Understanding the Best Kitchen Colors

Modern floorplans can benefit from lighter and brighter kitchen colors that create an effect of openness, while darker colors bring drama and definition to the kitchen. You can create a modern, stylish kitchen that stands out by selecting the correct shade.

So start the ball rolling today, and find out what kitchen colors best fit your floor plan! If you loved this article, check out more on our blog!

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